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Author Topic: Alt-Drag Camera function from TS2 for TS3?  (Read 1571 times)
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« on: September 16, 2010, 04:49:30 pm »

I have Sims 3 with WA, AMB, HELS, and Fast Lane.  The one thing that keeps me from abandoning Sims 2 entirely for Sims 3, other than the lack of InSim-like power mods, is the fact that I can't hold down the ALT key and drag my screen.  This is one of THE ways to move about in Sims 2, and is extremely useful for getting precision movement.  Yet, it's currently not possible in Sims 3. 

Instead, I have to right-click and navigate, in a manner that works OPPOSITE how the ALT-Drag system worked.  ALT-Drag was almost like the Hand Tool in Adobe Reader.  ROTATION can be inverted, but somehow, ALT-Drag is gone forever.  WHY???  And why did they replace it with such an inferior right-click system that works backwards?

Is there, or is it even possible, to make a mod that reverses the way Right-Click drags the screen, or to restore ALT-Drag so I can navigate in Sims 3 the same way as Sims 2?  So far, I have only discovered how to get low-level camera angles at MTS that make angle-fetching almost as good as TS2.  But I STILL can't deal with the Right-Click Drag issue.
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