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Author Topic: Cell phone calls cost money  (Read 4012 times)
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« on: May 13, 2009, 05:53:14 pm »

OMG  Cell phone calls cost money

* Requires     : University
* Compatibility: The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Store Edition, FreeTime, Apartment Life, Mansion & Garden Stuff, all Stuff Packs
* Modifications: Semi-Global (affects all phones)
* Hack Version#: 1.0

Quick Info
* You must also download the following addon(s) for this hack to work correctly:



Instead of being free, cell phone usage will now cost Simoleons.  The amount charged can be a flat-rate fee for each call and/or be based on the total time spent on the call.  By default, the hack is configured to charge 1 Simoleon at the minimum per call with the total usage time added in as well.  The usage charge is set by default to 1 Simoleon for each 5 minutes spent on the call.

All cell phone calls will be affected by the hack, including both outgoing calls and incoming ones.  This hack will affect custom content cell phones as well, with the exception of the "Call Taxi" option while on a community lot.  You would need to ask the author of the custom phone (or fix it yourself) to import the "Interaction - Call Taxi For Go Home" function from my hack to get that "Call Taxi" option to be billable.

Due to massive changes in the phone system starting with the Pets Expansion pack, it seemed best to make 2 different editions of the hack.

Use PET-MG.RAR if you have at least one of these EPs/SPs:

Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Teen Style Stuff, Store Edition, FreeTime, Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, IKEA Home Stuff, Apartment Life, and/or Mansion & Garden Stuff

Use UNI-OFB.RAR if you do not have any of the packs listed above.

* Check out the readme.txt file for more information.

* cell_phone.jpg (165.93 KB, 600x600 - viewed 3420 times.)
* df_cell_phone_calls_cost_money.rar (8.23 KB - downloaded 311 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2009, 06:05:08 pm »

Thanks to Ailias for requesting this mod, or else I probably would not have done it.
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« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2009, 03:42:59 pm »

This is a very interesting idea. I do like the idea that Sims get charged for using their cell phones just like we do in real life.

Thank you for doing this one.


Okay, I have to ask a couple of questions. I noticed the mention of the two mods, df_game_edition_addon and df_globals_pack, in the OP and wondered if they are absolutely necessary in order to use the cell phone mod. Can this particular cell phone mod be a stand-alone mod or not?
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« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2009, 05:02:41 am »

Yes both of those addons are 100% required.  The code from them is use by this cell phone mod.  One of them is used to check which EPs are installed so the mod will run correctly on any EP.  The other one is what is used to debit the money for cell phone usage (it also allows the family funds to go into the negative if the Sim doesn't have enough money).

And yes, the cell phone mod could have been made "standalone" by including the 2 addons inside of it.  But it shouldn't be a big deal to install those 2 addons.  I am the author of all of them.  Even other people put out mods that contain multiple files, such as Inteenimater or Simlogical's Apartment Fixes.  Many of my mods requires either one or both of those addons.  They're perfectly safe.
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