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Author Topic: A request to convert an outfit from Maxis size to Warlokk's CPU size.  (Read 2564 times)
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« on: May 06, 2014, 06:45:59 pm »

I came across this egyptian themed Sim, Isis, in MTS and found her outfit to be absolutely gorgeous.

As my knowledge of meshing and texturing is zilch, I would like to humbly request (beg?) for someone to convert the mesh from the Maxis default size to Warlokk's Classic Pin Up size.
Thanks for any help.

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« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 11:18:27 pm »

If you are comfortable in BodyShop exporting the original dress and then copying the files from that export into a different BodyShop project, then you can do this easily yourself.

Just a couple of weeks ago Snarf created a brand new mesh - ClassicPinupAlphaDressMultishoeTwoMESH. Converting this outfit to that new mesh (using the barefoot shoe option from Snarf's mesh) is a straight conversion. The BodyShop file names are identical. No remeshing or retexturing is required, just copying six bmp files from one BodyShop project and replacing them in another BodyShop project is all it takes.

The CPU's bigger hip size, however, makes a couple of flaws in the original more noticeable. One is that the front and back panels of the dress don't actually meet and, when converted, the gap along the hip bone while small on the Maxis version is much larger on the CPU version. The other is that the dress actually "floats" above the skin, not actually touching the Sim. Again using Snarf's new mesh, that gap between Sim and dress is much more obvious.

Should you want to try it yourself, Snarf's mesh is located in his section - Snarf's Shenanigans - at BackAlleySims. BAS is an adult site (registration required) so I can't post a link to it here.


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