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Author Topic: Hard Times Challenge.  (Read 3509 times)
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« on: February 06, 2013, 02:19:36 pm »

Hard Times Challenge.

See how long it takes you to get a sim with 1,000,000 credits.

Make 2 Sims and move them in.
Every 48 hours you must have them try for baby un-till you have 8 Sims or you cant try any more because of age.

2X2 lot.
2 bed rooms 4x4, 1 bathroom with lowest cost every thing that is needed, 1 K/DR of 2x4, and 1 5x5 living room. (Just make it fit.) You can have what ever you need in hallways as long as there no wider than 1 sq. This is just to get started with.

Stuff you can have to start.
You can have 1 double bed energy 3, 1 lowest cost counter (2 if you use counter/sink combo), 1 lowest cost sink (or lowest cost stand alone sink), 1 lowest cost frig., 1 lowest cost stove 1 lowest cost couch, 1 lowest cost dining table with 2 lowest cost chairs, 1 inside trash can and 1 lowest cost book shelf.
After this your Sims will have only 2000 credits left to start there lives with.

Ok to start you can learn only 1 point in each skill, to get more skill you must have 25k in savings to get to the 2nd skill point in each skill and for each new skill point you want after the 2nd you must have 10k more credits for each one. ( So if you want 3 in cooking then you need 35k in savings and if you want 3 in cooking and 3 in cleaning then you must have 45k in savings.) If savings fall below the amount for that skills you have then you must drop the 1 skill down. (Yes that is 105k to get 3 points in all skills if you want them.)
you do not have to get all skill but for the first 2 points, you must have all skills to 2 before you can move up to 3 in any skill you want. Just remember you must have all skills up to the amount of friends you want to have. 1 friend = 1 in all skills, 2 friends = 2 points in all skills, 3 friends = 3 points in all skills (which means you must have 105k credits in savings to have 3 points in skills to be able to have 3 friends.) You can think of the cost for the points is the cost of training to that lvl if you want to. It cost you to learn and live.
If by chance you get free points in skill with chance cards then they are free to keep.

You must have a point in all skill to make a friend, so you can start out once you get 1 point in all skill then you can have 1 friend, after saving up 25k and getting points up to 2 in all skill then you can have a 2nd friend so on for each friend you want to have.

Once you reach 100k in savings then you can move to a bigger lot if you want to.
But remember you must have in savings the amount you need for skills and friends, if credits fall below the lvl for your skill/friends then you must drop 1 or both down to match the amount of credits you have .
IE: You want to buy a new bed and you have 35k in saving so you have 2 in all skills and you have cooking up to 3, you buy the bed and your savings fall to 34k then you must drop cooking back to 2 un-till you get back up to 35k then you can "relearn" the skill back.

No selling broken things and rebuy you must fix them, you can sell if you buy something better. (Like you buy new stove then you can sell old working stove.)

No service Sims un-till you have in savings 200k credits.

CC is ok but no mods that by pass the game, like no flamingo-of-contentment and I dont recomend ACR or unlimited sims mods.

No elixir of life or any thing that will prolong sims life you need to let them die. If there is no Teen or younger on the lot then all funds left are gone but for what is inherited normaly.

If teen goes to college then un-till they get out of college they can go off of parents funds for skills/friends.
After college they must drop all skills and friends down to the lvl of credits they have then start there live anew. This means that if they dont have 25k credits then they must lose all points down to 1 on all skills and only have 1 none family friend. What ever YA earned in college is the funds they start out with after college.

All kids that hit adult age must move out and start there families following the same rules as above then you can start rotation with them.

All house holds funds are for all Sims that live on the same lot, except for YA in college.
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