Sims only shows up in Body Shop not the game!!

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Gilysse - I know you must be frustrated - please be patient with us and give us more information so that we can be more helpful to you.

What are the ages and genders of the sims? What expansions do you have installed? Do the sims use any custom meshes or skintones? Are you installing them with the bodyshop installer, or the clean-installer?

This isn't an uncommon problem - it happens frequently with houses also. Perhaps we can narrow it down for you, and hopefully fix it.

Oh... and yes - this has happened to me as well. 2 of the missing sims had been filed at the very back of my sim bin (so scroll all the way through - it is annoying when the game does this) and the other missing sims were simply, missing, and I was never able to find them. I know that doesnt help, but maybe someone else will have a better answer.
Gilysse I apologize for my short response to you earlier. That certainly wasn't the best way for me to react.

I've had this happen to me on occassion as well, and it's been my experience that sims tend to bounce around in the sim bin. Sometimes I'll find them near the beginning, sometimes the end, and sometimes, sims I've seen there before just moments ago suddenly won't be there. One thing I've done that I've found works for me is to close the game and go back into bodyshop. From there I'll clone the sim I can't find in game, edit it in some way (change the hairstyle or doesn't matter what because you can change it later), and save the clone and exit. When I go back into the game, I'll either find the original suddenly there, the clone I made, or both.

It's one of those annoying glitches I've found a long workaround for.

Are the sims showing up in custom sims in CAS?  That's not clear.  If they are, create a new custom neighborhood.  It won't have any sims in the Sim Bin.  Then try to bring them into that neighborhood.  That will give a starting point.

On the other hand if they aren't in CAS that's another issue.  

--If you have any CC, is it showing up?  The next two issues are common mistakes and easily overlooked.

--If you can get objects and recolors but not bodyshop items, you may have created your download folder with a lower case 'd'.  It should be upper case.  But if Bodyshop created your Downloads folder it should be okay.  

--Are your Downloads and SavedSims folder in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\ or are they in Program Files\EA Games\The Sims 2?  

--I don't know if this could be an issue or not, but did you use the version of Bodyshop that came with the newest EP you have?

I get a weird glitch where sometimes when I load my Sim bin they show me "doubles" of other custom Sims but once,I click the box it actually shows up as the Sim I'd made but couldn't find as the model. Are you seeing any doubles of other custom Sims?

Wow, I am so touched by how people willing to help me and explain to me, I wasn't barking but if I appeared to be like it, I apologized, sorry :( LOL.. (Oh my, after I read my post I realised, I really did sound like I was barking.. maybe too many exclaimation points, LOL..)

I have been playing the game for 8 months, creating custom contents for 6 months so that is my experience.

I was frustrated, yes, but I am really touched by how people are willing to help me here so whether my problem is resolved or not, thank you guys :D

As for my problem:

Yes, I have tried looking everywhere but apparently, this is a very annoying glitch. I used custom contents yes, no maxis items except clothing. They show up in Body Shop but not in my CAS. I did see some doubled-sims but when I clicked them, they are other sims :(


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