Sims 2 neighborhood decorations


I search hard, but I can't find  how to create neighborhood decorations for Sims 2. So, can you help me.
Is it possible to make SimCity 4 objects like Sims 2 decorations?
Sorry for my bad English  2blush

I'm curious too -- I'd love to convert all the new animals for a veldt 'hood....

You figure out how to extract the meshes and textures from SC4, and use these to make the new NBhood deco (finding a tutorial on the how-to might be an idea).

Then again, it might be a bit difficult, as (from here)


Unfortunately SimCity4 doesn't have meshes for the buildings, it's just made of 2D sprites like Sims 1.   So they are only suitable for viewing in a game where you get 4 fixed viewing angles.

No idea about the animals or other things, as I don't have the game myself.


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