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Author Topic: How do I delete the memories of a Sim?  (Read 9903 times)
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« on: July 19, 2006, 05:27:23 am »

The too many memories bug and other issues that arise due to memories require some judicious psychic surgery on a Sim from time to time.

Do not use this method until SimPE has been updated to include new EPs!  If you do not use this precaution, you may very well destroy your neighbourhood!

For this you will need The Sims 2 Package Editor (SimPE), Microsoft .NET
framework, and some patience.

Get SimPE here.

Get Microsoft .NET Framework here.

Get patience from here.

If you are on a Mac, you can't do this, if Quaxi had used Visual Basic 6 as
his programming language of choice things might have been different.

Step Zero in this and every tutorial for SimPE is: Back-up your neighbourhood before you tamper with the files.

01. Start SimPE

02. Click Tools >> Neighbourhood >> Neighbourhood Browser

03. Select the appropriate neighbourhood

04. let it load (may take a long time depending on the number of Sims in that neighbourhood and the amount of game play you do)

05. When it is done loading, click  Tools >> Neighbourhood >> Sim Browser

06. The Sim Browser interface will appear, scroll through the Sims on the left hand side until you locate the Sim you want to change, select that Sim and click OPEN

07. In the plug-in view (default) you will see an icon of a file cabinet with the label "more" - click it

08. A menu will appear - locate Open Memories - click it

09. The Memory editor will now open, delete to your heart's content, but it is very important you not delete the first memory.  It will have a label something like [invisible]Some Aspiration and there may be a 2nd one that has to be kept, it is labelled [invisible]Token - Sim - Initialized, everything else is safe to delete.

10. When you have deleted everything you want to delete click the COMMIT button and save the file.

11. Exit SimPE

Hope this explains it for you - Good Luck.

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