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Author Topic: Post any of your sims!  (Read 129717 times)
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« Reply #420 on: October 15, 2008, 09:52:26 pm »



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« Reply #421 on: October 16, 2008, 03:55:43 pm »

For Lover's of Strangehood here is my Poly Technician's genetic remix.
I started out with Simpe-extracted Poly Technician elder download and played around I really like him a lot. Yeah Jennie's oldster hubby!
Picture this Poly Technician in his craft approaching the young town of Strangehood. He has his orders to stake out an average town and use his own DNA to create hybrid homosimeon's that will some day upgrade his own planet's degrading genetic pool.
Poly Technician 9.5 wants to pollinate your hood...

Body in craft

Here's a sweet little Oracle Witch that is my current favorite. Jonelle Sinclair run's Jonelle's Psychic Reading's shop in Bluewater. Isn't she cute? Well I like her anyway.

Body in Reading Room:
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You are then to say to him, "I am a child of humanity and I am from the Source."

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« Reply #422 on: October 17, 2008, 09:46:52 am »

here is Alexa(mommy) with Areisse(baby) when she borns,this is her first picture

the child in background is Diana,the medium sister of the baby,she haves 3 other brothers,one of them haves 2 babys(twins) and other is a pregnant girl
all my sims haves lots of childs when they become adults

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« Reply #423 on: October 17, 2008, 01:48:20 pm »

Quote from: danixnarutard14;1410310
xangelx peter is gorgeous

He was my favourite and would have been heir, but when my computer broke my game got deleted Sad
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« Reply #424 on: October 24, 2008, 02:53:06 pm »

Hi everyone!

I've never posted any pics before as I like taking them but they never turn out as good as I hoped, so please be kind Smiley

This is Veronica. She is my test sim for all my make up and new clothing etc. She's very generic looking but I think she's adorable and her regular features make her very versatile for trying out new looks.

I hope you like her.

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« Reply #425 on: November 01, 2008, 05:25:50 am »

Beatrice working as the DJ


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« Reply #426 on: November 05, 2008, 10:44:08 am »

I did a makeover on Don Lothario and Brandi Broke... i was really surprised with the result as i have crappy default sets.


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Is your sim starring in it?

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« Reply #427 on: November 06, 2008, 03:05:59 am »

A sim I made Heath sitting between his hot neighbors Kathy Frutti on the left and her roomate Kimberly formally a npc sim that she ask to move in with her.Kathy is engaged but she thinks Heath is hot.There is 3 bolts of chemistry with Heath and Kathy and 1 bolt with Kimberly.Kathy and Heath are constanly flirting with each other.Kathy is an in game born sim and is Angelina Carter's daughter a sim I made who is dating Heath.

To the last poster I love what you did with Brandy Broke she's looks so hot.

Angelina the sim on the right.The sim on the left is one of her in game born daughters she has 7.
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Apartment Life is the best sims 2 expansion pack ever

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« Reply #428 on: November 08, 2008, 12:52:47 pm »

hey soulofthesea, none of your pictures showed up. Its just a X

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« Reply #429 on: November 15, 2008, 02:21:20 am »

This is one of my vampire sims... He's really cute... His name is Alec Fordieux.

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