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Author Topic: [Comics] [Fables] Boy Blue  (Read 2058 times)
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« on: January 14, 2017, 04:21:21 pm »

I'm not sure where comic book characters are supposed to be posted, if in celebrities or in hunks (as he is a guy) so I'm posting here in the general one. So if I'm wrong I would appreciate if some mod direct me to the right category.

Published by Vertigo, a subsidiary of DC Comics, the comic imprint Fables is a multi-Eisner Awards-winning series that ran from 2002 to 2015 and now got a sequel, called Everafter. Eventually it also spawned some spin-offs (Fairest, Jack of Fables, Cinderella mini-series) and a video-game by Telltale called The Wolf Among Us.

The Fables, which is what they call themselves collectively, are a community of fairy tales beings who took refuge in our world after a merciless tyrant known as the Adversary started his campaign to conquer all the realms, enslaving and killing everybody on his way. Exiled in the heart of New York City, they hide in plain sight from the mundane as trying to live their already troubled lives as trying not to draw attention to themselves and adapt to our world.

I just love this series, and I decided I had to have them on my Sims. I'm going to start by sharing one of the most beloved character from the comics: Boy Blue

Boy Blue is the subject of the English nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue”. Forced to watch as the final Fables garrison was slaughtered to give the last refugees time to escape the Homelands. Boy Blue carries a terrible guilt and a fierce determination to prove himself (along with a blue-themed wardrobe and a horn on which ho only ever plays the blues), He’s also agonizingly in love with Little Red Riding Hood. A capable assistant to Snow during her term in Fabletown administration, he covertly plans to take certain magical items from the Fables’ arsenal on a mission to the Homelands, and he almost pulls it off. His Witching Cloak makes him nearly invulnerable, and his Vorpal Blade strikes down the Emperor but the Snow Queen catches him and Boy Blue survives by tricking Pinocchio into returning the Witching Cloak to him, and using it to return to Fabletown. He brings with him enormous amounts of intelligence about the situation in the Homelands but he is banished to the Farm for unauthorized use of magical items.

(Info from The Vertigo Encyclopedia (2008), most spoilers removed)

The outfit is inspired by the one he wears in Fables #15, but I incorporated the hoodie as a nod to the witching cloak from his later adventures.

Needed Meshes:

It comes with two different options for the shoes: red or blue

> Download the clothes here

I've checked the authors for TOS but as I couldn't find any I'm assuming they are alright with redistributing their work as long I credit them. If it's not the case, please let me know so I'll remove it from the download.

> Download the Sim

This file includes all needed meshes, textures, face and hair. The only thing not included is the blue sneakers version. Install with the Sims2Pack Clean Installer, as usual.

* PreviewBoyBlue.jpg (57.34 KB, 280x300 - viewed 6639 times.)
* Sinmenon - TS2 - Boy (3925.15 KB - downloaded 110 times.)
* Sinmenon - TS2 - Boy Blue (1507.03 KB - downloaded 102 times.)

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