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Author Topic: Tribute to a Child -Very Sad  (Read 2249 times)
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« on: May 22, 2013, 10:07:55 am »


At last he was born
He took his first breath
His adventure had started

He learned quickly to cry
To be fed and be cleaned
A hug was so wonderful in between

Movement around him
Gentle touches, sweet smells
Sounds of the living, cooing tunes from those around

Warm and smiling, happy and content
But something felt wrong, so he cried and was fed
This was life, it felt good

Colors and sounds, they were all coming clear
Children playing around him
They called him brother dear

This is how it went
The time he didn’t know
Then something changed
He cried for food, but no one came
He screamed a little louder
He knew they were near
He heard the others playing
Maybe they didn’t hear

He rested for a moment
Then began to scream again
He was hungry
Again no one came

What was time?
How long had he cried
He couldn’t scream any longer
So he slept

Awakened by hands
A little rougher than before
His diaper was changed
He snuggled in the arms that he trusted
Sucking happily on his bottle

Time passed again
He was dry and he was fed
Laying on the floor
He smiled at them when they tickled and kissed him
Those little innocent souls
He was warmed by their love

Sometimes there were sounds
He would here others crying
He would cry too
No one heard him
Time and more time
Crying, sobbing, but no one came

He felt the bottle in his mouth
It was sour, but he drank
A little tiny hand touched his head gently
“Don’t cry baby, I’ll share what I have with you.”
She whispered, afraid
“Just don’t cry baby, don’t cry anymore.”

This is how it went
For that little tiny babe
This was his reality
This is what he learned

His little bottom hurt so much; his diaper had not been changed
So he cried

Someone came

The hands reached down and grabbed him
They didn’t have his food
There wasn’t any love
There wasn’t any good

The hands grasped his little arms
They swung him in the air
The little thumbs that comforted him
He’d never reach again
He heard the sound of his bones as they snapped
Gasping, screaming, pain
Merciful blackness

He woke in pain
Not just his tummy
Now a new pain, much worse
He tried to move his arms, but screeched in agony

Someone came
Arms picked him up
Pushed a bottle in his mouth
He drank it down to soothe himself
Even the bottle couldn’t comfort him

He woke in the dark
He cried, would he be fed?

He heard something in the dark moving toward him
It was standing over him
SHUT UP!!!!!
Then he felt something smash into his chest
His head snapped back
There was crushing pain
He couldn’t breathe


He roused only slightly
He could barely breathe, due to the cracked ribs inside
He needed to eat
So he cried

Someone heard him

Rough hands grabbed him and shook him so hard….but
It didn’t matter anymore
He couldn’t feel it
His brain sloshing around in his little head
He couldn’t feel it
His body being banged against the walls
It didn’t matter anymore

Men and women who wear a badge
Gentle hands lifting him slowly
Whispering to him that now everything would be all right
So they pleaded
“Just stay with us little man, stay with us tonight.”

It was peaceful here
But the lesson already learned
Nobody could be trusted
Nobody had good hands

So this is what the world had to offer
This was what is was to be alive
So small and so alone

The doctor stood over him
He shook his head sadly

The baby looked up into the eyes of a stranger
The doctor reached down and stroked his cheek gently
“I’m so sorry little guy,” he whispered, choking back tears.
“I’m so damn sorry.”

The little baby closed his eyes
And took his final breath
So this had been life
The baby chose death.

To the men and women who wear a badge, to the CPS workers who people love to find fault with…..sleep peacefully tonight.    Well done, good and faithful servants…for you are the only ones who try to save the children.

A weary foster mom
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