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Author Topic: All-Age Recolors of Rose Sims2 MALE Short Unisex Hair  (Read 8945 times)
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« on: January 09, 2007, 10:45:37 pm »

Four red, a rich brown and a white recolor of Rose Sims2 short unisex male hair mesh that is reminiscent of the Spock hairstyle (but of course, the bangs are too long and messy). The female recolors are posted here in another thread. These are simple recolors of Rose's textures with original alphas. Thank you, Rose, for allowing me to do these recolors.

These recolors were done for the Natural Redhead Project to make more hairstyles available in the many beautiful naturally occurring shades of red hair.  The red recolors are available in four shades: auburn, copper, ginger and strawberry blonde. There is also a rich shade of mid-brown and an ice white.  The recolors are color binned red except for brown (binned brown) and white (custom). It may seem odd to put shades that range from rusty blonde to brown red in the red bin but the goal is to make the full spectrum of red shades available to genetic redheads.
The style comes in toddler through elder. The toddler hair is the longish, straight Maxis hair with bangs. I recolored the toddler hair to match the other ages' color.The elder hair comes in two shades: brown and auburn have salt and pepper while copper, ginger and strawberry blonde come with an ivory white shade.

Mesh Information: The mesh comes with 5 colors at Rose Sims2 in Download > Hair.  It is currently on page 9. The file to download is The name of the unipped mesh file is MESH_RoseHair_0063.package.

Learn more about why redheads are unique:
Red hair is a simple recessive
Intensity of hair color

These recolors may only be used in Sims distributed by 100% free sites. Do not distribute or include the mesh in any uploads! Link to the and provide directions on how to locate the mesh in the Downloads > Hair.

FYI - the custom content in the photo's models are free downloads unless noted:
Freckles: the freckle and eye set is from Alkaloid at Insimenator and the freckle "blush" is also from Alkaloid.

Skin: JWilson5's Hairy Skins for Redheads which is a modified Louis (SimScribbing) skin with AllenABQ body hair. The skin for the normal Maxis body type doesn't require any additional meshes, just download  the Norm-HairyRed-Barbie.rar file for hairy,   SKN-Norm-XhairyRed-Barbie.rar  for extra hairy and SKN-Norm-XXhairyRed-Barbie.rar for extreme hairy (Not to worry, only the males come with body hair Wink )

Sweaters: The child and teen sweaters are from Rabid Angel's Weekend at the Lodge series at Sims Connection . The child sweaters are free but the teen sweaters are a premium download.

Eyebrows: by Helaene and converted to default eyebrows by Sciberg at ModTheSims2

Live Long and Prosper!

* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoComplete.rar (1765.94 KB - downloaded 452 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoAuburn.rar (299.12 KB - downloaded 221 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoCopper.rar (308.82 KB - downloaded 226 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoGinger.rar (308.38 KB - downloaded 213 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoStrawberry.rar (329.08 KB - downloaded 204 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoBrown.rar (309.37 KB - downloaded 244 times.)
* MTS2_RoseFreeHair0026_KaneoWhite.rar (211.22 KB - downloaded 237 times.)

* copper.jpg (41.18 KB, 260x300 - viewed 4158 times.)

* auburn_strawberry.jpg (114.57 KB, 511x652 - viewed 3309 times.)

* ginger_copper.jpg (78.76 KB, 418x652 - viewed 3112 times.)

* brown_white.jpg (103.36 KB, 511x652 - viewed 3186 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2007, 10:20:57 am »

Very lovely!

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« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2007, 11:09:59 pm »

Gorgeous recolors, thanks again.

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« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2007, 06:41:50 pm »

Lovely recolorations! Thanks for this set` Cheesy
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« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2007, 07:17:15 am »

Terrific job, kaneonapua! Rose makes awesome hair meshes, and your recolors do them justice. I love having variety, especially when my choices are all this good. Thank you very much!

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