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Author Topic: Premier Services Career~ for your in-game nannies & butlers  (Read 5389 times)
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« on: May 30, 2010, 03:06:13 am »

This is my first custom career.  I've actually had it in my game since October and I like it. It has it's own guid so it doesn't overwrite any other careers.

A career for all the nannies and butlers I have in my game.  I have married some and moved them out on their own and noticed that they still show up to work for all the families in game that hired them before their independence--yet they still roll the annoying job want. This career solves that issue.  Also, I don't believe the game pays the npcs after you start to play them (even though they still work) so this gives them an income as well.

Now my self-assigned nannies & butlers are able to satisfy the job want, have a titled career, keep their jobs with the families they already work for, and have open hours so I'm free to play however I like when I'm at their home lots.*

I gave it a two-hour work schedule because if I didn't all the npc nannies
& butlers who I gave the title to would leave the children to go to work. It has all 10 levels but only two chance cards (which undoubtedly you won't see unless you choose to play your in game nannies & butlers) since it was mostly for npc's.

Here's how it looks:


Level 1:

Level 10:

Note: starting pay for nannies & butlers is 400 (the top picture is actually of level 2)


Level 1:

Level 10

I also use it w/ Christianlov's All-in-one nanny mod as I just like the people I hire to show as employed when selected. It works well without conflicts in my game. I haven't tried it with Squinge's nannies/or butlers but it may work. Of course this works for regular sims as well but the work day would only be two hours long (ideal if you want more free time with your favorite sims).

*I just realized that I didn't open this career to elders as I intended.  I will re-upload this when I do.*

Interested in a full career for regular sims?

Eight more chance cards and this is a great one. I kind of lost interest after I accomplished my main goal so I have no immediate plans to complete this.  I welcome suggestions or anyone who wants to take on the task of creating the remaining chance cards (credit will be given). When completed it will be given its own GUID so it won't conflict with the mainly npc version (above).

*Thanks again to CrazySheep808 of MTS2 who was nice enough to hear my idea last year & make a career to give my nannies a title with the "World Class Nanny career".

* World Class Serv1 Post.jpg (2.5 KB, 70x70 - viewed 84195 times.)
* PremierServicesCareer.rar (18.57 KB - downloaded 752 times.)

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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 02:57:12 pm »

What a fabulous concept for a career. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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