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Author Topic: Squinge's Mega College Pack  (Read 4195 times)
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« on: December 13, 2013, 10:42:17 pm »

Looks like the last post was also from me, but so long ago...hope this is ok.

I have all the EP's (including the pseudo EP M&G). 
Some of the actions with this mod may be "normal" but some just don't seem right.  I have found other, old threads where the same things were asked, without answers.
With the mod installed if you use ANY process to age up, the teen will age to YA ("grow up", or the Maxis cake, or just letting them age-up by themselves).  If I use the "special cake" there is the option to "age to adult", but if I pick that, they have a sad memory of not going to college.
The NUMBERED items are issues that don't seem right to me:

1) I thought you would get the choice of NOT going to college, without any negative effect.

I have used it to have a group of teens in a regular hood lot, where they attend "college" as usual and graduate.  But if I want to speed it up, I click on the "apple", pick "Graduate".  A message pops up that says "1 hour before final exam" - they won't go by themselves, but WILL go if I send them.  It LOOKS like they are taking the freshman mid-term, but when they come back they will get the full graduation messages.
2) all her skills were maxed out.
3) got another  message "72 hours before you have to leave campus" - I could not find a way to END this.
NOTE: the job the Sim had as a teen stopped when they "went to college" (of course). During the "72 hour" period she could get a job, and had a car-pool; but under "Skills & Career" no job showed, only the normal college stuff. The next day the job had DISAPPEARED.
4) when the "72 hours" was up, got message "a taxi has arrived to take you home".  She was put in the BIN!
  NOTE: in the house that was specifically built as a college, where teens moved to (via a mod that allows teens to move out) they could age to adults without being yanked back to the bin.
5) moved her into another house; now she had THE SAME JOB she had as a teen, but at almost top level - even though she didn't have enough friends.

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« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 04:42:23 pm »

I'll do my best to answer each numbered item below:

1. This is a memory that, according to Squinge a few years ago at our old site, that's buried so deep inside the game code that it was not worth the trouble locating to alter it so that your teens won't get negative "Never Went To College" memories and mood hits. You can use SimPE to remove these memories from your newly aged adults.

2. I don't think the skills matter.

3. I got those messages too. It's part of the college system that you will have to get used to for now. Just X out the notifications when you get them.

The teens will lose their teen jobs upon becoming Young Adults. If you want them to have teen jobs, you need a mod to enable them to obtain the jobs and go to work. By design, YAs have enough on their plates to worry about jobs and bills. As long they get good grades, their scholarships will be enough to cover their tuition fees and whatever else they need.

4. This shouldn't happen. My YAs stayed home in their main hoods just fine. Did you play on a private home in the Uni hood or main hood?

5. Sounds like she's messed up somehow. Delete her and reload the lot (be careful doing this. Make sure there is another Sim on the lot in case).

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« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2013, 02:22:20 pm »

Thank you for your reply. Re # 3: it wasn't the message that bothered me, but the fact that she had to dally around for "72 hours" before she became an adult.
#4 This was a regular residential lot in a main hood,  where a bunch of young adults were "in college", each with their own "apple" to start/stop etc.
Actually, since she was moved to the bin, she has been put in another house.

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