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Author Topic: Courtesy  (Read 1926 times)
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« on: November 05, 2011, 02:51:16 pm »

I would like to appoligize for double posting on a thread earlier, it was a mistake, I was simply trying to clarify something. And i always do my best to be courtious to others, If I have offended anyone in the present, or the past, I do appoligize. The thing that bothers me though, is courtesy goes both ways, and it goes a long way as well. I have nothiced in the past that there are some here who choos to ignore that, and when they choos to be discourtious to others thy get extremely offended when that discourtesy is re-visited upon them. I as anyone to review all of my posts, and judge what you see. The incindent of which this post refers to is based on somethin I noticed, and aske the creator of the originl post whee I could find one of his, or her creations, and I also posted a WCIF looking for the same items. All I wanted to do was try to find some CC which I was unable to find after a web search, and in my oppinion, the replys I recieved were anything but courtious. I do appoligize for my response, I shoud not have retaliated in kind. And for that I am shameful.


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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2011, 03:09:20 pm »

As I said, I made a mistake and thought the download was for the clothes and not the skin, which is why I pointed you toward the rar file. Then, I simply suggested you be a bit more specific when asking a question and told you Kaoz hadn't gotten around to uploading the clothes in the picture.

That was when you called me stupid. No, not in so many words, but it was there. I simply retaliated in kind.

So, who was being discourteous? 

Another topic locked.

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