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Author Topic: Don't exit activity on enthusiasm gain  (Read 1025 times)
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« on: October 22, 2010, 09:43:08 pm »

I have been keeping an eye out for this hack for a couple of years now but have never seen anything like it.

FT introduced a new bug where a sim will exit an activity on enthusiasm gain during certain times of the day. For some activities this means they cannot skill in the daytime and for some they cannot skill at night. Not all but many sims are affected in my game. I currently have a sim that relies on fishing for her food and it is after 7pm and she is about to starve to death overnight because this was Day 1 of her existence and I didn't realise she was experiencing this bug so I didn't have her fish during the day. So I am now desperate because no food = dead sim. Yes, I know I can get food in other ways. The whole point of the challenge is for the sim to be self-sufficient so buying her a fridge and getting food from that is not an option in this scenario.

I have tested this without any mods installed and it still happens. And this is over multiple installations of the game on 2 different computers. So it's not a hack conflict. It is not fixed by Pescado's FT Fixes or his AL Fixes.

To give examples:

1) I send a sim fishing after dark. She baits the fishing rod, casts and immediately puts the rod away. At the same time she gains some nature enthusiasm. This does not happen during the day, only at night.

2) I send a toddler to the activity table during the daytime. He completes part of a drawing, gains Arts and Crafts enthusiasm and sits down on the floor next to the table. Again, this only happens in the daytime and he can use the activity table just fine at night.

3) I send a sim to the bookcase in the daytime and he spends several minutes skilling in cooking, gains cooking enthusiasm and puts the book back on the shelf. This only happens in the daytime, he can skill just fine after dark.

Has anyone seen a fix for this?

I have all EPs and all SPs, all the ones with patches available are patched.

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