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Author Topic: New and complete Riverside Hood  (Read 6022 times)
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« on: March 17, 2013, 11:09:36 pm »

Well folks I have been a little busy with this and now here it is.

I have updated the story and place some new stuf plus renumbered this hood to N107 for any one who wants the updated one link now posted.
Also hosted at:

Come one, come all.

Thsms204 Made the org. re-creation of the lost Maxis Riverside Hood. With that being said it was also buggy.
Sadly Thsms204 left the Sims 2 community back in 2011 with out bringing out his V3 that he said was in the workings.

Well I have made V3  using only the base game and following Celesta92059 tutorial on resurrecting sims with no character data.
I have giving the deleted sims back there data and have clone all the sims and made them anew in this V3 Riverside Hood.
I have made all the houses with interior walls and floors to make them livable, unlike the org hood only having just the outside walls and no floors and interior walls.

The org hood have 2 familys in the family bin, well following the pics from Gamespot I have made the 2 houses and move the Russell and the Brooklyns into them.

There were 16 Townies and 4 other sims that were deleted from the game which some of the playable sims had memory of and these are the ones I brought back to life.

I have fix all the genes to what they should be. I have re-wrote the story and added bio's to all the playable sims.

I used clean and empty "Base Game" template to make. There will be very little Townies when you frist start to play this. Most of them will be the party going teens plus 2 adults
I used Mootilda Hood Checker Program from MTS, before, during and after making this hood. So there should be no problems.

Credit goes to:
 Thsms204 for the original idea, the likeness of the Sims and the look of the outside of the houses.
 Mootilda for her great programs, the Lot Compressor and Lot Adjuster.
 And a Big Thanks for Hood Checker program.
 Peni Griffin for her "GREAT" help in re-writing the story and Bio's of all the Sims.
 Thanks to SaraMK and Argon for their Empty and Cleaned up Templates.
 Numenor for the Any Game Starter Program.

Here we have Riverside.

Here we have the Jefferson's.

Here we have the Robert's.

Here we have the Anderson's.

Here we have the Marshall's.

Here we have the Baxter's from Waterside.

Here we have the Molyneux's.

Here we have the Brooklyn's In there new house.

Here we have the Brooke's.

And here we have the Russell's also in there new house.

Riverside download.
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