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Author Topic: Something I should know ... special characters in ZIP files  (Read 2738 times)
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« on: February 24, 2011, 12:49:32 pm »

This is something I've always been a bit shy to ask, even after five years of playing Sims 2, but ...

Let's say you visit a Korean site, and like what you see. You go to download it, only, since the uploader speaks Korean as a native language, there are Korean characters in the download. They come out as plus signs, etc. in your zip file.

My game doesn't recognize all the characters, and of course, the download doesn't come out. It doesn't crash the game or anything ... I just don't get anything.

Is there any way to work around this, or should I simply be content with all the non-special-charactered downloads out there? Just wondering. Thanks for not smirking ... TOO much. Smiley

P. S. I should add that quite a few of my files have special characters, but they pose no problem. With some attempts, however, I get the notation concerning the characters and the file won't show up in the game. Those downloads are what puzzle me.

P.P.S. (Since bumping this thread to post this might be considered a no-no) .... Theraven, your advice worked perfectly! Thank you!
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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2011, 01:31:07 pm »

No idea if my computer actually recognizes korean, but the signs do show.

If you've got a big problem with this, then right-click on the Zip-file, and choose "save as". Write in a name in English (or whatever language you use). Zip-files usually handles name-changes very well.

Most file names are safe to change, but not all. Clothing and bodyshop files, most meshes and objects, reecolors and all such are files which usually manages name changes. Hacks and mods are more moody, but that's a trial-and-failure process (make sure you've got the original file, just in case).

I do wish more people could use English file name, though... It's really annoying when your computer isn't fluent in whatever language they are using...

Some computers reacts to certain characters in file names, like spaces or periods, ? ! / \ *, and some more.

Characters safe to use are A-Z (big and small), 0-9, [ and ], ( and ), - and _ , and maybe commas (not entirely sure about those).

Also avoid changing lines (write everything in one long name separated with _ and -, and the other safe signs, none of the enter button)

Special signs and letters should be avoided, to avoid computer confusion (~, ^, >, <, ', *, @, Æ, Ø, Å, á, é, and those kinds)
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