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Author Topic: A Work-around to Sim-created Paintings Reverting To Sunset Design problem  (Read 2457 times)
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« on: July 17, 2006, 11:03:58 pm »

I was intitially looking for someone to express an interest in what I have to present. I'm not sure if I was being unclear or if no one was really interested; but I've decided to go ahead with what I have to share because surely someone will appreciate it.
The problem:

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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2006, 11:06:15 pm »

As you can see in the above picture, paintings I created have lost their original artwork and have instead become the 'sunset' design.

It can also happen that your photographs lose their pictures too and you're left with a blue image instead.

What can you do about it?

If you have OFB there are now things you can do to ensure that even if a painting or photograph loses its content, you won't necessarily have lost it altogether.


Make backups.

If you have OFB, you can create a small lot, place your photographs and paintings there for sale. I even put a small wall up running the length of the lot. I added two cheap counters, a cash register and a phone.

Total price: around $4000 simoleans.

Distribute your photos/paintings along the wall.... use the price setting tool just to make them all for sale... touch each one to get them highlighted yellow.

Use your sim now to set price of type in the custom mode... type in the price you want them to sell for. Do this once for any paintings and once for any photos you have.

Make sure your business was closed for all this.

You don't want any other sims buying up your pics while your sim is there.

Send that sim home and exit and save that household.

Now you need another sim family to come BUY your photos/paintings.

Activate another family and send them on a shopping spree to buy all the pictures at that lot.

Now you have two families with the same pictures.

You can take this a step further and actually have a sim dedicated to doing nothing more than picking up pictures from little art lots in your neighborhoods to deposit into a central location... a museum if you'd like to call it that.

There are some basic rules you should follow to ensure that you never lose your art.

Paintings are especially touchy to losing their data so I will address this first.

Try always to sell art only in the same neighborhood it was created in. Transporting it from Pleasantview to Downtown, as an example, might appear to work ok, but the next time you load the game you could find that your painting has become a sunset.

If you have transported a copy this isn't such a big deal. If you transported the original you've just wasted a lot of your time for nothing.

Keep your original paintings local and this shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Each of my neighborhoods and subneighborhoods are getting their own central art 'museums'.

Photographs are heartier and should handle being transported, but it is still a better idea to have backups available 'just in case'.

I've had occassions where even after centralising my paintings, I came back to the game again to find I needed to replace some paintings in the museum.

I sent my collecting sim back around to the small art lots and replaced those paintings again. Eventually it settled down and the problem wasn't a problem anymore. The art in the museum was fine after a few times loading the game.

I should point out that even though the art in the museum had lost data, the art in the sims small art lots were fine... so I had the backups I needed.

If you enjoy sim-creating custom artwork for your game this should be a pretty handy way for you to ensure that your artwork is safe.

Not a complete fix; it's just a workaround. It's time consuming. The peace of mind I get from it makes it worthwhile to me.
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