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Author Topic: Noël-Bea's lil' Sister  (Read 8625 times)
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« on: June 12, 2011, 08:48:12 am »

As the title indicates, this is my slayer's younger sister, Noël. I thought i'd upload her as well as her backstory is a little darker than her sisters and I love a lil' bit of drama in my sims stories as most of you will probably guessed by now  Cheesy.

Noël has always been jealous of her sister Bea, her sister's gift has always made her feel insecure and unsure because of her sexual orientation; despite being one of the most popular girls in school. Throughout this time, she struggled to come to terms wit her sexuality and only found sanctuary when she went to university. Although this was not enough, after she graduated Noël's jealousy over her sister's powerful gift began to consumed her mind. Due to this, she began slaying vampires and other hellish creatures herself, nearly resulting in her demise. Through time she began to be fascinated by the vampire lifestyle, as so started to live like one, going out at night and sleeping through the day; she even began to drink pig's blood at the local blood bar "Drink Em' Up!". However one night she met a vampire who made a deal to make her a vampire if she told him where the slayer lived as she would brag that she was her sister. Obviously, he did not keep his promise and nearly drank Noël until she was fully drained; fortunately however her sister just happened to be patrolling that night and slayed the vampire before he could kill her. She took Noël in and nursed her to health, Noël eventually stated that she had a problem and so when to a rehab facility to come to terms and eventually overcome her problem. When she arrived back in town, Lars, her sister's watcher began to train her in magic and healing powers; over time, they struck up a close friendship (although for Lars, this had always been slightly more that a friendship as he had always been attracted to her;) and after a rather drunken one night stand (to which she woke up hysterical and filled with guilt for what she had done with Lars as she wasn't attracted or even inlove with him) she fell pregnant. She was going to get rid of the baby, but Lars persuaded her to keep it as he could probably never be a father again; they decided they would try and work things out and so she moved in with him. Over time, as Lars had always been there for her and helped her when she needed him the most, through her pregnancy to which she gave birth to a little girl named Annelise. Noël realised that actually, she was completely in love with him as well; and they have been together ever since. Since these times, she has gone on to be a reliable helper to her sister with her magic and has also developed another skill she never thought she would have, telepathy and clairvoyance; resulting in her becoming a medium.

Sorry for the massive paragraph by the way, i just thought it would be fun to giver her a back story; obviously you can do what you want with her  shocked

The clothes are hair are from various sites, the links can be found here: This is for the trousers in the fighting picture, MTS is down at the moment though so i can't link the download page, will do once its up again though This is for the dress in the pose picture, made by soundbeat,110620.0.html This is for the outfit in the telepathy picture. This is for the main hair in the pictures, other hair can be found on MTS

None of the CC is by me, full credit goes to those who took the time to make it!

Thank you for looking and enjoy!

* noel simmie.jpg (25.64 KB, 360x528 - viewed 35710 times.)
* Noel.rar (2782.36 KB - downloaded 672 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2011, 03:54:45 am »

¿no se puede descargar? 
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« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2011, 03:58:55 am »

anacoco, please write in English so that people can understand you.

To download, click on the rar file (the bottom file, "Noel.rar"), and choose "open" or "save".


(my spanish is non-existent, but I hope Google Translate does it's job)
(mi español es inexistente, pero espero que Google Translate hace su trabajo)


Anacoco, por favor escriba en Inglés para que la gente pueda entender.

 Para descargar, haga clic en el archivo rar (el archivo de fondo "Noel.rar"), y elegir la opción "abierta" o "guardar".

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« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2011, 12:16:11 pm »

Very cute. Thanks for sharing

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