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Author Topic: The Stallion-A Sims 2 Adventure/Family riding story  (Read 9116 times)
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« on: April 21, 2011, 04:25:27 pm »

I created quite a number of stories in TS2 and this is one of the first completed ones. Its called The Stallion, its basically a story about a man who befriends a wild horse. Its pretty good, and horse lovers should like it. This takes major advantage of FairyForest's Riding poses and osmp for  DragonSlave's horses.
This is the "trailer" For the story.

"This is why we moved out here, son..."

"I've always known this area was known for herds of wild horses...."

"And that this was the only lot available here..."

"I love horses so much, how can I resist?"

"Look at that!"
"Oh my GOD that horse is gorgeous!"

"I want to ride him"


Experiance a heartwearming story.....of a man and his horse....

"Dad........I think he's ready......"

And learn that man and beast can be one...

The Stallion

I hope that you enjoy this trailer and the actual story is coming soon!

(DISCLAIMER: As you can see, there is a scene where the main character rides a horse wearing nothing but a speedo. I know and understand that many women [or men] like to see a muscular, scantily-clad man riding a horse. But keep in mind that that scene is not really meant to be percived in a sexual way, its supposed to reflect freedom and tranquility. I am deeply sorry if this scene offends anyone)
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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2011, 06:14:13 pm »

Please do not hotlink pictures from other accounts or sites. You have your own photobucket account, so you already know how to not hotlink.

My site:

Little Fire Burning - Chapter 85 out

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« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2011, 06:15:07 pm »

Alright, ill fix that.

all fixed up! tell me what you think of it raven!  (BTW, Little Fire Burning? Big fan right here Smiley)
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« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2011, 08:26:56 am »

Chapter 1: Introductions

Well, here it is. An old picture of my family. Thats me on the far left, the couple in the middle is Jack and Marcia, My Mom and Dad. And the blonde on the right is my sister, Elizavette. My Dad used to be a firefighter and my mom a PR consultant. We lived in a very small townhouse, but at least we were together.

I would describe myself as laid-back and friendly. My favorite things to do is hang out with my friend and play with my X-box 360 (Call of Duty,anyone?) My Dad has always told me that I'm a real chick-magnet. Ain't that the truth! So many girls in my school like me, up to the point that the entire varsity football team worships me. Basically thats my life.

This is my sis, Elizavette. She is your average everyday blonde chick that wants everything! I remember Christmas time back when we were little...She was 100% Veruca Salt when it came to toy catalogs. She would point at evey doll, every toy, everything that was pink and say "I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!" And Im guessing that she kinda lives in my shadow at school. Because all of her friends are interested in me. After they're done flirting with me, they go right into Eliza's face and scream "OMG UR BROTHER IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!! OMG!!!!"(Thats my girly voice) and Eliza usually walks away, cursing them out under her breath.

And this is my father, Jack. He's in his 40s and he is currently our only legal guardian. He raised us very well over the years and is very good with kids of all ages. I only wished that he would get rid of those sideburns, because people are coming up to me in school and saying "HOLY CRAP MAN!! WOLVERINE IS YOUR DAD?!?!" Yeah, I read X-Men comics, And the resemblence between Wolverine and My Dad is frightning...Either way, Dad is doing a great job raising us as teens...I'm sure Mom would be proud.

And Where is our mom?
The good news is that she did not die, she is alive and well and she calls us on an almost daily basis. But the bad news is that Mom and Dad are no longer married. After 2 kids, the exitement in their life slowed to a griding halt. They figured that the marriage was going nowhere anymore and they decided to pull the plug on it. Mom had given us a large sum of money and told my dad, "Use this money to buy youself an new house, and if anyone becomes your girlfriend or you remarry, at least they would have a wonderful man like you." Mom was even nice to him after they broke up!

This is the house we bought with Dad's money. It's a brand new house, built literally a few weeks ago. We live in a very secluded area of Arbordale, so its a trek to go to school, the store and other friend's houses. But its really quiet and serene. Also, I heard that we could see some wild animals wander onto our large property, Probably some deer or something like that.

Alright that was the first chapter, and you guys gotta post something this time, come on! COMMENTS, COMPLEMENTS, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISICM!!! PLEASE POST!!!

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« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2011, 09:53:02 am »

Chapter 2

My day starts usually like this, with Elizavette sneaking up on me and slamming a water balloon in my face. Leaving me soaking wet.

I usually argue with her and I basically "escape" upstairs to get away from her!

I decided to go into my room and listen to my iPod for a little while

Elizavette does the same, but she sings to her music VERY LOUD! And she isn't nesicarrily Susan Boyle when she sings.

Speaking of which, I haven't seen Dad at all today!

Ryan:Dad? where are you?!

Ryan: You down here?

Ryan: There you are!
Jack: Quiet! look out there!

Ryan: Wow! I thought they would never come here!

Out of all the wild animals I would expect to see, I would NEVER expect to see....

Wild horses.

Jack: Beautiful, aren't they?

Ryan: Yeah, horses are nice animals!

Jack: I acutally know a thing or two about horses. You see the brown one? Thats known as a "bay" horse. You can tell because of its brown coat and dark mane. The one in the middle is a Pinto/Appaloosa mix. And The one on the right is a purebred Palomino if I ever saw one!

Ryan: I never knew you that you know so much about horses!

Jack: This is why we moved out there son, I always knew that this area was known for wild horses and that this was the only lot in the area! I love horses so much how can I resist?

Ryan: We can walk up to the forest's edge if you want a closer look!

We walked closer and closer...

But before we knew it, the horses were gone!

Jack: DAMN! They must have saw us coming!
Ryan: Wild horses are extremley skittish around people, Dad.

Jack: It would have been cool to go closer to them..but your right!!

Me and Dad decided to go inside and have lunch before we go back outside....[/quote]

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« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2011, 08:31:15 am »

Chapter 3

Ryan: Hey Dad, Eliza went upstairs again mabye the horses came back to graze.

Suddenly, me and Dad heard faint clomping sounds, horse hooves, we presumed.

What we saw outside was amazing.

It was probably the most beautiful, darkest horse I have ever seen. Its gorgeous black fur was stunning.

I could hear Dad say something....

Jack:the black stallion.....

The Black Stallion is my Dad's favorite movie of all time, he even likes it better than James Cameron's Avatar or freakin' Titanic! Hell, he even likes it better than The EXORCIST! Its about a young kid who escapes an exploding cruise ship with a black horse and they become friends and he becomes a racehorse and stuff like that...I don't doubt even for one minute that the horse didn't remind him of that.

But a few moments later, it was gone.

It may sound very strange, but me and Dad's official father/son activity is watching wild horses....

Jack: Son...I've never told this to anyone, not even your sister or your mother...but for the longest time, I had this fantasy of befriending a wild horse to the point that I could climb on it's back and ride it. I would ride completley naked throughout the entire countryside... If I were to do that.....It would be on that beautiful black stallion....

Ryan: Dad, It's a pretty ambitious fantasy, but I would never do it. We studied wild equine in my AP bio class, they get spooked very easily. If you were to use a rope in order to wrangle a wild horse, It's doubtless that it would become so scared that it would rear up in self defense and hoof you right in the head and probably kill you. Horses are usually very docile animals, but when they get scared, they are more vicious than bobcats. But you could always attempt being gentle with the horse and try to lure it to you..don't be surprised if it,or he runs off a few times..

Jack: Ryan...I'm sorry If I'm a bit too fixated on this thing..but you have to admit it would be an amazing experiance.....

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« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2011, 04:08:45 pm »

Chapter 4

Jack: Ryan? I'm going out for a swim in the pond, want to come?
Ryan: No thanks and-DAD!!!! Do you HAVE to wear that?!?!!?
Jack: What? Its just a speedo, It's olympic regulation!
Ryan: I don't CARE! PLEASE go away!
Jack: Alright, Alright! I'm going!

Dad had decided to dive into the lake using the diving board we installed in. One of the perks of living in an open countryside is that we don't need a pool!

He went and soaked in the lake for a few minutes.

Then chilled out in the sun for a few minutes, but unbeknownst to Dad.......

The black horse had returned.

He had walked REALLY close to my father, I guess he was just curious to see why someone was laying on the ground...

But before Dad realized who exactly was watching him......

The steed had already run off.

By nightfall, Dad had returned to our house.

Jack: Son, you are not going to belive this but the horse was THIS CLOSE to me!

Ryan: (gasp) Shut up! you can't be serious!

Jack: I was lying on the ground outside the lake and I saw some animal nearby, I thought it was a deer but when I looked up it was not just a horse, but the black stallion we were looking at! But before I could approach it, it reared up and ran away.

Ryan: I still can't belive you got THAT close to a wild horse!

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« Reply #7 on: July 23, 2011, 10:22:15 am »

OK, at this point, I dont care if anyone reads this or posts comments, I just want people to see it. Feel free if you want to comment.
Chapter 5

Elizavette: Are. you. SERIOUS?!?!!?!

Jack: Yes, I am. And I'm going to do it.

Elizavette: You really expect to climb on the back of some wild animal and RIDE IT!?!!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F *censored* ING MIND?!?!!?

After giving Dad a MONUMENTAL bollocking, my sister kicked the door open and went into her room.

Jack: Dad is SUCH an idiot! I'm going in my room!

Later, me and Eliza had a quick bull session in her room about Dad's decision to break the wild stallion.

Elizavette: Ryan, what Dad is doing is completley idiotic and he is gonna get killed!
Ryan: I agree!
Elizavette: The man likes horses, I accept that. He used to ride horses when we went to Uncle Dale's ranch every winter, I accept THAT. But getting on a wild one and trying to ride it is just plain stupid!

Ryan: To make matters worse, the horse he is trying to break is a stallion! Stallions are known to be very hot blooded and dangerous! That horse is going to kill him if he makes the wrong move.

Suddenly we heard what sounded like a horse neighing and a voice.

Jack: Easy, boy!

Without hesitation, me and Eliza raced down the stairs and to the back door to find out what was going on.

Ryan: If he is doing what I think he's doing....
Elizavette: He better not be.

When we burst outside we were in for a surprise, immediatly Elizavette facepalmed herself and said-
Elizavette: Please tell me you did'nt just buy a horse...

Jack: I didn't buy him, Eliza. He's a rental.

Ryan: Please tell me what your trying to do.
Jack: I'm going to look for the stallion.

Before I could question him any further, Dad rode off into the forest.

I can assure you, Eliza was not happy about what's going on.

Elizavette:  *censored* IDIOT!

Dad rode across the countryside on the chestnut horse.

Suddenly, Dad yielded the horse and listened to the sound of hoofbeats.

The black stallion darted by so fast, my Dad almost missed him.

The horse had then ran to the lake and reared up on his hind legs.

then, it ran back were it came from.

Jack: That is one fine horse!

By the time the afternoon rolled around, Dad gave the horse back to the stable it belonged to.

Ryan: Dad, did you find the horse?!
Jack: Yes I did! While I was riding by the lake it darted past me, reared up and galloped away right by me! I was so tempted to chase after it but I didn't want to endanger the rental horse. Either way I have another approach to taming this animal.
Ryan: And that would be.....
Jack: Leave out some oats and mabye he'll eat them.
Ryan: Ok do that...

At this point I'm beginning to side with my sister, this idea is taking over my Dad's mind..

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« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2011, 09:51:05 am »

Chapter 6

Ryan: Do I even want to know what you're doing with that container?
Jack: I already told you, son!

Dad actually left a container of oats outside! Even after I told him time and time again it wouldnt work!

And we waited, in the meantime Me and Dad decided to watch professional wrestling on TV.

Then Dad switched the TV off.

Ryan: Hey! What gives?!
Jack: Listen!

That's when I heard it, the neigh of a horse and the clomping of hooves.

I looked out the window and I couldnt belive it! It was the black stallion!

Dad went outside the house and me and my sister just RACED to the sliding door to see what was going to happen.

Me and Elizavette watched in amazement as Dad was actually getting close to the horse!

Jack: Easy, boy...I'm not going to hurt you...

He crept closer and closer....

Then Dad got a little too close and the horse freaked and ran off.

Dad then extended his hand which has a carrot in it.

The horse slowly crept back to my father...

Then I watched in amazement as the wild horse ate the carrot right out of the palm of my Dad's hand!

Me and Eliza were totally stunned.

Ryan: Ho-ly CRAP.
Elizavette: You have GOT to be kidding me.

Jack: There's my beautiful black stallion......

He was then able to pet the horse gently on the mane...

Dad then backs off and the horse trots back to the forest.

Ryan and Elizavette: HOW THE HELL WERE YOU ABLE TO DO THAT?!?!
Jack: I guess I got what it takes to earn a horse's trust...

Elizavette: Mabye I'm wrong, mabye dad does know what he's doing.
Ryan: I really hope so.

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« Reply #9 on: May 19, 2012, 06:12:56 pm »

Aah this is cute  Cheesy
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