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Author Topic: Sim Suburb Gossip  (Read 15039 times)
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« on: June 03, 2006, 01:23:16 pm »

I've decided to post the journals of my Sims lives here.  Hopefully a few people will enjoy it.  I take pictures in the game too, but I probably won't put them here unless someone asks for something specific (time and bandwidth issues).  The Gossip is recorded on my handheld PC while I play the game, so there are a few typos.  I give all of my households equal playing time to keep them in sync, which usually consists of playing each household for three days, round-robin style.  University households are usually played for two semesters at a time, which I have declared equivalent to two days for the rest of the Sims universe.    Each segment of the Gossip is labeled with a number (which increments for each playing session, i.e. when I load a family, and resets every 3 sim days or SSG volume) the household name, a generation suffix (to distinguish between different households of the same larger family) and the starting and ending dates (week number and day letter) of the playing session.  Also note that I didn't start journalling until the end of Week 2.

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« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2006, 01:58:40 pm »

The first few entries, I didn't think to introduce my characters, so I'll insert those now. Note: Pictures for this volume can be found in Post #4.

Sim Suburb Gossip
Volume One

1. Suburb Boys '14 3M-3W
*This University household consists of twins Aaron and Erin Twain, and Aaron's two highschool boyfriends, Ricky Cormier and Jake Sampson, who were also boyfriends with each other at that time.  While Aaron and Jake are gay, I decided to play Ricky as bi.
Ricky proposes to dormie Caryl, rejected.  To spite, finds hot guy Brandon and flirts w him in front of her.  She gets mad, but Ricky doesn't really like B anyway, so tries to win C back; no success yet.  Meanwhile, Brandon really likes Jake, who may soon have to choose btwn him and bf Aaron.  Erin is still fishing for guys to date.  This all happened Fr2 and So1 semesters.

2. Black family 1A 2N-3W
*The Black family (yes, they're black, but they're not the *only* sims who are) consists of parents Jack and Janet, their teenage son Taye, and fat younger daughter Kimesha.  Before Erin Twain went to college, she and Taye were dating.
Taye invites Erin Twain over to visit, and she brings along Brandon Walton.  Taye isn't quite sure how to entertain college students though.  Kimesha becomes a teen on Monday.  Jack is promoted to Lieutenant on Wednesday.  Janet studies cooking at home.

3. Smith Family 2A 3M-3R
*You might say this is the family of protagonists.  At the very beginning, much of the game revolved around them, but as the population of Sim Suburb grew, the importance of this family lessened slightly.  John and Kelly (whose maiden name is also Smith; they were CAS'ed together along with their parents and a toddler) are the parents of Paul and Ben.  Ben was the first child born in Sim Suburb.  
John gets promoted to Soil Identifier on Monday.  Kelly is expecting a third baby.  Paul gets a job as Waterboy on tuesday.  Ben gets his first A+ on tuesday.  Some home expansion is needed to accomodate the growing family.  New baby Raymond is born on Wednesday evening.

4. Spelling Family 1A 3M-3R
*Here is where I started writing brief introductions into families' first entries.
Triplet boys Alex, Brandon and Cory become teens on monday.  Dad Larry is promoted to President of his company on tuesday.  Mom Erin works on novel by day, "imports ordinary merchandise" at night.

5. Sky Family 1A 3M-3W
*They're hippies.  
Dad Sunshine is getting better at painting, and sells his first §100 piece on monday.  The sale of art supports his common-law wife, Meadow, and their teen kids Happy and Pony.

6. Bannon Family 2A 3M-3R
Single man Roy uses his monday and tuesday off from his job as a Host to get closer to his girlfriend, Judith Weaver.  He even puts on a few pounds because she says she likes that.  They finally connect with their first kiss after waking up together wednesday morning. At work that day, Roy is re-assigned to a new job as Waiter.  Wednesday night, he proposes to Judith and she says yes!  The wedding is planned for saturday at Roy's place.

7. Bannon Family 2B 3M-3R
Rachel Bannon is a science teacher who lives alone, but has recently discovered a romantic interest in Jerry Weaver.  (Vid's note: That makes two couples of J Weaver and R Bannon.  I originally wanted Jerry to hook up with Rachel Newburg.  When she arrived at the Weaver house, however, she brought the other Rachel with her, and Jerry got along better with Rachel Bannon.)  On tuesday, Rachel is promoted to Project Leader.  Jerry spent wednesday evening at Rachel's, and stayed overnight but skipped out early Thursday morning. Rachel has thurs. off, so she stays home and re-connects with her other friends.

8. West Coast Girls 3T-3R
Candice Belkin is a psych major.  She has a girlfriend named Jaiden who lives in the same dorm.  She came to Sim State U from the west coast with her friends Laura Lane, a drama major, Megan Kennedy, taking econ classes, and Wendy Olsen, who majors in history.  During their sophomore year, they make some new friends, and become closer to each other.  Candice and Jaiden are doing great together, but the other girls aren't so lucky.  Still, all four girls finish the year on the Dean's List.

9. Twain Family 1A 3T-3F
Jeremy and Brandi Twain have a new baby, Marcus, to take care of.  Their other children, Aaron and Erin, have gone to college already.  Jeremy makes a ridiculous salary finding water with a stick, and Brandi sells great paintings, so they're covered financially.  On tuesday, Marcus becomes a toddler.  He starts to learn about walking, and using the potty, and he really likes the shapes toy.

10. Fishburg Family 2A 3T-3F
*Karen is John Smith's sister.
Drew and Karen have a new baby, Lexington, to take care of.  Nobody has a job (Drew got fired recently) but they have a lot of cash inherited from their parents.  On tuesday, Drew gets a job as a Party DJ.  That night, Lex becomes a toddler. Thursday, he figures out walking and talking, and he masters the potty on friday morning.

11. Wonder Family 1A 3T-3F
*Some more backstory here: Zelda and Brock Sampson were once married, and had a son Jake, but it didn't last.  Brock moved out to live with a rich athlete named Joey Wonder, and then got his own place after a few promotions in the military.  Almost immediately after that, Joey got a new place with Zelda, with whom he'd developed a romantic relationship.  Jake had already gone to college at this point.  That's about where the Gossip picks up.
Joey and Zelda habe a big house and no children.  Zelda wants kids, but at the moment they are focusing on their careers.  Wednesday night, Zelda is promoted to Fashion Photographer.  Thursday morning, it looks like Zelda is pregnant, so she asks Joey to marry her. They both have the day off, so they get a marriage license that day, without ceremony.

12. Suburb Boys '14 3W-3F
Erin is feeling down, so she throws a sports party.  Meanwhile, Aaron makes friends with Brandon, and Ricky continues to apologize to Caryl.  At the end of sophomore year, the group moves into their own house, inviting Caryl and Brandon to join them.  The six of them spend much of the semester adjusting to a lifestyle that is, surprisingly, about as hectic as the dorm!  By the time they're halfway through junior year, however, everyone's doing fine.  Caryl isn't mad at Ricky anymore, and Brandon has come to accept that his really hot friends Jake and Aaron won't be splitting up any time soon, leaving him and Erin without boyfriends for the forseeable future.

13. Smith Family 1A 3W-3S
*Greg is John Smith's father (I think).  His wife died a while ago.
Greg Smith is getting up there in years, so he lives for each day.  Going to the park to flirt with younger women, hanging ou with his grandsons -- but not at the same time, mind you.  

14. King Family 1A 3W-3F
*Alexis is Drew Fishburg's sister.
Alexis works at a restaurant and Ronald is a star on Broadway.  Berjes, their recently-adopted teenage son, is an A+ student.  Wednesday night, Alexis is promoted to Executive Chef.

15. Newburg Family 2A 3W-3S
Rachel is a junior exec, and her brother Dillon is in the vice sqad.  They're both single.  Dillon uses much of his wednesday off to build a relationship with Jane Weaver.  Thursday, Rachel is promoted to Executive.  Friday, Dillon proposes, and the wedding is planned for the next day. On the big day, Dillon calls in sick and invites the guests...

16. Black Family 1A 3W-3S
Jack and Janet want another kid, so they try to conceive on wednesday afternoon.  Berjes King drops by for the evening and spends some time with Kimesha and Taye.  The next few days, Jack works out, Taye and Kimesha do homewrk and keep up with friends, and Janet eats and sleeps for two.  

17. Bannon Family 1A 3W-3S
*Race is Rachel and Roy's father.  Their mother is long deceased.
Thursday as Berjes King was walking by, Race invited him in for a snack.  While trying to make crepes suzette, he set himself on fire! Fortunately, a fireman extinguished him.  

18. Sky Family 1A 3W-3S
Wednesday, Meadow sets the kitchen on fire while trying to make pancakes, but she is able to put the fire out herself.  

19. Weaver Family 1A 3W-3S
*This family was created primarily to introduce a strong strain of attractive genetics into Sim Suburb.  
John and Martha Weaver are old enough to retire, but they are both too close to their lifelong goals to quit now.  Their three adult children, however, have never had jobs.  Daughters Jane and Judith are going to be married soon, and might never have careers.  Son Jerry just doesn't seem motivated.  Thursday, Martha misses the carpool, so she calls in sick.  Later, Jerry's girlfriend, Rachel Bannon, moves in with the Weavers.  They get married immediately and with no ceremony, partly because they don't care much for parties, and partly because Jerry wanted to get married before his sisters.  Friday, everything is crazy.  Family members and guests are constantly coming and going, the phone rings non-stop, the fridge needs re-stocking, the shower is broken, you name it.  

20. Sampson 1B 3W-3S
Wednesday evening Brock throws a party, and a cop comes to break it up.  Brock had fun, though.  When not serving Sim Nation as a general or throwing wild parties, Brock likes to hang out with a friend or two, or just watch TV.  

--End of Volume 1
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« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2006, 04:44:53 pm »

Eeep! Too much writing man! Try some pix to get people interested.
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« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2006, 08:55:06 am »

The Spelling boys when they were younger.
Happy and Pony Sky, sunbathing.
Erin Twain and Brandon Walton visiting Taye and Kimesha Black.
Expanding the Smith house.
Roy Bannon proposing to Judith Weaver.
The Twains and their son Marcus
Jerry Weaver proposing to Rachel Bannon.
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« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2006, 02:01:08 pm »

1. West Coast Girls 3R-3S
At the beginning of junior year, the girls focus primarily on their studies. As the semester progresses and they gain confidence in their new classes, the girls' priorities shift to their social lives.  Wendy makes an effort to get to know this guy named Chuck Cody.  Halfway through the year, they begin a sorority: Cham Var Cham.  Actually, "sorority" might not be the right word, since the first two pledges are boys.  Even with the distractions of beginning a greek house, the girls all finished the year with A grades.

2. Smith Family 2A 3R-3N
Friday, Kelly throws a birthday party for Ben, who is becoming a teen.  Saturday, John is promoted to Rogue Botanist.  Late that night, Raymond became a toddler.  

3. Spelling Family 1A 3R-3N
Over thursday night, Erin achieves her lifetime goal of becoming a criminal mastermind... er, I mean, clever law-abiding citizen.  Friday night, Larry sets the stove on fire trying to cook spaghetti.  

4. Bannon Family 2A 3R-3N
Thursday, Roy gets promoted to Prep Cook.  Saturday morning, he and Judith Weaver get married.  They have a great party, and go off somewhere in a limo afterwards.  Based on their mood when they get back, they probably had lots of woohoo.  They then spend the afternoon in the bedroom, having lots and lots of woohoo.  When night comes, they take the new minivan for a spin, and have lots and lots and lots of woohoo in it.  Sunday morning, Judith throws up.
[attach]22000[/attach] [attach]22001[/attach]

5. Suburb Boys '14 3F-3N
It's business as usual with the Class Of '14 from Sim Suburb.  It's late in Junior Year, and things are hectic.  Six students who are in the house nearly all the time, things can get crazy.  But they manage to keep up with their studies. Right before junior finals, some jerk in a clown costume flirts with Aaron, and Jake gets furious.  Everybody finishes the year with A's; Jake, Brandon, Aaron and Erin all make Dean's List. Until Jake cools down, Aaron takes Brandon's bed and Jake shares his bed with Brandon.
First half of senior year is more business as usual.  Erin remembers she has a game simulator from her teen years, so there's another source of fun for the house.  Ricky seems to get his sleep schedule and other needs messed up, so he's in a bad mood a lot and has more trouble in class than usual.  At midterms, everybody makes Dean's List except for Ricky, who manages an A- after a LOT of cramming.  

6. Twain Family 1A 3F-4M
Early friday morning, Marcus mastered his potty training.  Saturday, he learns to walk and talk, and becomes a Child.  Saturday and Sunday, Brandi and Jeremy improve their friendships with Rachel and Jane Newburg.  Jeremy becomes an elder on Sunday.

7. Fishburg Family 2A 3F-4M
Lexington becomes a child on saturday.  Drew gets promoted twice in two days, to Home Video Editor.  

8. Newburg Family 2A 3S-4M
Dillon's breakfast wedding party is great, except for Meadow Sky throwing up a lot.  He and New wife Jane have a nice honeymoon, while Rachel cleans up. By monday morning, Jane appears to be pregnant.

9. King Family 2A 3F-4M
Saturday morning, Berjes gets an early start with clothes shopping, then invites Paul Smith over.  Alexis makes an unfortunate business decision and gets fired from her job as a chef.  Thanks to cash inherited  from Ron and Alexis' parents, plus Ron's sizeable Broadway paycheck, the family moves to a bigger house on Monday.  

10. Wonder Family 1A 3F-3N
Joey is promoted on friday to Assistant Coach.  Saturday morning, Zelda gives birth to baby boy Xandir.
11. Cham Var Cham House 3S-4M
The girls have a great toga/pool party, but the pledge boys are no-where to be found.  They consider closing the sorority when tjey graduate.  Then, one of the pledged named Chuck shows up and claims his membership, but things turn ughy when Jaiden flirts with a transient cheerleader.  Apparently, their relationship has had some latent problems for a while.  Wendy seems to like Chuck, so she asks him to move in almost right away.
Halfway through Senior year, Megan asks her friend Justin to join Cham Var Cham, but he's too busy flirting with her to let her ask!  
All the girls graduate with honors.  Considering how much they put into Cham Var Cham, they took nearly every last cent of the house cash.  Trust me, they need it.  
Left behind is Chuck Kody, a junuir literature majro, Justin McArthur, a sophomore physics major, and Shea Sims, sophomore philosophy major.

12. Smith Family 1A 3S-4T
Gregory invites his grandsons Paul and Ben to visit, but he dies before they get there.  May he rest in peace.

13. Black Family 1A 3S-4T
Saturday, Kimesha invites Berjes King over for a date.  Things go pretty well, and Berjes stays all day to visit with the family.  Baby boy Darnell is born saturday evening.  Monday, Jack is promoted to SWAT Leader.

14. Bannon Family 1A 3S-4T
Race spends a day surrounded by younger women: Meadow Sky and Janet Black; his maid, Kaylynn; and his dauhter-in-law Judith. Sunday night, Race had woohoo with Kaylynn.  Kaylynn came to visit again on monday, leading to more woohoo.  Race died of old age early tuesday morning.  Before departing, Death watched Race's TV for a while.

15. Sky Family 1A 3S-4T
Saturday night, Happy has a cooking fire.  Pony extinguishes it.  Sunday, Happy moves to college.  Pony decides to take a job as a Paintball Attendant, for reasons he doesn't entirely understand.  Could it be that earning a paycheck from "The Man" is a form of rebellion against his hippie artist father?  Did I mention Meadow is pregnant?  She and Sunshine were quite young when they had Happy and Pony, you know.  Baby boy Angel is born early Monday morning.  

16. Sampson 1B 3S-4T
Saturday morning, Brock invites his son Jake over to visit. Later, he becomes an elder, and immediately begins telling Jake he should be more active and stuff.  Sunday, Brock officially retires from his military career.  Judith Bannon has a tendency to visit unannounced, but that doesn't bother Brock.  

17. Weaver Family 1A 3S-4T
John and Martha are only a couple of connections shor  of achieving their lifelong career goals.  Their son Jerry, on the other hand, is planning to be a stay-at-home dad while his wife Rachel focuses on her career in science.  Saturday night, a burglar strikes!  Fortunately, he is caught before he can steal anything.Thanks to new friendships with Brandi Twain and Brandon Spelling, Martha gets promoted to Celebrity Chef on sunday.  Monday, Ron King visits to get to know Martha better. Early tuesday morning, Rachel has twins!  Both are boys, and they are named Marty and Greg.
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« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2006, 05:05:48 am »

1. Sim Suburb '17 3N-4M
Paul Smith, Happy Sky, and Taye Black arrive on campus and the first thing they do is buy some new clothes. Then, after getting used to their new environments, they declare majors.  Happy is an art major, Paul studies economics, and Taye majors in philosophy. Finding himself with some free time, Taye looks for romance.  He doesn't have to look far; as he rekindles things with his high school girlfriend Erin Twain, he's also got his eyes on dormmate Happy Sky.  
Just as it's beginning to look like Happy and Taye have a future as a couple, Taye whistles at dormie Lydia and Happy blows up at him.  At midterms, everyone is off to a good start, making Dean's List.

2. Suburb Boys '14 / Walton Family 1A 3N-4T
In the final semester of their college careers, the group puts studying at top priority.  Jake has forgiven Aaron for the flirting incident.  Erin's high school sweetheart Taye Black has come to campus, but she's not going out of her way to see him.  Not that she has to; his dorm is right next to the '14 house.  Just before finals, Aaron gets in a shouting match with some guy in a llama costume.  Everybody makes Dean's List except for Aaron with an A and Caryl with an A-.  
The job search begins as soon as everyone's stuff is unpacked at the new house in Sim Suburb.  Afterall, a new house costs a lot of simoleons, and the group is broke.  
Rather than go for the slacker's career path, Jake is surprisingly qualified for a job as a cartoon voice.  Caryl fiils an empty seat on City Council in a special election with an apathetic voter turnout. Brandon is drafted to a minor league rugby team from somewhere on the far side of Sim City.  Taye Black comes to visit and his relationship with Erin seems to really take off.  Aaron and Erin remember the extra money their parents had them store away, so suddenly there's cash to finish decorating the house and to buy everyone new clothes. By mid-Tuesday, everyone's pretty much settled in.

3. Sim Suburb '17 4M-4T
The class of '17 seems to have a head start on the skills needed for their second semester, so the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed.  Taye invites Erin (who just graduated) to visit.  Happy makes herself familiar with dormie Shane.  Turns out, he doesn't like girls who wear makeup, which is perfect, considering she refuses to put on any.  Towards the end of the year, they have an in-dorm date, leading up to thier first kiss!  Paul courts dormie Melissa, and their relationship is just beginning to bloom.  Everyone makes Dean's List at the end of freshman year.

4. Smith Family 2A 3N-4W
Baby girl Donna is born early Monday morning.  A bit later that day, Raymond surprises John with his speaking skills; he's been practicing with brother Ben.  That afternoon, Berjes King comes home from school with Ben.  Tuesday morning, Ray masters potty training.  John has the day off, so he can help Kelly take care of the kids.  That evening, Ray gets the hang of walking.
[attach]26835[/attach] [attach]26836[/attach]

5. Logan Family 1A 4M-4W
This newlywed couple, Roger and Jasmine, have just moved to Sim Suburb to start new lives -- complete with new names.  They met in SimCity and quickly found that their desire to leave their pasts behind was just one of many things they had in common.  With no in-laws, could this be a perfect marriage?
Their new home, which was formerly owned by John Smith's parents and therefore full of cheap furniture, is quickly warmed with a visit from Kelly Smith and the Twains.  Brandi and Roger hit it off, while Kelly and Jasmine become friends almost immediately.  Roger works as a golf caddy but is optimistic he'll be promoted soon.  

6. Spelling Family 1A 3N-4W
Larry invites his friends Karen Fishburg and Rachel Newburg over for a sunday visit.  Monday, Erin finds herself in a big empty house, so she orders the maid to serve some food and invites a Couple friends over for a party.  Larry comes home with news he's been promoted to CEO!  
Tuesday afternoon, Kimesha Black comes by.  Brandon wolf whistles at her, but is rejected cold.  Ouch.  

7. Bannon Family 2A 3N-4W
It looks like Judith is pregnant.  The Bannon's will need a bigge  house!  The move goes smoothly Monday morning.  Kelly Smith, Jeremy Twain, and Jasmine Logan stop by that day for a casual housewarming party. Tuesday, Roy hears that his father, Race, has died.  The money he inherits will help ensure Roy an Judith can provide what their child will need.
Baby girl Stacy is born tuesday night.  

8. Wonder Family 1A 3N-4W
Despite having little Xandir to care for, Zelda And Joey continue to focus on career needs, at times hiring a nanny.  Monday night, Zelda becomes an elder, and Xandir becomes a toddler.

9. Cham Var Cham 4M-4W
Chuck throws a sports party, during which Shea persuades Jill Livingston to pledge, then streaks around the house naked.  Next morning, Chuck and Justin invite over their girlfriends, Wendy and Megan.  Jill becomes a full member of the house. Shea asks her on a date, and  it couldn't have gone better!  They were up until almost dawn talking, dancing, and making out.  She moves in at midterms.  Later, Jill declares her major to be mathematics, and adjusts her schedule accordingly.  Towards the end of the semester, Jill seems surprisingly ready to woo pledge Nicholas Go.  If Shea finds out, things could get ugly.  Paul Smith comes by, and makes friends with Chuck over chess.  Just before the end of the year, Nicholas and Madeleine LeTourneau join the Cham Var Cham house.  They, along with Jill, are completing their freshman years, while Justin and Shea are half done with college, and Chuck is just beginning his senior year.

10. Belkin Family 1A 4M-4R
After unpacking all the group's stuff into their tiny new house in Sim Suburb, the former Cham Var Cham girls from the west coast start the job search.  Candice scores right away, landing a police patrol job she can start that evening.  Megan starts tuesday as an algae hunter; I guess it's better than nothing.  Laura and Wendy wait for more opportunities to come by.  Sunshine and Meadow Sky, along with Karen Fishburg, drop in to welcome the girls to the neighborhood.  Roy Bannon, who just happens to be walking by, is also invited inside for grilled cheese.
[attach]26848[/attach] [attach]26849[/attach]
Tuesday morning, Laura breaks into professional sports, based on her success at... whatever sport it is she played at Sim State.  Unfortunately, she won't get paid until thursday.  Wendy gets hired By the military in a low officer's position.  She starts Wednesday.  Laura invites Brandon Walton to visit, and Megan brings home John Smith from work.  After two days, Candice shows she is clearly overqualified for evening patrol, and is promoted to Desk Sergeant.  Her bonus money allows the girls to finish converting the one large bedroom into three smaller ones.  Wednesday, Candice buys a winning lottery scratch-off, allowing her to buy a 3-in-1 exercise machine, which each of the girls will find useful.  

11. Twain Family 1A 4M-4R
Monday night, Jeremy Twain is promoted.  Now he uses his psychic abilities to help the police. Tuesday, Marcus gets his first A+.  Brandi begins painting a portrait of Jeremy.  That evening, Brandi becomes an elder.  Wednesday, Brandi chats on the phone with friends she hasn't heard much from lately.  Erin came by to visit too, but spent most of the time jamming on the guitar in the basement.

12. Fishburg Family 2A 4M-4R
Monday night, the TV breaks, so Lexington plays on the Computer instead.  Drew calls to have it fixed.  Baby Boy Chad is born tuesday morning.  Some home expansion is needed; the Fishburgs can afford it, due to inheritances from their parents.  
[attach]26852[/attach] [attach]26853[/attach] [attach]26854[/attach]

13. King Family 2A 4M-4R
Monday, Alexis and Ronald apply to adopt more kids.  Jerry and John Weaver, and Jane (Weaver) Newburg come by for housewarming.  Tuesday morning, a little boy arrives at the King house, whose name just happens to be Berjes, just like his new older brother.  Apparently, while nobody was watching, John Weaver died in the pool last night.  We're not sure if he drowned, or if age caught up with him, but he's definitely dead.  Wednesday, a toddler boy named Serdar is delivered.  Ronald spends most of Wednesday afternoon and night working out.  He needs to be in top shape to move up in the world of show business.

14. Newburg Family 2A 4M-4R
Monday, Rachel is promoted to Senior Manager.  Tuesday, Larry Spelling accompanies her after work.  Wednesday morning, Jane gives birth to boy Vincent.  Later that day, Rachel is promoted to Vice President.  

15. Sim Suburb '17 4T-4R
Paul takes some time out from studying early in the semester to get to know Suzanne Garth.  Happy works on her painting skills a lot.  Taye works out more than he needs to.  Nearing halfway through sophomore year, Happy has a dream date with Shane GilsCarbo, which ends in woohoo.  Everybody finishes the semester on Dean's List.  After exams, Taye starts putting the moves on Hapoy, and she starts to fall for him, despite the fact that he cheated on her before.    Taye and Happy have an in-dorm date which, despite Shane discovering what was going on, went spectacularly.  They have woohoo in Happy's room.  Nothing else really happens this semester.  Taye and Happy finish with A+'s and Paul getss a B+. Halfway through college, they rent a house on the edge of campus.

16. Black Family 1A 4T-4F
Tuesday mornong, Kimesha missed the bus and Jack had to drive her to school.  Later, she comes home with a classmate, Suzie Monif.  That evening, Jack and Janet become elders, and Darnell becomes a toddler.  Wednesday afternoon, a satelite falls on Kimesha while she is watching clouds.  Janet beggs the grim reaper not to take her daughter and, after correctly guessing which hand Kimesha's soul was in, got her back.  Darnell learns to walk early thursday Morning.  That day, Jack officially retires from his job on the SWAT team.  Thursday night, Kimesha sneaks out with Berjes King.  Despite the whole family being up all night, she isn't caught.  

17. Sky Family 1A 4T-4F
Baby Angel becomes a toddler on wednesday.  Pony is having difficulty balancing school and work.  He misses the carpool because he has too much homework to do.  Thursday night, Sunshine sets the stove on fire trying to cook a TV Dinner.  (It's not that hard, Sunny!)  While he grabs the fire extinguisher, Meadow calls the fire department.  

18. Walton Family 1A 4T-4F
Tuesday night, Aaron proses to Jake.  The wedding will be thursday morning.  Wednesday morning, there's no food, so everyone has pizza for breakfast.  Erin is hired as a Junior Executive, and Ricky takes a job editing people's home videos.  Somebody accidentally ordered more groceries than the house could afford, so the grocery guy took a bench from the back yard as payment.  Aaron's cooking skill lands him a job as Executive Chef.  That afternoon, Caryl is promoted to State Assemblyperson.  
The wedding party goes off without a hitch, and everyone has a great time.  Thursday afternoon, Erin is promoted to Executive.  

19. Weaver Family 1A 4T-4F
Tragically, John died with his lifelong goal of becoming a mad scientist within easy reach.  But life goes on.  The Weaver house is more alive than it has been in ages, thanks to the newborn twins Marty and Greg.  
Wednesday, it looks like Rachel is pregnant again.  The twins become toddlers on thursday.  Rachel has some trouble keeping up with her needs and passes out, which takes a severe toll on her self-esteem.  Late thursday night, Martha sells a great novel for §2,701.  She decides to retire from her job as a Celebrity Chef.  

20. Sampson Family 1B 4T-4F
Tuesday, Jake drops in for a Visit.  Wednesday, Brock gets to know Amin Sims, and Ron King also visits.  Thursday, Brock calls a few people on the phone, including Amin.

That's it for Volume 3.  Keep watching here for updates!
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« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2006, 05:05:47 am »

Is anyone reading this?  Do you have a favorite character?  Are you wondering why there seems to be so much nudity?  (Admins: if it's a problem I'll remove them, but some of my sims have nudist tendencies...)

Anything you'd like to see in the future of Sim Suburb?  (As of this posting, I haven't played beyond what you've read here...)

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« Reply #7 on: July 19, 2006, 09:27:38 am »

Hey. I read it. It's good. It must have taken you ages to do. And yes...what's up with the nudity! Smiley Good work, though!

A Home For Baby- 4th Place
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« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2006, 03:19:59 am »

Quote from: leanne27_h
Hey. I read it. It's good. It must have taken you ages to do. And yes...what's up with the nudity! Smiley Good work, though!

I'm glad somebody is enjoying it.  And it generally takes me a few weeks to play each household and complete a SSG volume, but that of course depends quite a bit on how much and how often I play The Sims.  I posted Volume 1 here when I was about halfway through playing Volume 3, which got posted just a couple of days after I finished it, and I haven't played much since then, but will be getting back to it very soon.  

As far as the nudity goes, well, clothes just don't seem like a universal necessity to me.  (Yes, I'm a nudist.)  So I got the nudist mod by Cammyboy (or is it Crammyboy?) available at or at .  And some of my families tend to go without clothes most of the time, especially smaller households.  The Sky family and their close neighbors the Blacks are pretty much naked whenever they can get away with it.  The Newburgs and the Fishburgs are also naked some of the time.  Most other families stay dressed most of the time.  Anyway, I'll always blur nudity in any snapshots I post here.  (The in-game censorship is disabled, partly because it never worked right for me anyway.)

I'd be playing Cham Var Cham right now, except the A/C is broken at my house, and running my own computer would make my room warm, which means it'd get hot in the morning when I need to sleep.  Funny thing about Cham Var Cham, I took several pictures of a pledge fighting (and losing to) the llama mascot, and I can't remember why...

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« Reply #9 on: August 07, 2006, 06:17:32 pm »

Think you know who all the sims are in the Sim Suburb Gossip logo?  Maybe you just love a challenge?  Well, here you go!
If you can name all 17 pictured sims correctly, I'll grant you one wish to influence what happens in Sim Suburb!  I'm fairly certain all 17 of them have also been pictured in the Sim Suburb Gossip thread, but some of the photos used in the logo are a bit older, so keep that in mind.

Good luck!
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« Reply #10 on: August 08, 2006, 02:19:38 pm »

omg im five away from being finished this is so hard

LAX is whats up.
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« Reply #11 on: August 14, 2006, 12:21:39 am »


And yes, you can use this for help naming the sims in the quiz.  (PM me with your guesses, even if you don't know all of them, and I'll tell you how many you've got right.)
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« Reply #12 on: August 14, 2006, 06:53:07 pm »

i did it but my comp froze and i was too niave to rewrite them , though i might start over

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« Reply #13 on: October 02, 2006, 08:28:41 am »

Sorry for the delay, but I took about a month off from playing The Sims.  I'm back at it now, and I've just completed Volume 4 of the Sim Suburb Gossip.  

Sim Suburb Gossip
Volume Four

1. Cham Var Cham 4W-4F
It's Chuck's senior year, and he really wants to graduate with honors, so he studies hard. Meanwhile, it looks like Nicholas might be challenging Shea for the attention of Jill, who has a romantic interest in both of them.  Chuck and Nicholas seem angry with each other.  I think something happened between them when Nick was pledging, but I don't remember.  
Halfway through the semester, Nicholas and Jill secretly have woohoo.  Or, at least, they think it's secret.  Shea must hear it through the floorboards or somet ing because he immediately knows, and runs upstairs to slap Jill around.  Less than an hour later, Shea has woohoo with Madeleine in the Very same bed.
Halfway through the year, Maddie gets a C+ on her semester exams, and declares Political Science as her major.  Shea also scores a C+.  Jill, Justin and Chuck make Dean's List.  Nick gets an A- and then declares Literature major.  Waiting so long to declare a major, he has a bit of catching up to do.  But before he goes back to the academic routine, he proposes to Jill.   She says yes, of course.
During the second half of the year, Justin sets a cooking fire while attempting chile con carne.  Chuck invites his girlfriend Wendy over, but some jerk in a cow costume flirted with her and Chuck just blew up.  By the end of the year, though, they're well on their way back to normal.  Maddie finishes her sophomore year with a C+.  Jill and Shea score A- on their exams.  Justin gets a B+ as he finishes his junior year.  Nick gets an A, and finally, Chuck gets an A+ and graduates Cum Laude.  

2. Smith Family 2A 4W-4S
Things are crazy as usual around the Smith house.  John stays home from work Wednesday to help take care of the kids.  Later that day, Raymond becomes a Child and Donna becomes a Toddler.  Thursday morning, Kelly teaches Donna to talk.  Later, Marcus Twain comes home to play with Ray.  
Friday morning, it looks like Kelly is pregnant again.  This will be her fifth child.  Friday night, John stays up way too late stargazing, and goes to work Saturday morning groggy.  

3. Logan Family 1A 4W-4S
Wednesday, Roger gets promoted to Gas Station Attendant.  Jerry Weaver comes to visit and makes friends with Jasmine.  Thursday morning, Roger comes home from work with a cold.  Jack Black is walking by, and Jasmine invites him in to watch TV.  Roger gets over his cold quickly.  Friday, Jasmine is pregnant.  Will the arrival of a new baby change the carefree lifestyle the Logans currently enjoy?  Saturday morning, Roger is promoted to Convenience Store Clerk.  He only has a few hours to sleep before starting his new workshift.  

4. Spelling Family 1A 4W-4S
Erin and Larry both have Wednesday off, so they take advantage of the empty house for romance.  The trio comes home from school, and they bring along Marsha Bruenig, who might have a future with Alex.  In fact, they have their first kiss today.  
The boys will be headed to college soon, so they apply for scholarships.  All three qualify for the SimCity Scholar Grant.  Cory also earns the Wright Genius Grant.  They celebrate with pizza.  (They were out of groceries anyway...)  
Thursday, the older Berjes King comes home with Cory to hang out. Larry practices his speech.  The boys do their homework.  Business as usual.  Brandon invites Taye Black to visit.  
Friday morning, the trio misses the school bus.  Erin drives them to school in her brand new sports car.  How they all fit inside, I have no idea.  After school, Cory invites Berjes over again.  Ben Smith also stops by.  When Larry comes home, he announces he's been made the head of a multinational conglomerate corporation.  To celebrate their career success, Larry and Erin buy the boys each a compact luxury car.  

5. Bannon Family 2A 4W-4S
Wednesday, Roy is promoted to Sous Chef.  Yea for Roy!  That night, he and Judith have some quality "alone time".  
Late friday night, Stacy becomes a toddler, and Judith appears to be pregnant again.  

6. Wonder Family 1A 4W-4S
Wednesday night, Joey becomes an elder.  Thursday, he continues his speech practice.  He really wants that promotion.  That night, he is cooking a simple TV dinner when the microwave bursts into flames.  He puts it out quickly, with the help of a firefighter.  
Joey is an old man.  His needs have been stressed from raising his son, Xandir, working towards his promotion, and now the cooking fire.  When his stepson (Zelda's son) Jake arrives for a visit, that visit has to be cut short.  Joey is just too tired.  
Early Friday morning, Xandir masters his potty training.  That evening, he becomes a child.  Joey goes out to buy him new clothes.  

7. Sim Suburb '17 4R-4S
Happy, Paul, and Taye settle into their new house quickly.  They can afford just enough furniture to live modestly while still keeping up with school.  Paul asks Suzanne Garth on a date, with ends with woohoo, engagement, and Suzanne moving in!  Happy dates a guy named Skyler, which kind of ticks off Taye.  The date turns out good, but certainly not the best she's had.  Halfway through junior year, Happy gets an A- on her exams.  Paul and Taye both score B+.  Suzanne, halfway through her sophomore year as a psychology major, scores an A+.
Halfway through the second semester, Erin Twain comes to visit Taye.  Also, Taye meets a girl named Debbie Zaidi who easily catches the attention of the boys in the house.  Unfortunately for her, neither Taye nor Paul want to screw up their current relationships.  Happy doesn't know what the boys see in Debbie.  Finishing the year, Happy gets an A+, Taye scores at a B+ level, and Paul and Suzanne both earn A-.  

8. Belkin Family 1A 4R-4N
Thursday, all the girls get up early in the morning and head to work in a good mood.  Wendy comes home first, after being proMoted to a position in counter-intelligence.  A bit later, Megan comes home with the news she's been promoted to Clam Wrangler, and Candice is promoted to the Vice Sqad.  Friday, recent college grad and Wendy's boyfriend Chuck Kody moves in, making the house even more crowded.  Megan, who previously shared a room with Wendy, is now sharing a smaller room with Laura.  Chuck and Wendy are moving into Candice's master bedroom, after making room for the double bed by moving the pool table into what was Wendy and Megan's room.  Theoretically, one more single bed could fit in there...  Anyway, Chuck immediately takes a job as an EMT -- for which he's quite overqualified -- but won't be able to start until Sunday.  When Laura comes home from work, she announces she's made the starting roster.  Candice also has good news, as she has been promoted to detective.  Saturday, while the girls are at work, Ben Smit  walks by and Chuck invites him in for a game of pool.  Laura nets §20K from a commercial sponsorship deal.  This is looking really good for the eventual splitting up of the house into independent families.  (Note: I use Pescado's no20khandouts mod, so the cash to start a new household has to come from somewhere -- commercial sponsorships, for example.)  Wendy comes home, and announces she's been promoted to Flight Officer.  Laura gains some fame as she is now considered an All Star.  Later in the afternoon, Rachel Newburg stops by.  

9. Fishburg Family 2A 4R-4N
Thursday afternoon, Lexington comes home from school with the younger Berjes King, who happens to be his cousin.  Late that night, Chad becomes a toddler.  Friday, Drew is promoted to freelance photographer, and Lex meets Marcus Twain and Xandir Wonder on the internet.  Later that night, Jeremy Twain and Ronald King stop by to meet Drew, presumably because of their children's new friendship.  Saturday morning, Karen teaches Chad to walk (he's almost got it) while Lex invites Berjes over and they play tag.  

10. King Family 2A 4R-4R
The younger Berjes gets his first A+ on Thursday.  He then spends some time on the phone getting to know Marcus Twain, while the older Berjes hangs out in the hot tub with Alex Spelling.  Late that night, Ronald works out for a few hours after work.  Then he notices Serdar is awake, so he spends the early morning with him.  Between Ron and Alexis, Serdar learns to talk by midday Friday.  That evening, Serdar masters the potty.  Saturday, the older Berjes decides to throw a big party.  After all, it's the weekend, and he's got a lot of friends.  Of course it went great.  There was dancing and mingling and pizza all over the first floor.  The guest list was:  Paul and Ben Smith, Happy Sky, the Spelling triplets, Marsha Bruenig, and of course Berjes's girlfriend Kimesha Black.  After the party, Serdar grows into a child.  Alexis goes out to buy him some new clothes. When Ron comes home late that night, he's broken into feature films as a leading man.  Way to go, Ron! Sunday morning, the older Berjes gathers up a few of his things and heads off to college!

11. Twain Family 1A 4R-4N
Thursday, Janet Black comes over to play cards with Brandi.  That night, Jeremy is promoted to UFO Investigator.  Friday, Brandi spends part of the day with Jerry Weaver.  Marcus invites Lexington Fishburg over to play after school.  Also, Aaron comes to visit.  Saturday, the family realizes they have a bit of extra cash, but no useable outdoor space.  To remedy this, they do some remodelling.  Not quite like bringing the outdoors in, but they get a swimming pool in the basement.  

12. Newburg Family 2A 4R-4N
Thursday morning, Jane calls a repairman to fix the shower.  Since Dillon and Rachel both work, she stays home to take care of baby Vincent.  Thanks to a job-related mishap involving some shady adversaries, Dillon needs to improve his physical fitness if he wants a promotion anytime soon.  Erin Twain comes home from work with Rachel.  Late that night, it appears Jane is pregnamt again.  Friday, Dillon comes home with Candice Belkin.  Camdice finds Rachel attractive.  That night, Vincent becomes a toddler.  Saturday night, Jane gives birth to baby girl Delila!

13. Cham Var Cham 4F-4N
Things are settling down a bit at the Cham Var Cham house.  Less jealousy, less fighting.  But Jill gets sick eating bad pizza.  She and Madelaine get A- on midterms, everyone else makes dean's list.  Later, the trash compactor breaks.  Justin fixes it in only two attempts.  At the end of the year, everyone makes Dean's List, except for Madelaine, who gets an A-.  Now that Shea and Justin have graduated, only three seniors remain in Cham Var Cham.  The greek house may close with them.  

14. Black Family 1A 4F-5M
Jack and Janet start their morning with a good woohoo.  And then a late breakfast.  But first, Darnell has to go potty!  It looks like he's learned enough to go by himself from now on.  Later in the day, he gets the hang of talking, too.  After coming home from school and taking a nap, Kimesha calls her brother Taye.  She'll be joining him at Sim State University very soon.  
Saturday, Ben Smith comes to visit.  That evening, Darnell becomes a child.  Sunday, Kimesha heads out for college.  Darnell eagerly goes to his first day of school on Monday.

15. Sky Family 1A 4F-5M
Friday morning, Pony skips school.  And it looks like Meadow is pregnant again.  Later, Pony invites Brandon Spelling over.  Saturday afternoon, Cory Spelling swipes the Sky family newspaper, but nobody even notices it's missing.  Sunday afternoon, Pony is pulled from his paintball job and put into Recruit Training Corps.  What has he gotten himself into?  He doesn't have much time to think about it, though, because very soon after, Angel becomes a child.  If that weren't enough, early Monday morning, Meadow gives birth to baby girl Rain.  

16. Walton Family 1A 4F-5M
The wee hours of Friday Morning find Aaron and Jake in mid-woohoo.  A few hours later, Erin is making breakfast before rushing to catch her early carpool.  Aaron, Brandon and Caryl are off to work soon after.  Ricky and Jake work today, too, but not until later.   After a business deal went bad, Aaron is fired.  Maybe cooking isn't his destiny.  Erin and Brandon come home with news they've been promoted to Senior Manager and Starter, respectively.  That evening, Jake announces he's been given a supporting role in a big-budget movie!  Unfortunately, he has a cold, which will make it difficult to adapt to his new late-evening work schedule.  Brandon spends all night working out to improve his game, powered by espresso.  Saturday morning, nobody bothers to put on clothes, so it's Naked Saturday (the natural extension of Casual Friday, you know!) at least for a little while.  Besides his video editing job, Ricky is starting to profit from his painting hobby, selling a piece for §112.  More good news is that Jake no longer feels sick.  That evening, Ricky proposes to Caryl, and she says yes this time!  They plan to have the wedding the next evening.  During the day Sunday, everyone pretty much just sits around, waiting for the wedding.  While at work, the groom comes to acquire §75,000 after a serendipitous choice of aesthetics.  The fates must be smiling on the couple-to-be!  Brandon is quickly becoming famous in the world of sports, as well.  The wedding party was fabulous and, did I mention Ricky is now paid more as a freelance photographer?  After the party, Ricky and Caryl pack up their things, because they're moving out in the morning.  When that's done, they decide to "break in" their new minivan by consumating their marriage in it.  Later in the morning, Brandon burns his breakfast, catching the whole stove on fire.  

17. Sampson Family 1B 4F-5M
Friday morning, Brock goes to the community pool.  There, he manages  to have a date with Marylena Hamilton, which goes well enough.  Sunday night, they have another date at Brock's house.  It turns out to be a spectacular evening ending in woohoo.  She doesn't stay quite long enough for breakfast, though.  

18. Weaver Family 1A 4F-5M
What's crazier than a guy, his mom, and his pregnant wife trying to raise two toddlers?  How about that guy, his mom, and his wife, trying to raise two toddlers and a newborn?  Baby girl Amy is born just after midnight Friday night.  The next morning, Rachel manages to make it in to work.  She's hoping for a promotion, which will make her vacation days more valuable.  Also, Ben Smith drops by for a visit (and probably a dip in the pool!)  Sunday, Rachel works again. I guess she's really devoted to science. She comes home with a promotion to Scholar.  

Photos will be posted soon.

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Where Are the Photos =O Huh?

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