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Author Topic: Imperfection (Chapter Seven is up! Shall we dance?)  (Read 14072 times)
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« on: July 04, 2010, 12:22:43 pm »

Hi! Kyletheartist's story Veronaville is not just for Romeo and Juliet has inspired me to write my own story for Veronaville. I've done about three stories, but this one is my favorite by far, though I may do my second favorite one when I finish this. The first chapter is a little short. :/

Chapter One - - Two Different Worlds

 16 year old Rosaline Miller sighed as she walked down the road towards her house. She hated that she had to call it her house. She walked past the stolen road cone and busted bike and walked up the concrete stairs. She opened the door and walked inside the grungy house.

“Patty, I’m home.” she yelled. No answer. She sighed again and walked upstairs. Her little sisters, Bella and Dona, were playing with their doll house in their room. Rosaline smiled at them and waved hello. They waved back, and Rosaline continued to her room. She turned on her radio and lounged on her bed, listening to the soothing music. Soon, she was nodding off.


Rosaline jumped with a start as she heard the door downstairs slam. She got up and ran to the stairs, only to see her mother stumbling inside. She growled with anger, and stormed down. Patty ignored her and fell to the ground. Rosaline frowned at her, and kicked her.
“Get up.” she growled. Patty slowly pushed herself up.
“You got drunk again.” Rosaline stated.
“S’ what? You m’ boss?” Patty grumbled.
“No, but I’m obviously more responsible then you!” Rosaline said. “You just left Bells and Don here by themselves?”

“You came home.” Patty said, rubbing her temples.
“What if I hadn’t, Patty?” she refused to call her mom. “The social worker would’ve come and taken them away.” Patty stayed silent. “One of these days…”
“One of these days what?” Patty said threateningly. “You’ll run away? Where will you go? The only place that’d take YOU is a brothel!” Rosaline glared coldly at her mother.
“So you want me to follow in mummy’s footsteps?” she taunted. “I’ve know about deadbeat dads, but you’re the first deadbeat mum I’ve ever seen.”

“Watch your mouth when your talking to me!” Patty snapped.
“Or what?” Rosaline smirked. “You’ll run away?” with that she turned and ran back upstairs. She hated her mother. And she was glad she, Patty, knew it. Her life was miserable. It used to be livable. But now…
“Why did you have to die, daddy?” she cried to herself. Once again, she felt hatred towards that gunman. He  had no idea what he’d taken from her.



Tybalt Capp sat in the dining chair, bored out of his mind. His grandfather had invited over the Tigos for dinner again. Luckily for Juliet, their son Paris didn’t come. Unluckily for him, they brought their daughter Samantha along. They were trying to get him to date Samantha, but he just didn’t go for chicks like her. They’d never talked one-on-one, but from what he heard from her talking to others, she was obsessed with shopping, money, hair bleach and sex.

“Mrs. Capp, this food is delectable!” Mr. Tigo said to Contessa, who was sitting on the opposite end from Consort.
“Why thank you, Mr. Tigo.” Contessa said with a smile. “I was always rather good at Lobster Thermidor.”
Tybalt sighed. Boring conversation made him even more bored. He saw Consort throw a glare at him, and felt a foot kick his ankle sharply.

“Sit up straight.” his grandfather hissed. “Don’t muss this up, boy. Say something nice to Samantha!”  
Oh, Great, Tybalt thought sarcastically. “You look nice in that dress, Samantha.” he managed to get out, sending a death glare at his grandfather.

Samantha looked at him nervously, then opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off abruptly by her mother.

“Oh yes, she’s simply dar-ling in it!” Mrs. Tigo said with a twang in her voice that both annoyed him and made him wince. “As soon as we saw it in the store, I knew It was ma-de for her! It cost us only 40,000 Simoleons! Talk about cheap! Don’t you think she looked dar-ling, Tybalt?” Tybalt raised an eyebrow, and started to speak but was cut off by none other then Consort.

“Of course he thinks so.” Consort said so cheerfully, Tybalt swore he heard Hermia choking in the background. “After all, he said she looked beautiful in it.” Tybalt rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to contradict his grandfather, but was interrupted by Mrs. Tigo.

“Oh, I know Mr. Capp!” she batted a hand playfully. “Don’t they look so cute together, too?” At that comment, he knew that he’d had enough. He stood up with such force, his chair almost fell over. The chair scooted across the floor instead, with a loud screeching noise. Everyone turned towards him with shocked looks on their face.

“If you- Oh what the hell am I saying. Screw manners, I’m out of here.” Tybalt stormed out of the room and upstairs.

Moments later, Juliet stood up too.
“Tybs, wait a minute!” she called, running after him. She followed him up the stairs and watched him slam the door behind him before she could go inside. She waited a minute, then knocked gently on the door.

“If your are male or not related to me, GO AWAY.” Tybalt’s voice rang out. Juliet smiled sadly.
“Tybs, it’s Jules.” she told him quietly.
“Oh. Come in then.” Tybalt said. She opened the door and walked into his room. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at him. He was sitting on the floor, looking depressed as hell.

“Okay, spill.” Juliet said.
“I’m sick of it!” Tybalt growled. “I’m tired of Granddad throwing this girl on me, tired of him expecting me to act perfect, I’m tired of being alone…. Worst off, at school everyone thinks I’m either weird, gay, or  both!”
“Tybs…” Juliet murmured.
“None of the girls actually like me, either.” Tybalt said. “They take one look at me and…” He let out a sigh. “They judge me before they even know me.”

“Tybalt, get up.” Juliet said, reaching out a hand and helping her older brother up. She pulled him into a hug. “Don’t worry.” she reassured him. “You’re brave, loyal, and nice. Any girl who doesn’t bother to know you, it’s their loss. I’m sure your princess is out their somewhere. Who knows?” she pulled away and grinned. “Maybe she’s waiting for her prince charming to save her.”

“You read to much Shakespeare.” Tybalt said with a laugh. He and Juliet sat down and talked longer. He knew he would be in terrible trouble for what he did. But just for a moment, he actually felt happy.

Chapter two will be coming soon! Cheesy
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« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 12:29:16 pm »

 Grin Ohhh!! ! ! !! Yay,

Find me on moonlight <3
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« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2010, 12:34:55 pm »

Hey, someone commented! xD

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« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2010, 04:23:00 pm »

Chapter two! Cheesy Hope ya like it!

Rosaline walked up to the large school building. She walked up the stairs, trying to ignore their resemblance to her own home’s stairs. She took a deep breath and walked through the doors. White. Bright white. She felt like she was dead. She kept walking until she was out of the thin hallway and into a large empty room, with doors all around.

“The hell?” she muttered. “Am I in Wonderland or something?” She shook her head and pulled out the note she’d been given. It told her to go to room 34 B. She looked around quickly, and headed towards the doors with ‘B’ on them. Soon she found 34, and walked inside. A bunch of teens around her age were sitting at single tables, all facing towards the front of the room, where a man with a round face and short hair was sitting. Rosaline knew he must be the teacher, and walked up to his desk.

“Can I help you, miss?” the man asked.
“Yeah, I’m Rosaline Miller.” she told him. “I just got transferred here from Riverside High School.”
“Oh yes, Ms. Miller.” The teacher smiled, and Rosaline forced herself not to laugh; he had a weird smile. “I have your file right here, and your schedule for this year. You have the same classes as Hermia here; if you stick by her, you should find our school not as hard to get around. Now, find a seat please.” Rosaline nodded and turned, looking around for a free seat. Only one seat was open, one next to a red-haired boy who looked…depressed.

She walked over to the seat and stopped, staring right at the boy, who turned to look at her.
“You mind?” Rosaline asked.
“No. You have one?” the boy said with biting sarcasm.
“Ha ha.” Rosaline rolled her eyes. Boys were so immature. She sat down in the chair and crossed her arms

 She glanced at the boy from the corner of her eye, and she saw him staring straight forward, not even at anything, just…staring. What a weirdo, she thought to herself, turning back towards the teacher.


Hermia had introduced herself to Rosaline, and they hit it off quickly. Hermia introduced her to everyone they met, though they didn’t run into the red-haired boy again. When it was noon, however, Hermia took her down to the cafeteria for lunch, she saw him, sitting by himself. He looked lonely. When Hermia was busy chatting to her sister Juliet, Rosaline slipped away from the table and walked up to him. She stood behind him and tapped his shoulder. He turned around, then sighed and turned back to his food.

“You again?” he asked, poking half-heartedly at his limp salad.
“And what’s that suppose to mean?” Rosaline asked. He didn’t answer. “Will you at least look at me?” He got to his feet and stood in front of her.
“Why are you bothering me?” he asked simply.

“I just wanted to know your name.” Rosaline blinked. “You never told me.”
“You never asked.” he told her.
“Well I’m asking now.” Rosaline said with a smirk. “So?”
“Tybalt.” he said with an exasperated sigh. “My name is Tybalt.”
“Nice to meet you Tybalt.” she smiled. “I’m Rosaline.”
“Go away.” he said, sitting back down. She blinked at him.
“Oh. O-okay.” she turned around and started walking back to Hermia.

“So, I see you met our brother.” Juliet said when she reached the table.
“He’s your brother?” Rosaline asked.
“It’s okay, you can say it.” Hermia giggled. “He’s an asshole.”
“Isn’t that the understatement of the century.” Rosaline muttered. “All I did was ask what his name was.”
“He’s been really moody lately.” Juliet murmured.
“Oh, it’s his time of the month?” Rosaline joked. Hermia laughed, and Juliet let out a small but pretty fake giggle. If Hermia noticed, she didn’t point it out. So neither did Rosaline.


The rest of school went by pretty quickly for some reason. Before she knew it, she was going to her locker for the first time and getting ready to leave. Hermia had gone off to use the restroom and Juliet was doing Creator-knows what. Rosaline was just leaving the class room when she bumped into none other then Tybalt.
“Sorry.” she muttered, but he just scowled at her and walked away. Rosaline turned her head down slightly and walked towards her locker. The person in front of her stopped abruptly and she looked up to see Tybalt glaring down at her.

“Stop following me!” he growled.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Rich Boy.” Rosaline growled back. “My locker happens to be near yours. Deal with it.”
“The hell’s up with ‘Rich Boy?’” Tybalt asked her rudely.
“It’s short for ‘Spoiled, rich bratty ass-hole of a boy.’” Rosaline told him - all with a smile.
“Interesting. You come up with it yourself?” Tybalt asked.
“Oh no, your sisters helped.” Rosaline smiled with venomous sweetness.

“Oh, let me come up with one for you: cheap whore.” Rosaline froze, and turned, staring him straight in the eyes.
“What did you say?” she said, her teeth gritted.
“Cheap. Whore.” Tybalt grinned victoriously. But not for long. Rosaline raised her fist and slammed it right in his right eye.

“Say that again, and next time, I’ll break something.” Rosaline’s voice was cold and smooth. With those final words, she turned and stalked off, walking right past Hermia.
“See ya tomorrow!” she said to her friend, walking out the door. Hermia watched her leave, then turned back to see Tybalt hunched over, holding his face.
“Ohmigawd! Tybs!” Hermia cried, rushing towards her brother. “What happened?”
“Your ‘friend’ punched me in the face.” Tybalt said.
“What!? She wouldn’t do that.” Hermia exclaimed.
“I believe I can help.” a voice said. Hermia jumped at the sudden voice, then looked around. No one but them was around.
“Where are you?” Hermia asked.
“In the locker next to you.” the voice called again. This time, banging could be heard from inside one of the lockers. Hermia looked at the lock, which was in place but not fully locked. She took it off and the door swung open to reveal a boy with brown hair wearing a blue outfit.

“Paris? Why were you in the locker?” Hermia asked.
“Long story, but anyways.” Paris started. “I heard them arguing, then she called him something - Rich Kid I think - and he called her a cheap whore. Then I think that’s when she punched him; I can’t see through those grates very well.”
“Tybalt!” Hermia glared at her brother.
“What? She called me a ‘Spoiled, rich bratty ass-hole of a boy.’ What was I suppose to do?” Tybalt protested.
“NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT! AND YOU ARE!” Hermia screamed at him. She turned around and stalked off.
“It’s not my fault.” Tybalt muttered, following his sister. Paris, meanwhile, stayed in one place, trying to catch his breath; there were very old gym socks in the locker he’d been stuffed in, and little air. Very little air.

Rosaline, Rosaline. xD It's hard to imagine a girl giving Tybalt Capp a black eye, isn't it? Next chapter will come soon!

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« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2010, 03:12:23 pm »

Chapter three! W00T! I won't post the fourth chapter tomorrow since it's my birthday tomorrow! Cheesy
Tybalt and Rosaline are like me and my brother in this chapter. xD

Hermia had been downstairs writing doing her homework when she heard heavy, dull footsteps sound. She turned and saw her brother slowly walking down the stairs, as if he was trying to make as much noise as possible.
“Hey.” he muttered, looking over at her.
“Hey yourself.” Hermia said turning back to her homework. “Something wrong?”
“Nothing a fifteen year old like you needs to know.”
“I resent that.”
“C’mon, tell me!” Hermia begged. Tybalt sighed and sat down on the couch next to her.
“You wouldn’t understand.” Tybalt said, reaching for the remote. Hermia kicked it away with her boot and glared at him.
“Tell me.” she said.
“Fine. I hate my life. Happy?” Tybalt growled.

“No.” Hermia said. “Why do you hate your life?”
“I should think it’s obvious.” Tybalt said, crossing his arms. “Grandpa is always telling me to get a girlfriend and is always trying to get me to date these girls in the other Clans that aren‘t against us, but they‘re all stupid. Just like that Samantha chick; all they ever talk about is clothes, money and sex. And the girls at school will bother me because they want me to beat up their ex or some s**t like that. Nobody really likes me for me.”
“Just because some people don’t like you doesn’t mean everyone does.” Hermia said. “I mean, Rosaline was trying to be nice to you and-”
“Oh, shut up.” Tybalt said. “I’m tired of hearing about her.”
“Well, too bad, because I invited her over today.” Hermia said. Tybalt glared at her and muttered something, but she didn’t hear it. She smirked at him. “Be nice to her.” she said. “She’s new.”
“So, what does that have to do with anything?” Hermia didn’t have an answer, but was saved as the doorbell rang. Hermia smirked at him, got up and opened the door.
“Hi, Rosaline!” Hermia said loudly.
“Hi, Hermia.” Rosaline replied, looking a little confused as Hermia pulled her into a hug. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Giving you a hug, silly.” Hermia said, letting go of her.
“Uhm…okay?” Rosaline blinked a few times. “For future reference, I don’t like to be hugged. Or touched at all, really.”

“A girl after my own heart.” Tybalt’s voice called sarcastically. Rosaline glared at him.
“Oh, shut up.” Hermia snapped at him.
“What, I didn’t say anything.” Tybalt said, obviously pretending to be hurt.
“Asshole.” Hermia muttered.
“Oh, that stings.” Tybalt turned and looked at his sister, trying to hide a grin. “You hurt my feelings.”
“As if you had any.” Rosaline muttered.
“Oh, pardon me for not liking snobby little rich girls.” Tybalt growled.
“I’m not anything like that, Rich Boy.” Rosaline snarled at him.
“Oh, yeah? I’ll bet you can name every Clan in Veronaville. Speaking of which, what Clan do you belong to?” Tybalt asked.
“What’s your problem, Rich Boy?” Rosaline countered. “Do you think everyone has to be in your little world? Well, guess what? I’m not in a ‘Clan,’ so shut your mouth.” Hermia had been watching them yell at each other, and opened her mouth to say something, but froze as her grandmother called her.

“Hermia, come here, please.” Contessa’s voice called. “I need you and Juliet to help me with lunch.”
“But Grandma, I’ve got a friend over!” Hermia pouted.
“They’ll have to wait!” Contessa called back. Hermia growled something under her breath and walked into the kitchen. Rosaline had crossed her arms and turned away from Tybalt.
“If you’re not in a Clan, then…” Tybalt trailed off, suddenly realizing what she meant. He stood up carefully and walked over to her.
“Uhm…Rosaline.” He said quietly.
“What do you want, Rich Boy?” Rosaline turned and looked at him harshly.
“I wanted to say that I’m sorry I was such an ass to you.” Tybalt said. Rosaline let her arms fall to her side and stared at him.

“Y-you’re sorry?” she asked, not bothering to mask the shock in her voice. “Why?”
“I…thought you were like everyone else.” he said quietly. “I thought you were just some spoiled brat.”
“Well maybe you should get to know people before you judge them.” Rosaline said, still shocked. Tybalt looked at  her with a raised eyebrow, then shook his head slightly.
“Yeah, I guess.” he muttered. “Anything I can do to…make it up to you?” Rosaline glanced at the Playstation 2.
“Do you have Silent Hill?” she asked.
“All of them.”
“Haunting Grounds or Rule of Rose?”
“Uhm…both, I think. Why?”
“How about Half-Life?” Rosaline ignored his question.
“Yeah.” Tybalt looked at her questioningly.
“How about playing some of them with me?” Rosaline smirked.

“Are you sure? I’m pretty good at video games.” Tybalt laughed.
“First off, hells yeah! And second, you’re such a nerd.” Rosaline said, but in a friendly manner.
“Hey, so are you.” Tybalt said with a smile. Rosaline rolled her eyes and ran over to the Playstation, Tybalt behind her. After a small debate, they decided to play Half-Life 2. Rosaline took the disk out of it’s case, then pressed the open button. After the CD area opened up, she slipped the game disk into the slot, closed it, and turned on the Playstation.
“I’m so gonna beat you.” Tybalt taunted.
“You wanna bet on that Rich Boy?” Rosaline said. Tybalt grinned viciously, then nodded.
“Okay, ten bucks says I’ll beat you.” Rosaline said.
“Twenty.” Tybalt countered.
“Fine, it’s your money.” Rosaline said.

“You cheated!”
“Naw, I’m just that good.”

“You got three headshots in a row!” Tybalt cried.
“Don’t hate the player.” Rosaline said, keeping her eyes on the TV.
“You’re right. The game’s fixed!” Rosaline rolled her eyes.
“Hey, Tybalt?” she asked. He glared at her.
“Four outta six?”
“Your on!” Tybalt smirked evilly at her and turned back to the TV.
“Oh, by the way…” Rosaline said. “Sorry for giving you a black eye.”
“What?” Tybalt turned away from the TV for a second.
“I said, I’m sorry for giving you a black eye. By the way, I just killed you.” Rosaline said.
“Wha- YOU CHEATED!” Tybalt yelled.
“No I didn’t. You didn’t have to look away.” Rosaline said logically.

“Whatever, the game’s glitched.” Tybalt said, putting down the controller. Footsteps from behind signaled the entry of Hermia.
“Hey, I heard yelling, are you two trying to…what’s going on?” she asked.
“Nothing.” Rosaline said with a laugh. “I’m just kicking his ass at Half-Life.”
“You guys friends now?” Hermia asked.
“I wouldn’t say that.” Rosaline said. “More like frenemies.”
“Oh Creator, now she’s making up words.” Tybalt said, putting his head in his hand. Hermia and Rosaline laughed.
“Rosaline, dear.” Contessa appeared in the doorway. “Your mother just called, she said you need to come home.”
“Since when has she cared?” Rosaline muttered under her breath, a comment missed by Hermia, but heard by Tybalt. “Thank you for telling me,” Rosaline said in a louder voice. She stood up slowly and waved good bye to her friends. “See ya at school tomorrow.” Rosaline called, walking out the door. Just as she left, Juliet ran down the stairs.
“Who was that?” she asked, pointing at the door.
“No one, Jules.” Tybalt said with a laugh. “No one at all.”


“Patty, I’m home!” Rosaline called.
“About time! Where the f**k were you?!” Patty screeched.
“I told you, at a friend’s house!” Rosaline said, confused.
“Don’t lie to me, you whore!” Patty’s hand moved at blinding speed and smacked her daughter straight across the face. Rosaline fell to the ground.

“Now go make dinner!” Patty left Rosaline on the ground and walked upstairs. Rose slowly picked herself up and held her cheek.

She shuffled to the kitchen, trying to keep herself from crying. If she didn’t stay strong, none of her siblings would survive. She was the only one that could handle it when their mother lashed out at them. Her sisters were too frail, and her brother had never been hit by Patty, or anyone. She doubted they even knew what she did. What scared Rosaline the most was the fact that Patty wasn’t drunk when she did that.  She needed a savior. They all did.


Rosaline set the food on the table and raised her hands in a circle around her mouth.
“DINNER’S READY!” she called. Feet could be sound shuffling down the stairs. Soon, Josh, Bella and Dona were sitting at the table, followed closely by Patty, who sent a cold glare at Rosaline. Rosaline didn’t dare sit down, she just pushed her way out of the room.
“Mommy, what’s wrong with Rosie?” Dona asked.
“Yeah, why did she run out of the room?” Bella asked, her voice the exact same as Dona’s.
“And why’s her cheek red?” Josh asked.
“Enough questions!” Patty snapped. “She’s not hungry. And mind your own business, Joshua!”
They ate in silence.


She was sitting on her bed, tears falling down her cheeks.
“No matter what…” Rosaline murmured. “If you love something, it’s taken away. Love…isn’t worth the risk. I’ll never love anything…ever again.”
There was a knock on her door, and she gasped and jumped slightly. She used her shirt to dry her tears and opened the door.
“Oh, hey Josh.” Rosaline said dully. She turned around and sighed, leaning against the wall.

Suddenly, Josh pulled her into a tight hug.
“What are you doing?” Rosaline asked.
“Hugging you, silly.” Josh said. He released her and looked down at her. “I know what happened. I’ve know for a while now.
“Oh.” Rosaline said, looking at the ground uncomfortably.
“Rosaline…you need to go away.” Josh said. “She’ll just hurt you more.”
“No! I can’t leave Bella and Dona alone! They’ll be taken away!” Rosaline cried. “And what about you?”
“Rosaline, I don’t mean right now.” Josh said soothingly. “I’ll take care of Bells and Don. You, focus on your studies. Get a scholarship for Academie Le Tour. When you go to college in two years, they’ll be 12 and I‘ll be 16. I can get Mom some help, and take care of the twins.”

“You’re a good brother.” Rosaline said. “But what about your education?”
“I’ll make up for it.” Josh reassured her. “I’m a straight A student, remember?”
“Yeah…” Rosaline trailed off, not sure what to say. She leaned against the wall again.
“Hey, Rose?” Josh said quietly.
“Does the Creator even exist?” Rosaline’s head snapped up and she stared at her brother.
“What?” she whispered.
“Sometimes…I wonder if we even have a God…or if this is all just some big joke…”
“Josh, of course the Creator exists!” Rosaline said.
“Show me proof.” Josh muttered bitterly.
“Seeing isn’t always believing.” Rosaline said. “I’ve always believed that the Creator would take care of me.”

“But he hasn’t, has he?” Josh snapped. “Look at us, Rosaline! God is DEAD. It’s just us, and what WE choose.”
“Don’t…” Rosaline slid to the floor, starting to cry again. “Please…not you too.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Josh huffed.
“All my life…people have told me a can’t…that I’m wrong…not my own brother.” Rosaline’s lips were cracked, as was her voice.
“Rosaline, I’m sorry.” Josh said.
“Just go.” Rosaline said quietly. Josh backed out of the room, leaving Rosaline curled up on the ground, crying once more. Nothing could make it better. It was as if no one cared at all. Maybe Josh was right.
Maybe God was dead. And still, she lay there, night falling quickly. The tears had stopped, but the pain was still there, as were the doubts. Slowly, she began to fall asleep. But it was a painful sleep, a troubled slumber. She lay there, on the floor, all night long. And even when the sun began to rise, battling the moon for the sky and ultimately winning the cruel battle that turned the sky pink, she slept.

I really love the last picture. Even though it's sad, it's still quite realistic and I love it. :') So, no chapters for tomorrow, but you'll get one on Friday, but not on Saturday since I'm going to my grandmothers that day (birthday related. xD)
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« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2010, 10:36:36 am »

I forgot to update yesterday because I'm stupid. Dx So an update today is what you get. Chapter five is still in the neurotic hands of your's truly. Will I ever finish it to my liking? I dunno. Hopefully.

Rosaline had been wrapped up in her studies for the past week. Slowly her grades had been rising, and she was now almost at a B-. She was getting even better at multi-tasking and ignoring her mother. In fact, at the moment she was sitting on the floor of her room studying for a biology test coming up. She heard the phone ring, but ignored it as it was quickly picked up by her brother. Moments later, however, Josh barged into the room.

“What’s going on?” Rosaline asked, standing up quickly.
“It’s your friend Juliet,” Josh explained quickly. “She said it’s important.” Rosaline, equally as quick, grabbed the phone from him.
“Jules, what’s wrong?” Rosaline asked urgently.
“Hermia‘s missing.” Juliet’s voice held a whisper of hysteria.

“What?!” Rosaline forced herself to stay calm. “Where was she last?”
“S-she was at the tree house.” Juliet said. Rosaline could hear Consort in the background, and Contessa’s voice crying ‘She’s been kidnapped!’
“Have you check the tree house, then?” Rosaline asked.
“Of course we have.” Juliet snapped. “Tybalt wouldn’t let me look inside, though.”
“Well, it is a decrepit old shed in a tree.” Rosaline said logically. “Why would Hermia go up there?”

“I don’t know!” Juliet snapped again. “We’ve got to find her!”
“What if she’s on the other side of Blood River?” Rosaline asked.
“The Monty side, you mean?” Juliet gasped. “But why would she…you don’t think they…”
“Of course not, but Juliet, you know Hermia!” Rosaline said desperately. “You take Tybalt with you and check out the Monty side of the river, and I’ll take Josh with me to look in some other areas.”
“What about your sisters?” Juliet asked.
“They’re at a friend’s house, they’ll be fine.” Rosaline said firmly.
“Alright. Be careful.” Juliet said. Rosaline hung up the phone and turned to her brother.
“Get the skateboards.” she ordered. “We’re going to go look for Hermia.”


“So where are we going again?” Josh asked, skating just behind his sister.
“Just follow me.” Rosaline said, looking back a bit.
“Hey…this looks familiar.” Josh said as they went underneath a large bridge. “Are we…”
“At the subway? Yeah.”
“But why?”
“I don’t think Hermia wanted to be found.”
“That’s…understandable.” Josh stopped suddenly. “Hey, Rose, there’s some guy over there. I think he’s crying.”
“What?” Rosaline stopped too, and picked up her board. “Oh, it’s Puck.”
“Puck Summerdream, he must be looking for Hermia too.” Rosaline ran up to the red-haired Puck and stood in front of him.

“Hey, Puck!” she said. Puck looked up at her glumly. He wasn’t crying, but it looked like he’d given up.
“Oh. Hi.” he muttered.
“You haven’t given up, have you? Because I think I know where Hermia is.” Rosaline said.
“Where?” Puck stood to his feet hopefully.
“The old subway.” Rosaline said. “Maybe she wanted to be alone for a bit.”
“Maybe.” Puck’s eyes seemed to light up. “Let’s go!”
Rosaline nodded, set her board down and jumped on it again. She and Josh started skating down the road, Puck sprinting beside them.


It didn’t take long before they reached the grungy station. Rosaline set down the boards outside, and the three hurried down the stairs.
“Hermia?” Rosaline called.
“Down here.” a voice called back. Rosaline looked over the edge of the floor to see Hermia lying on the tracks.

“What are you doing down there?” Rosaline asked her.
“I wanted some time to think.” Hermia said simply.
“So you lay on some train tracks?” Rosaline laughed.
“Okay, but just for the record I’m not suicidal.” Hermia joked.
“I know you aren’t.” Rosaline said. “But you’ve got to get out of there. The train could come any minute.”
“Alright, I’m com-” Hermia froze and tugged at her leg. “My boot’s stuck!”
“Pull on it!” Rosaline said. Hermia pulled harder, but it still was held by the tracks. Some sounds and motions were signaling something that made Rosaline even more scared.

“Hurry up!” Rosaline said, almost hysterically.
“I’m trying.” Hermia started to cry. Rosaline felt herself pushed out of the way and saw someone jump down to help her. Her first thought was that it was Puck, but he was frozen in place a few feet away. Then she noticed that Josh wasn’t there.
“Josh!” she murmured. She turned just in time to see the train whip past her. They were…gone. Or were they? She turned to her left and saw Josh holding Hermia in his arms. He was on his knees, and pulling himself up to his feet. Hermia was staring at him in an odd way, but Rosaline dismissed it.

“Here you go.” Josh said, setting Hermia down. “And you didn’t even lose your boot.”
“T-thank you.” Hermia stuttered. Puck seemed to thaw out and he rushed forward and squeezed Hermia.
“Thank the Creator your okay!” he said. Hermia continued to stare at Josh, and just muttered a simple
“Yeah.” to Puck.
“Hey, Puck, can I use your cell?” Rosaline asked
“Sure.” he handed her the phone, and Rosaline dialed Juliet’s number.

“Hey, Jules, good, news, we found Hermia. Puck‘s here too.” she said quickly.
“That’s great!” Juliet said. There was a pause where Rose heard her telling Tybalt. “Have them meet us back at the Manor.”
“Alright.” Rosaline hung up and handed the phone back to Puck. “You’ve got to go to the Manor.”
“I’m going to be in so much trouble.” Hermia muttered.
“Don’t worry, once they hear about you almost getting killed, they’ll forget all about it.” Josh said jokingly.
“That’s true.” Hermia laughed. “By the way, what’s your name?”
“I’m Joshua, Rosie’s brother.” he told her. “Call me Josh, though.”
“Okay, Josh. I’m Hermia. But you knew that already.” she laughed nervously, and Rosaline sent her a look.

“We’d better get you back home.” Puck said to Hermia, sending a jealous glare at Josh.
“Yeah, I guess so.” Hermia muttered. “Bye, Rosaline, Josh.” Puck hurried Hermia up the stairs and down the street. Rosaline let out a small laugh.
“So, that was Hermia.” Josh said slowly.
“I do believe that’s her name.” Rose said sarcastically.
“She’s cute.” Josh smirked, getting on his skateboard and starting back towards their house.
Rosaline sensed some problems arising in the near future.

I love Rose's face in the last picture. xD Dunno why.
If people actually read this, then please; post comments. They keep me motivated. Seriously, I've deleted stories before thanks to lack of reviews making me think no one likes it. Dx -puts on tin foil hat-

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Hey, i hope you do keep going on this story....its really good, im really enjoying it :-)
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I've finished the fifth chapter, and I'm waiting for ideas for the sixth. xD -is so pathetic-
Usually I get ideas by playing my game, but I haven't been able to get on.

Oh yes, an apology for Rose looking different in the second picture. I had to re-do that since the ridable skateboards that I downloaded suck. I forgot to change her back before snapping that pic. Whatever, it still works.

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Hey, a chapter! xD Chapter six is almost done, people! just need to get more pictures.

Rosaline opened her eyes and blinked in the bright sunlight. It was Friday, the last day of the school week. She got up and ran downstairs and into the bathroom. After locking the door, she took a quick bath and got dressed. She grabbed some food out of the kitchen, then ran out of the house before anyone could say anything to her. She got on her skateboard and quickly rode down the street. Today would be different; she could feel it.


As soon as she got inside the school, she noticed a gang of girls huddled around the notice board. She put her things in her locker, then went over to see what the excitement was all about. She shoved her way through and looked at a piece of paper pinned to the cork board.

“A dance?” she asked aloud.
“What do you mean, ‘A Dance,’ Rosaline?” a voice asked her. She turned and saw Hermia trying to see the notice too.
“There’s going to be a dance. It’s called the ‘Masked Costume Ball.’ What?” Rosaline turned and looked at her friend, confused.
“I dunno.” Hermia shrugged. “Hey, Jules. You know about a Masked Costume Ball?”
“Of course I do!” Juliet’s eyes sparkled. “It’s a traditional ball that’s hosted by the Capps. You where masks and costumes!”
“We caught that part.” Rosaline said sarcastically.
“But best of all,” Juliet went on, as if Rosaline had never spoken. “If you kiss someone at midnight at the ball, your destined to be a part of each other’s lives forever!”

“Wow.” Rosaline said. “Who came up with that?”
“Shut up, it’s romantic.” Juliet said.
“It’s stupid.” Rosaline said dully.
“Well, you have to go.” Juliet told her.
“Why should I?” Rosaline asked.
“Because! It’s tradition.” Juliet said.
“It’s not my tradition.” Rosaline muttered. “Fine, I’ll go. But I’ll choose who I go with, if I go with anyone at all.
“Alright, as long as you’re going.” Juliet said with a smile.

“Juliet, will you come with me for a moment?” Hermia tugged on her sister’s arm.
“What? Why?” Juliet asked.
“Just do it.” Hermia hissed. Juliet, confused, followed her sister. Rosaline shrugged and started to walk towards their classroom when she stopped dead. She recognized him, him being the infamous Romeo Monty. She silently cursed at Hermia under her breath. They’d been trying to keep soft-hearted Juliet away from the huge flirt, but he had been determined to get Rosaline to date him. She turned around and closed her eyes.
“Don’t notice me, don’t notice me, don’t notice me.” she muttered repeatedly under her breath.

“Oh, Rosaline!” the annoying voice of Romeo rang out.
“What do you want?” Rosaline asked him rudely.

“Well, I had a question to ask you.” Romeo started.
“No.” Rosaline said simply, shoving her way past him.
“You haven’t even heard my question yet.” Romeo objected.
“Fine. What’s your question?” Rosaline asked, even though she knew what he was going to say.
“Would you like to, Y’know, go to the dance with me?” he asked.
“Oh, how sweet.” Rosaline said. “No.”
“Why?” Romeo asked her.
“How many times do I have to reject you for you to get the message?” Rosaline asked him furiously.

“Just tell me why!” Romeo said. She knew if she told him the truth she’d be in big trouble, so she ignored him. The truth was, she knew that Montys could only go to Capp parties if invited by a guest, and if she, Creator forbid, said yes to Romeo, then she’d be even lower in the eyes of the Capps, excluding Tybalt, Juliet and Hermia. She normally didn’t give a s**t what people thought about her, but she had a bad feeling that Consort would use any excuse he could to get her to stop being around his grandchildren. Since they were her only friends, she made it a law to tread carefully around the cranky elder. But she didn’t even like Romeo, so it wasn’t a big loss. She passed by him and walked into her classroom, sending a well-aimed glare at a sheepish Hermia. She sat down in her usual seat next to Tybalt, and let out a small yawn. She hoped school would get over with quickly.


As the last bell rang, the three girls walked out of their classroom and towards their lockers.
“I feel like I’m in a clique.” Rosaline grumbled as the girls they passed turned and stared at them.
“Don’t worry, they’re staring at me.” Hermia said. “I’m incredibly famous, you know.”
“Yeah, and I’m fifthly rich.” Rosaline said, poking her friend’s arm playfully.
“You two look pathetic when you try to be posh.” Juliet joked, sticking her nose in the air.
“Says the girl who trips when she wears high heels.” Rosaline said with a laugh.
“Oh, shut up.” Juliet rolled her eyes at Rosaline.
“Oh, hey, Rosaline there was something we wanted to ask you.” Hermia said suddenly.
“Oh yeah, I totally forgot.” Juliet blinked her sister, who gave her a ‘You would’ look.
“We were wondering if you’d wanna stay at our place tonight, since it’s Friday and all.” Hermia told her.

“Uhm, why do you ask?” Rosaline inquired curiously.
“Does there have to be a reason?” Hermia asked with a laugh.
“…yes.” Rosaline said simply. Hermia let out a small sigh.
“Well, since the dance Is coming up, me and Juliet were wanting to make sure you look good for it.” she told her.
“Uhm…okay?” Rosaline was still confused. “But I don’t need a make-over.”
“Yeah, you do.” Juliet said. “How long has it been since you did something with your hair?”
“Or your clothes?” Hermia added.
“Probably not since my dad died.” Rosaline confided. “I didn’t see much of a point…”
“Well, when your friends with us, you’re going to be as stylish as us!” Hermia said, smiling broadly.
“Remind me why I’m friends with you, then.”
“Aren’t you at the least bit excited?” Juliet asked her.

“Well…maybe a little.” Rosaline told them. The three girls laughed, then walked out the school’s front door.


“So…what are we going to do?”

The three of them were sitting on the floor of Juliet and Hermia’s room Rosaline felt so odd around them. They were both wearing lacy satin pajamas, Hermia’s black and Juliet’s white, while she wore a simple, too-long black t-shirt and striped knee socks.
“Well, we could give you a make-over now.” Juliet said, smirking. “I feel in the mood for that.”
“Oh, Jules.” Hermia sighed.
“You are obsessed with doing my hair and make-up, aren’t you?” Rose asked with a laugh.
“But your hair is so pretty!” Juliet whined. “And you would look better without all the make-up. What if I just-”
“But Rosaline, if I could just…”
“It’s fine, you can give me a make-over if you want.” Rosaline caved.
“Yay!” Juliet jumped to her feet enthusiastically. “The vanity’s over here.” Juliet grabbed Rosaline’s hand and dragged her to the mirror table. “Now sit down.” Rosaline pulled out the chair and did just that.

“Okay, so what are you going to do?” Rosaline asked her.
“It’s a surprise. Now close your eyes and let me work my magic.” Juliet ordered. Rosaline shrugged, and closed her eyes carefully. She immediately felt Juliet grab her hair gently and begin to brush it. After about five minutes, Juliet turned the chair around and began dabbing off all of Rosaline’s make-up, which consisted of heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner, some dark pink lipgloss and some blush, with a damp sponge.
“I was right.” Juliet murmured. “You look much better without make-up on.” Rosaline just kept still, wanting whatever she was doing to be over with quickly. She felt Juliet apply some mascara and a bit of eyeshadow. Next, she felt the bottom of her eyes being pulled as eyeliner was put on as well. Lipstick was put on as a must, and a small amount of blush was put on her cheekbones. Juliet stuck something in her, Rosaline’s, hair, and stood back with a victorious smile on her face.

“Done!” she told her friend, and Rosaline opened her eyes.

“Woah.” was the first thing that came out of Rose’s mouth.
Her face looked pale, but not too pale, and was a perfect contrast to her skin. Her lips were a subtle pink, and her eyelashes, no longer blending in with her eyeliner, where long and ebony black. A Black headband was in her hair, not keeping her hair out of her eyes in the slightest, but it looked cute.
“What did you do to me?” She asked, entranced by how much…better she looked.
“Oh, it was simple.” Juliet said. But before she could explain, Contessa walked into the room.

“Girls, you need to get ready for bed now.” she told them in a very grandmotherly voice.
“Yes, Grandmother.” Juliet said obediently. Contessa smiled at her granddaughters, gave a small nod to Rosaline, and walked away.
“I should take a bath before bed.” Rosaline murmured.
“Alright, but I’m turning off the lights!” Hermia told her. “So you’ll be walking in half-blind.”
“I don’t care, I’ll just turn on the lights!” Rosaline stuck out her tongue at Hermia before running into the bathroom that connected with Juliet and Hermia’s room.


“Tybalt, give this to your sister.” Consort told the 17-year-old seriously.
“First off, which one.” Tybalt asked. “There’s two, in case you haven’t noticed.”
“Juliet, and don’t get snarky with me.” Consort demanded.
“Fine, what is it?” Tybalt tried to look inside the plastic bag, but Consort stopped him.
“You know what, just put it in the bathroom.” Consort said with a sigh.
“Uhm, alright.” Tybalt said, still very confused. He walked upstairs, resisting the temptation to dump the bag’s contents out and rifle through them…just barely.


He, when he reached it, rapped on the door. No response. Just to be sure, her rapped on it again. Still no response. Thinking it was empty, he twisted the doorknob. It was unlocked, and he pushed the door open, stepping into the room just as a towel hit the floor.
“the…” he looked up, and his grew as wide as saucers as they hit the naked body of Rosaline. He dropped the bag. Rose screamed and covered her exposed body best she could.

He just stood there, completely immobilized with shock for a moment before the part of  his brain where what manners he had were held finally got through the shocked barrier around the central processor and shouted at him to stop looking, you idiot! Tybalt’s body jolted into gear with the realization and he spun around to look back out her door, his eyes still wide.

"I'm sorry!" He choked out, the image of  Rosaline's bare body burned into his brain. "I-I-I d-didn't mean t-t-t-to y-you-you know, uh-uh-um, I j-j-uh-ust—I'm s-s-sorry!"
“This is your sister’s bathroom!” Rosaline’s voice was a high-pitched squeak “Why did you come in her at all?!” Tybalt heard the sound of scrambling as Rosaline picked her towel up again, and a very bad mental image came into his brain.
“I-I-I ‘m s-s-sorry! I-I-I d-d-didn’t know y-y-you‘d-”
“BE NAKED?!” Rosaline seemed to have gotten her voice back. Nay, she definitely got her voice back.
“Y-yeah, t-t-that.” Tybalt stuttered.

“Tybalt.” Rosaline closed her eyes. “WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING IN HERE?!”
Tybalt gulped again. "I-I-I don't know."
"What?" Tybs didn't have the chance to try and move his legs. Rosaline ran forward and chucked him out of the room.
When his head stopped spinning he looked back to see that the door had been slammed shut after Rosaline’s harsh push had deposited him outside. He heard the lock click vigorously.

And still, he couldn't get that image out of his mind!

Rosaline leaned against the door and sank slowly down onto the floor, eyes still wide, mouth still agape, and cheeks still glowing scarlet. She hadn't really meant to blow up at Tybalt like that; after all, it had been an accident, but she had simply panicked. Any girl in her position would have done the same thing.

She'd have to apologize to him later. If she could even look him in the eye, that is. And perhaps pushing him out forcefully was a bit much; but on the other hand he'd just been standing there, with the door wide open for all the world to walk by and see in. What if Juliet or Hermia had walked by? Or, Creator forbid, one of their grandparents? (Rosaline shivered. She didn't even want to think about how awkward that would have made things.)

Tybalt had seen her naked. Naked! Well, he'd seemed pretty repulsed by the situation, and he was only seventeen, so…her head fell into her hands. What was she saying, 'only' seventeen? She'd accidentally let a teenage boy see her completely uncovered…Creator only knew what was going to come of that.
She pulled herself up and went to put her clothes back on. No point in taking a bath now.

I wonder who's more traumatized, Tybs or Rose. BTW, the contents of the bag are actually pads. xD Consort didn't want to bring them up himself. Thank God he didn't. Chapter six coming sooooon!
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Very funny stuff.  Can't wait for the dance .. Awkward.

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Chapter 6! YAYZ! Cheesy

Rosaline woke up early the next morning so she wouldn’t have to talk to Tybalt. Juliet and Hermia dragged her with them to go clothes shopping. But their taste in clothing conflicted with hers. Juliet kept trying to get her to wear pink shirts and dresses, Hermia kept pushing short skirts and gloves at her. But Rose preferred the simple skinny jeans and hoodies, maybe a pair of Converse shoes and some boots. Juliet and Hermia began arguing about what Rose should wear to the dance, so Rose began walking away and looking at things that SHE wanted to wear.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall blonde boy with a rather large nose looking at the dresses a little nervously, like he didn’t know what he was even doing there. Not wanting to have her fingers snapped off, but still wanting to talk to someone, she decided to avoid her friends for the moment and go talk to him.

“You know, unless you’re a cross dresser, there’s nothing to be worried about.” she said with a laugh. The boy whipped around with wide eyes and a red face.
“Oh. You’re that new girl.” he said, still looking a bit nervous.

“I’m not going to bite, Y’know.” Rosaline said, frowning a bit. “I’m Rosaline. What’s your name?”
“I’m Benvolio.” he told her. “But you can call me Ben.”
“Nice to meet you, Ben.” she said. He nodded shortly, and didn’t seem so nervous anymore. “Why are you here?”
“I was…my aunt told me to buy a dress for my cousin, but I lost her.” he explained.
“You need my help finding her?” Rosaline asked.
“Would you?” Ben looked very relieved. “She’s eight years old, has black hair and tanned skin.”
“Not like you at all.” Rosaline said, noting his light skin and blonde hair.
“She’s my cousin by adoption.” he told her.

“Oh, okay.” Rosaline smiled at him. She opened her mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by a little girl running past her, whooping. The girl turned to the right.
“Wha-” Ben turned around. “BEATRICE!” he ran after the little girl, Rosaline following him. Rose turned into the aisle to the right. She cut Beatrice off, and the girl was quickly reprehended by Benvolio.
“There you are!” Ben said. “Where the heck did you go?”
“The toys!” Beatrice giggled. “They’ve got a new doll I want! Benny, can I get it?”

“No.” Ben glared at her. “And I’m telling Antonio how you acted today.”
“You wouldn’t.” Beatrice looked downright scared.
“Watch me.” Ben threatened lightly. “Thanks, Rosaline.” he added.
“No problem. I’d better get back to my friends.” she said with a crooked smile. She waved at him and darted back to the clothes section.


“Where were you?” Juliet demanded as soon as Rosaline came back.
“I was talking to someone.” she told Juliet. “His name was Benvolio.”
“Was he tall? And blond?” Hermia asked. “With a big nose?” she put her hand to her nose to make it look bigger.
“Well, yeah.” Rose said. “He had a little girl with him. Her name was-’
“Yeah, how’d you-”
“Rose, they were Montys.” Juliet spat. “Benvolio is the adopted son of Bianca Monty, who’s brother Antonio Monty, father of Beatrice and Benedick Monty, shot and killed Oberon Summerdream while attempting to assassinate Hermia.” Rose’s hand jumped to her mouth.

“But…they were so nice.” Rose objected, feeling very small.

“The Montys are like that.” Hermia growled. “They’ll pretend to be your friend…then stab you in the back, put cement blocks on your feet and toss you into the river.” she sounded like she spoke from experience.
Her head felt like it was spinning. She felt a little weak. She had never known that Veronaville was like that.
“All this talk of murder and hatred.” Juliet sighed. “Let’s just go back to shopping. I found a cute dress you might like.” Rosaline took it gently and tried it on, but their conversation was burnt into her memory forever.

Rosaline walked into her house with three bags in her hand, filled with clothes. She ran up to her room quickly, and put all the clothes away. She was the only one home. She wandered around the small house a bit, then went into the bathroom. Looking in the grungy mirror, all she could do was stare. She didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror staring back at her. This girl was preppy, girly, clique-ish. That wasn’t her.
She was rude, sarcastic, emotional, and she hated everyone. But that was her in th mirror. She looked to the ground, not sure what to do. She didn’t want to believe she’d changed. Change wasn’t something she liked. She didn’t want to change. So why did she? She looked up at the mirror again, and gasped.

Someone - she had no idea who - was standing over her with a knife, ready to plunge the sharpened steel into her neck. She turned, but no one was there. She looked back at the mirror, and the person, a girl with long blonde hair, raised the knife and slammed it down. Then the world went black, but she still heard noise. She realized her eyes were closed, and an intense pain was in her knuckles. A hot liquid silently dripped down the back of her hand and over her wrist. She opened her eyes, and saw broken glass all around her. Her hand was straight in front of her. The liquid was blood. She’d punched the mirror.

As she stared at her broken reflection, she realized that was her. Not who she thought she was, or who she thought she’d become. She was…broken. She felt another type of warm liquid slide down her face; tears.
She covered her face with her hands. Why was she like this? Why was she broken? She was like a china doll that had fallen off the mantel. But there was no answer. All she could do…was cry.


“What’s wrong with your hand, girl?” Patty grabbed Rosaline’s hand roughly and examined the bandage.
“I…cut it.”
“Clumsy oaf.” Patty growled with narrow eyes. “When did you get your hair changed? And where are the clothes from?”
“My friends helped me with my hair and bought me these clothes.” Rosaline said carefully.
“I thought I taught you not to take handouts.” Patty snarled.
“They aren’t handouts if it’s from a friend!” Rosaline snapped, ready to hit her mother.
“Stupid girl.” Patty mumbled.
“Worthless pig.” Rosaline said with disgust, walking up the stairs.

She walked into her room, and sat on her bed, carefully holding her hand at chest-level. She peeled the bandage off it carefully to reveal that Patty’s rough grasp had caused it to bleed again. She grabbed a tissue and dabbed the blood off before bandaging it again.
“What happened?” Rosaline looked up to see her brother standing in the doorway.
“My hand got cut.”
“Do you mean your hand got cut, or you cut it?”
“Please Rose, you just seem like one of those people who…” Josh struggled to find the right word.
“You think I did this to myself?” Rosaline stood up quickly, almost knocking her end table over.
“No, Yes, Maybe, I don’t know!” Josh sighed, and leaned against the wall.

“Where have you been?” Rosaline calmed down a bit.
“Hanging out.”
“With whom, may I ask?”
“Someone you know.”
“Josh, WHO?”
“Starts with an ‘H,’ I believe.”
“Josh, stop fooling around.” Rose snapped. “Just tell me.”
“Hermia.” Rosaline’s eyes grew wide, and she stared at the floor, mouth agape.

“Why the hell were you hanging out with one of my best friends?” Rosaline demanded.
“She asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with her, and I said okay.” Josh shrugged.
“And why the hell didn’t she go with her boyfriend?” Rosaline was coming up with a very good lecture for the younger girl.
“She said he was too busy with his entrance exams to go.”
“And why not her sister?”
“Juliet? She didn’t want to see the movie.”
“Tybalt, for Creator’s sake!?”
“She was pissed off at him. Said he threatened Puck or some s**t.”
“That sounds like something he‘d pull,” Rose said under her breath. “But why didn’t she ask me either?”
“Dunno.” Josh looked at the sky thoughtfully. “Nice ceiling you’ve got there.

“Whoa, why’s this such a big deal, not like I was hitting on her or anything.” Josh said with a furrowed brow. Rosaline almost felt sorry for her naive, 14-year-old brother. He’d no idea.
“Because she has a crush on you. Because you saved her.” she explained. Josh’s face changed so quickly she had to laugh. First, he looked confused, then his face turned red, then purple, then when he remembered to breath, he looked both embarrassed and smug, with a small smirk on his face.
“Well,” Josh put his hands behind his head and smiled in a very ornery way. Rose sighed.
“You’d better not.” she said.
“You don’t scare me!” Josh said, sticking out his tongue at his older sister.
“I should.” Rosaline began assaulting him with a pillow.

“Ow! O- OW! - OKAY! St- OW! ROSE STOP!”
Rose held the pillow and laughed at her brother. Suddenly, he smacked her upside the head with a pillow that had been next to her door.
“Okay, that’s it!” Rose continued her assault, and Josh returned fire. Soon the siblings were reduced to tears from laughing to hard. The sweet moment was ruined by the door being swung open.
“Joshua, I need you to take out the trash and clean the bathroom.” Patty’s rough voice growled. She pushed the boy out of the room, and advanced on Rosaline.
“Alright, Ms. Teen Queen.” Patty growled. “You’ve got a dinner to cook and a kitchen to clean. GET TO IT.”
Rosaline shoved her way past Patty and towards the stairs. She hated her life. She hated her mother. Her house. But most of all, she absolutely hated cooking.

What? My Veronaville needed a Benvolio, and I needed someone to- never mind. The next chapter is the dance! Ooh, I'm so EVIL. Evil
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Story will be on small hiatus until my computer has fully recovered from a recent virus attack. I lost some pictures and they need to be redone. Sad In the meantime, please leave your comments!

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I LOVE your story. I've got a big-time addiction to it. And, your Sims are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. Perfect mixture of Maxis and CC.  Clap

I joined when I was thirteen so please ignore my silly username.
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Thank you for your compliments! Cheesy The pictures are almost complete, I just need two more.

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It is what you've been waiting for...Chapter seven...The Dance.
Yeah, I totally got Josh and Rose's conversation from Alice in Wonderland. xD

Two weeks went by quickly. The dance was that very night, but Rosaline was a nervous wreck. She kept seeing that…homicidal blond in every mirror she looked in. Eventually she began to think she was going insane. She sat on her bed, not even bothering to put her dress on. She heard a gentle tapping on her door, but she ignored it. It wasn’t until the door opened that she looked up.

“Why aren’t you dressed?” the voice was too gentle to be her mothers, but too deep to be either of her sister’s. She looked up at her younger brother.
“I…don’t know.” she sighed.
“You’ve been like this for a while, Rose. What’s wrong?” And with that, Rosaline spilled everything out, about what had happened with Tybalt when she stayed the night there, about learning about the Montys, about the girl in the mirror.

“Am I insane?” she whimpered. Josh bit his bottom lip.
“ ‘fraid so, Rose.” he told her with a small smile. “Completely bonkers. But Y’know what?” Rose turned her head towards him.
“All the best people are.” He gave her a small half-hug. “Now get your dress on and go to that dance.”
“You always know how to make me feel better.” Rosaline murmured as he walked out of the room.
She stood up and started to change into the dress.


Tybalt had been attacked, had his hair mauled, and had been forced into a suit. And now he had to drive his assailants to a stupid dance which he also had to participate in. Needless to say, he was not in the best of moods. He parked in front of the large building where the Capps hosted their parties and dances. A beat-up Sedan was parked in front of him. He wondered who could own that car, then his thoughts shifted towards Rosaline. Trying to hide how he was blushing, he waited for his sisters to get out of the car before he did. Eventually, his face turned back to normal until he actually saw her.

She was wearing a black mini-dress, and her hair was pinned up atop her head with some fringes falling down her face. She turned around to reveal her face had very little make-up, but she still looked good. She wore a silver mask which covered most of her face, but her eyes gave her away.
She was…stunning. He couldn’t keep himself from staring at her. Until, that is…

“Tybs, I think you’re drooling.”
Hermia. Annoying him yet again. He snapped out of whatever he’d been in and glared at his sister.
“Hey, you don’t have a license, and Jules doesn’t have a car. I can just drive off right now and you’ll be stuck here. So shut up.” He said. Hermia giggled.
“Rosaline can drive us.” she said, putting emphasis on her friend’s name.

“Are you talking about me?” The three Capp siblings looked up and saw a very awkward looking Rosaline.
“No, I was just telling Tybalt to stop drooling over yo-OW!” Tybalt smacked Hermia upside the head, and Rose giggled.
“Let’s go inside before she gets herself killed.” Juliet said, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah, better safe then sorry.” Rose agreed. “Josh, we’re going inside.” she called to a boy standing a few feet away, talking to some of Rosaline’s classmates.
“Okay, I meet you there.” Josh called back.

“Why is your brother here?” Juliet asked.
“Hermia invited him.” Rose rolled her eyes, and the four of them walked inside.


“What is it with Veronaville and white buildings?” Rosaline muttered to herself.
The entire inside was white, with white stone floors and white poured walls.
She walked over to a table and sat down not knowing what to do. She had been watching people dance when she heard the chair opposite to her be pulled back and someone sit down in it. She turned and saw the person was Tybalt.
“Oh…hi.” she said.
“Yeah. Hi.” They sat in an awkward silence.

“Listen…Rosaline.” Tybalt started.
“I’m sorry.” she interrupted.
“What? Why are you sorry?”
“I shouldn’t have acted that way.”
“You had every right to. I shouldn’t have-”
“No, I should’ve locked the door.”
“I should’ve knocked again.”
“So we’re both in the wrong.” Rosaline said with a smile.
“Yeah,” Tybalt chuckled.

“Yeah. Friends.” Tybalt gave her a small smile.
Rosaline watched three boys in costumes and masks walk in, laughing and joking among themselves.
One of them had blonde hair and light skin, the others were tanned with black hair. They all had large noses. Almost instantly, she knew who they were.
“Tybalt…look.” she murmured. But the hot-headed Capp was already glaring and gnashing his teeth.
“Damn Montys.” he growled, storming off towards his grandfather. Rosaline watched them argue, and ultimately, Tybalt looked even more irritated and came back to the table.

“What happened?” Rosaline asked.
“I asked him if I could kick them out.” Tybalt said. “He said no.”
“What? Why?” Rosaline was surprised that Consort would turn down the chance to humiliate the Montys.
“He said he didn’t want any conflict at a party.” Tybalt looked ready to murder.
“Tybs, calm down.” Rosaline gently placed her hand on his, which was balled in a fist. “He had a good reason.” Tybalt’s hand was no longer tense, but he still looked like he wanted to kill the Montys.

“Rose…yeah.” Tybalt pulled his hand away from hers and turned away. Rosaline looked at him quietly, then turned away as well. A slow song came on, and Rosaline sighed. She wished she had someone she could slow dance with.
“Hey, Rosaline?” she heard Tybalt’s voice from what seemed like miles away.
“Hmm?” she turned towards him. “What’s up?”
“I was wondering if you’d wanna-” he was cut off by a tall blonde boy.
“Hello, Miss Rosaline.” she turned and looked at the boy, confused.
“Would you like to dance with me?” the boy asked her. Rosaline raised and eyebrow.
“Uhm…sure.” The boy took her hand and led her to the dance floor, leaving Tybalt alone at the table with his mouth gaping stupidly.

“…dance.” Tybalt finished to himself. He turned to a waiter. “Hey! You! Get me something alcoholic.”
“How old are you?” the waiter asked.
“I’m Tybalt Capp.” Tybs growled. “So step on it.”
“Yes Sir.” the waiter turned and went to the kitchen.
Tybalt smirked and turned around. He traced the pattern on the table clothe with his finger.
It was going to be a long, long night.


“It’s been a while since I last saw you.”
Rosaline was now definitely sure of who it was now.
“Benvolio Monty, it’s only been two weeks.” She said with narrow eyes.
“Why the sudden cold shoulder?” Benvolio asked her with a smile.
“You are a Monty. I’m friends with the Capps. Do the math.” Rosaline growled.
“Then why did you agree to dance with me?” she didn’t know how to answer that one. She just continued to glare at him.
“Can I go back to my friends now?” she asked him rudely.
“Friends, eh? It looks to me like that Tybalt wanted to be a little more the friends.” Benvolio teased.
“Shut up.” Rosaline snapped. “He’s my best friend.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah, really. Now, if you want me to not leave you here dancing alone, then shut up about Tybalt.”

Benvolio chuckled.
“Fine, I’ll stop. Would you like some punch?” he asked her.
“If you must.” Rosaline muttered. Benvolio let go of her hands and turned around. As he went towards the punch bowl, she turned towards where Tybalt was sitting, and watched him drinking whiskey and staring into space. She shook her head sadly. She turned back to see Benvolio still at the table getting the drinks.
Benvolio started walking back to her when she saw, out of the corner of her, Tybalt jump up.

“HEY!” The music itself seemed to stop as soon as those words were yelled.
Benvolio stopped right in front of her and watched Tybalt walk up to them.
“I saw what you did, Monty!” Tybalt growled.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Benvolio asked.
“You put something in her drink!” Tybalt cried. The crowd gasped. Rosaline felt as if she were in a soap opera.
“I did nothing of the sort.” Benvolio objected, handing Rosaline her drink.
“Rose, don’t drink that!” Tybalt told her. “He might have put poison in it!”
“Tybalt, you’re making a scene.” she muttered. “Stop being so paranoid.”
“Rose, I’m warning you.” Tybalt took a step forward.
“Nothing will happen.” Rosaline drank the punch quickly. “See? I’m fine!” She walked away from them, furious at them both. But suddenly, she felt more furious at Tybalt, and less at Benvolio. She sat down at her table.


“Are you insane?”
“Rosaline, please, just listen!”
“Why did you have to do that?!”
“Rosaline, stop for a second and-”
“No!” Rosaline glared at Tybalt Capp. “I’m just about sick of it. I am sick of it. I’m sick of you! Unless you can stop being such an ass, don’t bother talking to me.” She stormed away, leaving a hurt and confused Tybalt standing outside the building.
“Damn it!” Tybalt snarled to himself, kicking a stray metal can. “The Montys ruin everything.”


Rosaline had been sitting at her table, wondering why she said what she said, why she did what she did. She took off her mask and set it on the table, holding the bridge of her nose.
She opened her eyes and looked up to see Hermia standing in front of her.
“Oh. Hi.” Rose muttered.
“What happened with Tybalt?” Hermia asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Rosaline put her mask back on and sighed.
“Well, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Hermia pulled her up and almost literally dragged her to the table where the food and drinks were.

“Hi Miranda!”
“Oh?” Rosaline watched a tall girl with long blonde hair turn around. Even with a mask on, Rosaline recognized that face. She almost gasped out loud. It was the girl from the mirror.

“Rose, this is my cousin, Miranda. Miranda, my friend Rosaline.”
“Nice to meet you.” Miranda’s…everything…was so fake, Rosaline almost laughed.
“Yeah. Same to you.” Rosaline said. She didn’t know why, but she definitely felt higher then THIS girl.
Hermia and Miranda continued to talk, and Rosaline turned to see Juliet dancing with one of the Monty boys that had crashed the party. She stared at her friend as she kissed the Monty boy.

Juliet looked over at Rosaline, who was giving her ‘What the f**k’ look. Juliet blushed, then looked away.
“…the hell? Why are you still mad about that?” Rosaline turned back to see Miranda and Hermia arguing.
“Because, he was my crush first!” Hermia spat.
“Oh, I’m so sorry I kissed a boy you liked.” Miranda rolled her eyes. “You didn’t even end up with him, so what-”
“What’s the big deal?” Hermia growled. “He was MINE.”

“What happened to Puck? Does he exist anymore?” Miranda’s voice was level, but her attitude was catty.
“Of course he exists, I just-”
“Get. Over it.”

There was a crash, and Hermia was on the floor, covered in punch. Miranda held the bowl in her hands and an evil look was in her eyes, which seemed to be tinted red.
“As I said,” Miranda’s voice was cool. “Get over it.” The blonde sat the bowl down on the table and walked away. Then people around started to chuckle, which turned into full out laughter. Soon, almost everyone was laughing at poor Hermia, fallen and defeated. Hermia started to cry, and she pulled herself up and ran up the spiral staircase to the rooms at the top of the building. Josh ran after her.

Rosaline hesitated for a moment, then ran after them, flipping off the people who were laughing.
She stopped at the door, hearing low voices. She opened the door a crack, and peeked out, seeing Hermia looking over the fence and Josh standing beside her, talking to her. Rosaline couldn’t make out what they were saying, though. She felt a little odd, watching her brother talk to her friend that way. But she continued to watch the unheard conversation.


He’d ran after her - Why did he do that? - and now he was trying to comfort her. She wasn’t his friend. So why should he be doing this?
“Hermia,” he didn’t know what to say.
“Why does she do this?” Hermia sobbed. “She pretends she’s my friend, then she does…this!
“Some people are just like that.” he told her quietly.
“Josh, everyone does this to me.” Hermia’s sobs grew louder. “Mercutio, Miranda, Bottom, even Puck now.”
“Wait, Mercutio?” Josh frowned slightly. “Isn’t he a Monty?”
“We were friends.” she sniffled. “When we were kids. I had a crush on him. But Miranda…she kissed him in front of me, and Mercutio stopped talking to me, and next thing I know his uncle Antonio…his uncle Antonio is trying to kill me.”

“Hermia…don’t be scared.” Josh murmured. Hermia hiccupped and looked at him.
“It’s obvious. You don’t want to be friends with anyone because you’re scared that they’ll hurt you. So you pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t be scared. Not everyone is like that.”
“Josh…you’re my friend, right?” he bit his lip, not sure how to answer that correctly.
“Yeah. I’m your friend.” he told her eventually.
“Then you won’t hurt me?” Hermia asked.
“No, of course not.” Josh told her. “And I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Maybe he shouldn’t have said that last bit. Maybe if he hadn’t said it, it wouldn’t have happened. But he did say it. And because he said, Hermia kissed him. He was shocked, to say the least. But what shocked him the most was not that she kissed him first, or that he heard a small gasp in the background, but that he was kissing her back.

But, if that kiss happened because he said that last bit, then he was glad he said it.

Shocked Shocked and Shocked . The TENSION. Sorry for so little pictures. D:

And because I'm just SOOO evil, I'll give a secret to add to the tension: Benvolio DID put something in Rosaline's drink. But I'll let you guys think up what he could've put in it all by yourselves! Cheesy Comment!
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