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Author Topic: OoT Tunics Pack 1 (in 7 colors and 2 styles for Toddlers, Teens, and Adults)  (Read 4269 times)
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« on: August 17, 2011, 01:24:34 am »

Overview: Hey guys, your resident Wolf here with a (mostly new) release in the form of new clothing. Before I get into things, I'd like to first acknowledge the creators of the tunics, DevilCloud, Earendil, and TommyTiger. The latter created the first mesh and DC (from Fantasy LostWorld, a French Sims 2 site that hosts a lot of very unique clothing for various characters) created some very interesting tunic recolors of Earendil's mesh, which I absolutely adore and decided to include in this release. Second, I'd like to thank friends and family that encouraged me to create new clothing and hair.

Item Details: As the title states, this IS several sets of clothing designed around the OoT era of the Legend of Zelda. I will state that I didn't include the Elder age simply because I keep my Sim's at a max age of Adult, but that doesn't mean the recolors won't work with the mesh. The first tunic is the more traditional style tunic that Link wears throughout the game. The Toddler tunic is a simple onesie. The Teen tunic has the gloves and tights that Adult Link in the game has. The Adult tunic is the same way. The other Adult tunic style is by Devil Cloud, which features bigger sleeves, more realistic gloves and bracers as well as an alternate color set. The "skirt" part of the tunic is shorter however, some of you may not like that, some of you might. Depending on the color, they will appear in Everyday (Green, Red, Blue), Formal (Red, Purple), Swimwear (Blue), and Athletic (Green, Red, Blue).

Mesh Info: You will need the meshes for the Adult and Teen, which are found here ( by TommyTiger. The other tunic mesh is by Earendil, found here (


Skintone: "Netral" by unknown
Eyes: Submerged blue by Echo
Hair: TommyTiger and DevilCloud texture matches (hat), texture match from "Netral" skintone (ears), new texture by me (hair), original hair mesh by RoddyAleixo
Clothes: "Traditional" OoT tunics by TommyTiger plus Zora recolor by me. Alternate tunics by Earendil with textures by DevilCloud

Side Note: I had to double pack the DC Adult Tunics .rar file (a .rar inside a .rar) so I can post it. Hope you guys don't mind ^_^

* Baby Tunics.RAR (275.28 KB - downloaded 223 times.)
* Teen Tunics.RAR (2389.9 KB - downloaded 227 times.)
* Adult Tunics.RAR (2600.96 KB - downloaded 235 times.)
* Adult Tunics (DevilCloud).RAR (2608.05 KB - downloaded 228 times.)
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