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Author Topic: TS2 engagement hugs enabled as normal interaction  (Read 1498 times)
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« on: November 23, 2012, 10:21:35 am »

greetings- =)

i like the less common and more rarely seen animations in the game- ones that are available from Base Game- such as after a sim proposes engagement to another sim, they do a hug that's seen at no other time. it's actually a well done animation and very sweet.

there are actually two of them-- if the guy proposes, the girl throws her arms around him and picks her feet up off the ground, and if the girl proposes the guy's reaction is a male appropriate reaction--- it's actually refreshing there are gender specific hugs for this Sim Event since most of the animations in the game are female only & look terrible when the dude does them. major eye-hurt.

it would be nice if these hugs were available the same way Eaxis did them- gender specific so the girls remain girly & the guys aren't sissies.

the actual proposal isn't necessary- just the hugs.

i guess if the hugs are separated- one could also use the ring proposal too as a gift giving animation --separately--- but it's just an idea.

it's all about the hugs = )

my specific game is Base through Pets. also have FFS & GLS stuff packs.
i have
-no- interest in any other EPs - even after playing nearly a decade.
these animations are however from the Base Game and should be good for any config - but what do i know - i'm not a coder.

seems like anything coded with Boiling Oil's or Cyjon's smarter EP handling or game add-ons borrowing Pescado's code would help with this since many people already have these in their game - and if not - wouldn't hurt to direct them to it. i know Cyjon has a tutorial on his site for anyone who wants to use that code & Boiling Oil over at Leefish is pretty much the same way.

thanks in advance for reading & considering-- and also thanks for the forum-- been playing since 2004 & have used insim since the beginning--- totally great site with uber longevity & i appreciate that it has stood the test of time. stay cool  cool
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