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Author Topic: Monique's Computers (All Versions)  (Read 8090 times)
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« on: March 26, 2015, 04:56:37 pm »

Hello, this is a special notice to players using Monique's computers from either this section or from MTS. I realize this came at a time when people could have used information regarding the error that's generated from when the player has Monique's computer mod installed. But it is better to find out now than to Google to scour every thread on how to fix the problem with this particular mod right?

So, without further ado..

If your Sim throws an error, and you open that log to see these errors in bold:

Object id: 141
name: N004_User00093 - Shea
Stack size: 9
Error: Missing neighbor for data access.
Iterations: 1
  Frame 8:
    Stack Object id: 806
    Stack Object name: N004_User00112 - Kyle
    Node: 4
    Tree: id 4100 name 'Interaction - Check ME - TEST' version -32757
    from MQ_SimsWAController
    Prim state: 0
    Params: 141    Locals: 0 287
  Frame 7:
    Stack Object id: 287
    Stack Object name: MQ_SimsWA_Controller
    Node: 2
    Tree: id 4098 name 'CT - Object Menu' version 12
    from MQ_SimsWAController
    Prim state: 0
    Params: 141 0    Locals: 0 0 0 0

This problem is related to one of the files that came with Monique's computer mod (doesn't matter if you got it here or from MTS): MQ_Computer_Global_Sims_Controller

The best solution to resolve?

Just remove MQ_Computer_Global_Sims_Controller from the folder you put the MQ computer mod in.

AncientHighway, me, BoilingOil and a few others tried to resolve the problem with this particular file because of how it's constructed. I couldn't find anything logically wrong in the file so I didn't know what else to do with it until last week when I came across a thread on a site I normally don't visit. There was a discussion on this particular file affecting Sims' pie menus and the custom neighborhoods. I didn't have this problem when I played pre-made neighborhoods such as Veronaville, Strangetown, etc back when I first started playing Sims 2.

Have fun playing Sims 2!  Grin

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