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Author Topic: WCIF: Playable Mummy re-skins?  (Read 1160 times)
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« on: February 07, 2011, 08:23:43 am »

Possibly a hopeless request, but I'll toss it out there. I've been setting up a small sim-family with a set story idea which specifies the daughter being turned into a mummy. Took a fair amount of doing to get all the proper ingredients (her being a mummy was just one of several), and somehow the father got bugged besides so he couldn't go on trips (good thing I didn't need him to go on any more trips), but eventually I got it all in place. Enough income to not worry about cash, cursed sarcoghagas (sp, I know) assembled, most of the 24 hour requirement already spent sleeping in it, so I send her in for one final night of sleep.

Except... she looks like crap now.

Staggers around slowly, interrupting everyone she walks past with creep-out reactions, groans constantly, gets soaking wet in the shower and drips all over the place, can't make babies, can't jog, can't change clothes, and for some reason she's stuck in a male body, not to mention that she looks like a ski-accident-victim.

I can find mods to fix most of the worse behavior nuisances, but one mod I can't find: Changing her appearance. All I found was one very old mod that apparently never got finished (and looked pretty awful in any case, the bandages were tattoo'ed on the skin). At the very least I'd like her recognizably female again, but ideally it'd be nice to remove some bandages and look at least stylishly mummified. Being able to wear regular clothes on top of the bandages would be a bonus. Does anyone know of any such mod? Or is there any master modder out there willing to take this as a request?
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