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Author Topic: Hysteria  (Read 2529 times)
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« on: March 27, 2007, 04:51:41 pm »

Last Member of Infinity 8, my band of super-villains going up against all who oppose them; but especially DC for their two crappy post-Keaton bats! Like all gang, they all squabble over leadership. Hellfire even challenged Surge, pitting her fire against his might and electric bolts. But before any of them got into a scuffle, she arrived. When asking jokingly if she was from outer space, she replied, yes.

  "I parked in the dust storm at Roswell in the 30's when I saw what was make the dust. One beam of light later an I was aboard the flying saucer. My kidnappers we were about to leave orbit, when we were attacked. Before they crashed, they sent their cargo, including me, to an unknown world. Unfortunately, due to amount of damage the ship took, the atoms were scrambled. I arrived as I am in deep space, with full use of my brain thank to this alien computer which is now part of me. As for my power, I will give you a small demonstration. Catch me if you can."

  With those words, she rendered them helpless, moving at speeds that would dazzled the mind. Only Hellfire's shifting ability spared her from unconsciousness. The two appeared evenly matched until Hellfire aimed a direct shot to the jewel in the alien's forehead. An explosion blinded her. She shifted to space to shake it off. She gasped. There was no land anymore where Russia was. A voice spoke behind her. Her jaw dropped. Blazing a dark purple was Hysteria's true form. A creature as dark as space, yet luminescent and raging with a purple fire. It spoke in a commanding tone.

  "Unless you want we're fighting over completely destroyed, let's end this. For we are well matched."

  With a motion, she returned the land that was demolished and all its inhabitants, with no knowledge as to what happened. She then told her what fueled her circuits as warning.

  "Do not mess with dark energy."


  POWERS: Jaw-dropping strength (somewhere between Wonder-woman's and Superman's.
Hypersonic speed. (Mach 6 anyone?)
Alternate form: Can fire dark energy (See Big Bang that began the universe.)
  FIGHTING STYLE: Varied martial arts in human form
Dark energy in other.
SPECIALTY: Omnipotence?
WEAPON OF CHOICE: In human form: two fiery blades concocted out of unknown material (she creates them from her own body).
In alternate form: Dark energy blasts.
CREATED TO DESTROY: Everyone. Nice knowing ya DC

  All recolors by me. I'm done for awhile, off to enjoy Seasons Cheesy Till next time!

--thanks to marvine and Beosboxboy for their BB girl : underwear available on the InSIMinator @
--thanks to Flora For her Hair009 and recolor mesh which are both on XMsims @
--Thanks to Baroness Jade for her Chrome skin available on the Sapphire Sims2 @

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« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2007, 06:08:19 pm »

Nice Jb


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« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2007, 11:36:32 pm »

Very nice :icon_smi:
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