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Author Topic: PMBD/MATY NEED YOUR HELP NAO!! (Long version for those who like to read.)  (Read 2883 times)
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« on: February 07, 2012, 12:47:05 pm »

The following announcement is not an open invitation to start a war/debate/flame fest about anyone's personal stance on the paysite/pirate debate and it won't be tolerated. This is simply us reaching out help someone who did the same for us in our time of need.

Hey, all, I know times are tough for all of us and some are tightening the belts as far as they can go, but may I remind you that we wouldn't be here without that damn Pesky Pescado and his crew of creative and critical crankies, of which I'm one. It's because of him that we even still exist as our own separate community after the Walter/Kathy&Ericgate thing went down a few years back and to put it quite simply; they're gonna go under without some financial backing from the people who use the Booty to get the paysite items needed to make some of their custom content work.

It doesn't have to be enough to float the boat of a small nation, although it would be nice, or it could be enough to cover the cost of say; a Big Mac, order of fries and a large orange drink. Hell, it could be the spare change you have laying around the dish you fling your keys into every night when you get home from work/school. Yeh, I've had my scrapes with his Royal Pooh-headedness but that's mostly been in fun and we do have a debt of honor to him that ought to be repaid. He hosted us until we could get our own hosting. He got us the forum with the data when we made the break. He also hosts a bunch of other good sites that will be lost for good if PMBD and MATY go down the flusher.

No, I'm not a fan of the grammar pickers at MATY, but they have their good points, I think. Just can't remember any at this particular moment... Oh, wait, yes I can! The Awesome Mod that so many of you use and rely on to fix your Sims 3 game can only be gotten over there because Pescado is the rotten such and such who makes it. You don't have to join to find it or download it, it's totally free without any kind of strings attached to it. There are also a slew of other mods which a good many of you most likely would be lost without. If you don't want to lose access to those, then now is the time to help them out.

PMBD is still mainly only the forum associated with the Booty, a gathering of free-site advocates and free content creators and assorted characters with the occasional invasion of the pro-pay individual seeking to convert us from our belief that all content should be free and not sold. We have our reasons for our beliefs and if you want to read those, fine and good. If all you want to do is snatch and grab the pay meshes for the recolours you've gotten in the past or to make them work at all, then now is the time to show some appreciation for the work done years ago into the present time by the behind-the-scenes people and give a bit of financial support.

The Booty offers a chance for the custom content viewer to make up their mind about whether they wish to pay for said pixels or not. It serves the greater good of the community by hosting content that many otherwise would not be able to enjoy/use. It breaks down the line that separates the elite/exclusive from the rest of us who do not have credit cards or the gullibility to pay for content which ought to be free according to the EULA. BUT, I'm not here to go into that argument, that has been done to death and I'm not likely to convert anyone who has their ideas set in stone about the issue.

I'm here to ask the adults in our community to help with keeping our options open by providing assistance to an old blow-hole like Pescado firmly ensconced where he is instead of blundering around this place like a ghost and making us miserable.... All joking aside, if Pes goes down, so will a bunch of other sites which many of us rely on to get content. If you are a member of PMBD/MATY, you'll know what I mean. But trust me when I say that if we lose those, if we let them slip away, the loss to how we play our games will be immeasurable. Please, even the donation of five or ten bucks can help and we only have until the end of this month to get the life preserver thrown to them before they go down for the last time and the whole history of the Booty is lost. We owe it to the old twerp to help because he saved our necks when we needed him. Time to pay it back, pure and simple. Thanks for hearing me out, I'll get off of my soap box and go back to napping on top of the fridge now...

I'm not a button, so DO NOT PUSH ME.
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