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Author Topic: More Oneway Doors  (Read 4386 times)
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« on: March 27, 2007, 06:26:16 am »

April 3:  I was just notified that I have failed to state my policies for including in uploaded lots.  Well the policy is very simple has only 3 basic points:
   1: As long as it is going to be a free download, upload as you wish.
   2: Please link back to the thread where you found the doors used.
   3: Last and most importantly Enjoy the game as much as possible.


I have managed to expand the oneway door selection a good bit by adding the doors from the following ep's and stuff pack:
         University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Glamour Life and Pets.

Each door is packed separately so you can pick and choose the ones you want to utilize in your neighborhoods.  

If you haven't looked at the previous set they are available here:

For this set I can't completely say which doors came with which ep or the glamour life pack since some of them seemed to be common between them when I extracted them with SimPe.

So for now the best I can say about the usage of them is if you don't have the original door from Maxis in your game, you probably will not be able to use a particular door.  

As far as my testing has shown all the original Maxis colors are available, as for recolors done for those doors I just don't know at this time since I don't have any on hand to test with.  CEP should of course be available just as a standard however in my opinion for the game anyway.

I have tried to keep both the doors and filenames as close to the original door name as I could, but I am kind of dumb at times so some won't match exactly in the naming I used.

Please let me know how you like them.  I will be adding each door here along with some pictures I took mainly utilizing one community lot building.  The single doors I setup as double doors in the pictures to show a possible usage for traffic control purposes.

The building I used is one I like for a car dealership for one of my sims.  Great income, but I can't upload or share that building even if asked.  I downloaded the original building from MTS2 and although its been totally gutted and changed its still not my work, so I won't share that lot.

I need to express a special thanks to Inge Jones for telling me that I could do these doors using her work as a  guideline.  I do admit I took one of her BHAV's since I had no idea of how to create it.
Also a special thanks to the creators of SimPe and CEP for such great tools.
An extra special thanks has to go to all the great folks who have encouraged me to do this and in the case of Kathy for one kept an eye on my doors for a while after my mother passed away.

And as always any mistakes are mine, not the people who told me I could do it and/or provided guidance along the way.  

Doc Holladay

Pictures reposted now so should show up properly in browsers.  If not each picture is included as a bmp format in the download files.


* doc nu prime door.rar (425.61 KB - downloaded 207 times.)
* doc luxurius door.rar (602.09 KB - downloaded 217 times.)
* doc mullionairedoor.rar (276.45 KB - downloaded 229 times.)
* doc freedom door.rar (262.98 KB - downloaded 202 times.)
* doc gonelegit.rar (451.56 KB - downloaded 214 times.)
* doc easyswing door.rar (379.15 KB - downloaded 219 times.)
* doc elegance door.rar (274.78 KB - downloaded 232 times.)
* doc cloudscene door.rar (180.59 KB - downloaded 230 times.)
* doc cloudscene double door.rar (186.27 KB - downloaded 224 times.)
* doc barelythere.rar (184.05 KB - downloaded 238 times.)

* doc Tallish Transom Door.JPG (21.86 KB, 400x300 - viewed 782 times.)

* doc storybook door.JPG (21.8 KB, 400x300 - viewed 746 times.)

* doc peace door.JPG (21.92 KB, 400x300 - viewed 716 times.)

* doc openme door.JPG (21.67 KB, 400x300 - viewed 727 times.)

* doc nu squared door.JPG (21.76 KB, 400x300 - viewed 704 times.)

* doc nu prime door.JPG (21.7 KB, 400x300 - viewed 713 times.)

* doc Mullionaire door.JPG (21.85 KB, 400x300 - viewed 702 times.)

* doc Luxurius door.JPG (21.66 KB, 400x300 - viewed 691 times.)

* doc gonelegit.JPG (14.12 KB, 400x300 - viewed 727 times.)

* doc Freedom door.JPG (21.69 KB, 400x300 - viewed 727 times.)

* doc easyswingdoor.JPG (21.77 KB, 400x300 - viewed 692 times.)

* doc Elegancedoor.JPG (21.81 KB, 400x300 - viewed 695 times.)

* doc Cloudscene door.JPG (21.7 KB, 400x300 - viewed 714 times.)

* doc Cloudscene double transom door.JPG (21.67 KB, 400x300 - viewed 691 times.)

* doc barely there door.JPG (21.64 KB, 400x300 - viewed 707 times.)
* doc nu squared door.rar (437.66 KB - downloaded 182 times.)
* doc openme door.rar (392.33 KB - downloaded 188 times.)
* doc peace door.rar (257.89 KB - downloaded 209 times.)
* doc storybook door.rar (302.91 KB - downloaded 209 times.)
* doc tallish transom door.rar (197.52 KB - downloaded 231 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2007, 05:15:42 pm »

Nice Job


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« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2007, 11:33:05 pm »

Very nice :icon_smi:
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