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Author Topic: What have you done with your default sims?  (Read 50683 times)
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« Reply #75 on: June 25, 2008, 07:07:17 am »

Hmm, Since my last installation, I haven't played Desiderata Valley, Riverblossom Hills, Pleasantview or Veronaville.  Just Strangetown.  The Curious brothers have a curious story.

-Vicund Curious met and fell in love with an Island girl, Noelani Pyncheon, she was quite beautiful and innocent.  They had four children, Snowflake, Rainbow, Bane (who died from disease), and Keilani.  Noelani grew (they are quite the Travellers, let me tell you) and Noelani eventually got a job (can't remember what now), then they went to Japan and had a wonderful time there, Vicund learned to teleport, and Noelani learned a lot about meditation.  She became so relaxed that when she discovered her husband had cheated on her, she didn't get all angry, she was sad, and disappointed but agreed, for the sake of the children to give him a second chance.  Part of the reason he cheated on her, he admitted was because she was always busy and had no time for him anymore.  Since all he'd done was flirt with another girl (which he did all on his own), Noelani was willing to forgive him.  They reconciled and at this time Bane and Keilani were born.  Keilani had just become a teenager when Vicund drank some of his own Elixir.  Unfortunately, it was bad and he died.  They were all quite sad, Noelani cried for days, they'd been married 25 years.  Snowflake and Rainbow went off to college, graduated with honors, and went to live in nearby Bluewater Village.  Keilani is presently living with her mother who is on the look out for a second husband.

-Lazlo Curious married Stacey Phelps (an NPC added to the family).  He has two sons, Ephesus and Etruscus, the twins.  Stacey died after being struck by lightening (terrible accident), but that's what happen's when ya wanna birdwatch during a thunderstorm!  Lazlo married again (can't remember who) and had another son, Curious Phelps.

-Pascal Curious fell in love with Jessica Ebadi (a romance sim).  They fell in love and while she agreed to live with him, she simply refused to marry him, "marriage isn't in my plans," she said.  She didn't want to have children either, so Pascal found a scientific way to have the children himself (look if the aliens could do it to him, he could figure it out, he was bright).  His alien child, Galaxia died as a child (disease).  By Jessica he had Alpha, and two sons that I can't remember their names right now.  Jessica Ebadi had lived with him for 15 years and died of some disease.  Pascal is presently looking for a wife.

As for the Smith's:

PT 9 died while visiting some other sim (Cowplant ate him).  Jenny was heartbroken.  Johnny lost Ophelia who grew up and married River Smith.


Ophelia married River Smith and moved away to her own home.

Olive got young again (thank you Pascal Curious), and she married Triste Spectre.  They went off to Japan for their honeymoon, a LONG honeymoon.

That's about it for Strangetown.

Bluewater Village saw the strange disappearance of the Tinker Family who one moment was there, the next, they were gone!  No one in all of Bluewater Village can explain it.  All that is known is that a few days later, the property was sold to Stephen Chaston and family

Cyd and Porthos lived many times in many neighborhoods, but I got sick of 'em and just deleted them.

Jason and Jodie Larson fared better.

Jason married Katelyn Gross (Townie) and they had a son, Chance.  Unfortunately she messed around too much, got some disease and died.  Jason married a second time to Kristen Singles who was definitely much better suited to him.  

I don't remember what I did with Jodie, I haven't played her in like forever.
Eva Aisling

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« Reply #76 on: June 25, 2008, 11:19:10 am »

The Goths:
Don leaves Cassandra at the alter. She cannot forgive him for this, and breaks it off.
Mortimer marries Dina, not wanting to spend his last days alone. He dies not long after, of natural causes.
Cassandra struggles to get over Don, and falls in love with Darren. They marry and have a child.
Alexander continues to excel at his schoolwork and breezes through college. He then returns home to begin a successful career as a scientist. Eventually, he starts a family as heir of the Goth fortune.

The Pleasants:
Daniel is caught cheating with the maid, when Mary-Sue comes home from work early. Having almost lost his true love, Daniel comes to his senses and commits himself to the marriage. He retires as soon as he reaches age.
Mary-Sue decides to stay with Daniel. She still loves him, and they have a family together. She chooses to focus on her career, until she heals enough to work out their conflict.
Lillith seeks revenge on Angela, after losing a big fight, and has an affair with Dustin. She later finds out that she's pregnant, and decides to move in with him, shortly before their baby is born. After their child goes to school, she wants to turn her life around, and begins a career in law enforcement. After Angela returns home from college, she works to repair their relationship. She constantly fights with Dustin to change his ways, but he resists. Soon, she decides to leave him to his crime, and takes their child with her.
Angela broke it off with Dustin, as soon as she discovered his affair. Not wanting to leave Dirk in the dark, she later breaks the news to him by inviting him over during one of Dustin's "visits" with Lillith. Angela leaves for college, after she graduates high school. She and Dirk have a casual fling at college, but they soon go there separate ways. Angela begins a successful career, and later has a small family.

The Brokes:
Brandi manages to bring up her sons, with the help of Dustin. However, they struggle on his low salary, and she grows desperately lonely. She soon meets another man at the grocery, and remarries. They move into a larger home to grow their family, taking her two youngest sons with them.
Dustin mourns his father, and is forced to take over as "man of the house".  He works nights to support his family, and struggles to find time to maintain a high enough average in school to keep his job. Angry and frustrated at having so much responsibility, he grows bitter and selfish. He views a life of crime as his only option, and betrays his girlfriend by getting her sister pregnant. After his mother moves out, he decides to do the right thing and support Lillith and their child. Later, his criminal behavior causes a nasty break-up and he loses custody of their child.
Beau is held steady by the love of his mother, and that of his big brother, Dustin. Dustin does everything he can to encourage his little brother, and Beau does very well at his schoolwork, and has a promising future.

The Dreamers:
Darren continues painting, and later masters his artwork. His only distractions are that of his son, and his new love, Cassandra. He eventually wins her heart and marries her. They have a child and live happily together for the rest of their days.
Dirk is angry with Lillith, and breaks it off as soon as he found out about her affair. Not being one to let anyone hold him back, he continues to do well in school, and goes to college after graduation. He reaccquaints with Angela in college, and they have a short-lived affair. He later marries another successful woman, that shares his interests, and they have a small family.

The Lothario:
Don continues his womanizing ways. After getting Nina pregnant, he invites her to live with him. They never marry, and continue to see other people, as well as each other. He wins over many, many women's hearts before he dies of natural causes.

The Caliente:
Dina marries Mortimer, and moves into the Goth house. She buys a salon, as a gift for her sister, Nina. After his death, she begins a relationship with Malcolm Landgraab. After Alexander returns home from college, she convinces Malcolm to marry her. She moves in with Malcolm, taking a large chunk of the Goth fortune with her. Later in life, she gives Malcolm a son. She lives a life of luxury, and never has to work a day in her life.
Nina manages to juggle a successful business, a relationship with Don, and raising a child (with no help from Don). She is overjoyed to finally find someone responsible enough to run her business for her, so that she has more time for a social life. She and Don agree to see other people, and somehow make their flawed relationship work.

This is the most important (and interesting) part of the story, so I'll stop here. I've never had any interest in playing Veronaville or Strangetown. I might try the newer hoods soon.
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Eva Aisling

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« Reply #77 on: June 26, 2008, 09:59:52 am »

Quote from: mieley;879955

-at this point, Don Lothario has:
1 child with Cassandra Goth
1 child with Brandi Broke
1 child with Dina Caliente
3 children with Nina Caliente
but, he doesnt stick around to take care of any of them, hes not really the settling down type of man. so, to teach him a lesson, i make him get abducted and have an alien child to raise by himself, to let him know what all those women went through. whos laughing now, Donny?

LOL! My Don's the same way. I should use this strategy on him next time. Gwar har har. *strums fingers*
« Reply #78 on: June 27, 2008, 02:03:00 am »

-The Oldies-
I had Herb and Coral become really rich and buy a nice mansion next to the lake. After that, they adopted a little girl named Samantha who grew up and went to college. When she got back, however, she discovered that both of her parents had died..
Real sob story, aha.

-The Goths-
I let poor Mortimer move out on his own and adopt two little girls, Payton and Jenna. He died when Payton was an adult and Jenna was a child. Suprisingly, little Jenna was never taken by the social services I guess because Payton always took care of her. They both got orphan scholarships and went to college..

Cassie and Darren got married and had three miscarriages. I know, I think there must have a been a glitch because that girl just couldn't fully continue a pregnancy. Anyway, the got a cat and died pretty happy.

Alex..I had him become an adult and killed him off. Didn't really have any use for him.

Brandi met a guy and moved downtown. Dustin went to college but dropped out because Lilith was preggo with his baby. Yeah, I had Angela become a lesbian and Lilith took Dustin. So they ended up having twelve kids thanks to the Elixir of life.

That's pretty much it.
Oh and I killed Dina and Nine off because they seemed like spoiled little glossy-glossy barbie girls, ahaha.

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« Reply #79 on: September 15, 2008, 05:00:54 pm »

Don and Nina have an affiar which results in a baby girl, Vanessa.
He then has an affair with Dina.  

Don marries Cassandra.  He doesnt get the red married sign but a married a rich sim sign.  I change his aspiration.
Don and Cass move out of the mansion.
Everyone moves out of the Mansion.
The Mansion is converted into 3 Apartments for Apartment Life.

Darren usually marries a NPC or Townie, I found he likes a girl called Demi who is a police officer NPC in game.  They have 3 or 4 kids.
Dirk breaks up with Lilith and ends up with Angela instead.

Become rich and powerful for one
Brandi has a daughter as her first child instead of a boy, I call her Cathy.
The family change their surname to Brady (like Days of Our Lives.)
Dustin breaks up with Angela
Dustin is gay and ends up with Alexander Goth.

Mary-Sue divorces Daniel, and hires a hitman to kill Kaylynn Langerak.  
Mary-Sue turns into an elder, but using a wish for Youth from the Genie and turns into an adult again.  She later marries a CAS sim, and they have 6 children.    
Lilith marries a CAS sim.
Angela marries Dirk Dreamer

Carol and Herb Oldie, adopt 2 further children and then died when the children are teenagers.  

Daniel divorced Jennifer for infidelity.
He marries a CAS sim and has all the children his heart desires
Lucy marries a son of Don Lothario.

Dina resurrects Micheal Bachelor and they get married and live happily ever after.  
Nina has the daughter with Don and then another child with Don, a boy, Giovanni Caliete (later Lothario).  Giovanni eventually married Lucy Burb.

That is what is currently happening in my hood.

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« Reply #80 on: September 19, 2008, 10:37:23 pm »

I sent all the Maxis made teens to the same college.
         Along with Alex, Dustin, Beau, Dirk, Lucy, Angela, Lilith, Ophelia, Johnny, Jill, Tank, Ripp, Buck, Romeo, Juliet, Hermia and Mercutia(I changed Mercutio into a woman to balance out the male/female ratio), I added a few
characters of my own.
         Bob Broke is the name I gave to Brandi's unborn baby.  He's  an outgoing, playful Libra.  Tiffany Burb is Lucy's younger sister.  She's a seroius mean Scorpio.
Pascal had twins that I named Alpha and Beta.  Alpha is a neat, serious Virgo man and Beta is a nice, neat serious Pisces woman.  The Curoius twins and the Smith kids are genetically fully alien.
          I resurrected Lyla Grunt and she and General Buzz  had one more child, a girl that I named Jane.  She's a neat, serious mean Scorpio.  There's also a haunted house where Leon the outgoing mean Leo, Diane the nice, playful Aquarius, Norville the lazy sloppy Taurus and Thelma the neat shy serious Virgo live.
         Strangly enough, Angela and Lilith don't get along very well.  Their relationship started out with whatever points the game gave them, and it went downhill from there.  I let the sims decide who to fall in love with.  I always wondered what would happened if I gave them free reign.  Are there sims that are desnited to fall in love?
   Alex fell in love with Diane(from the haunted house)
   Dustin fell in love with Ophelia
   Beau fell in love with Lucy
   Dirk fell in love with Jane Grunt
   Bob Broke fell in love with Mercutia
   Johnny fell in love with Juliet
   Tank fell in love with Beta Curious
   Ripp fell in love with Angela
   Buck fell in love with Jill
   Alpha Curious fell in love with Hermia
   Romeo fell in love with Tiffany Burb
   Leon (haunted house)fell in love with Lilith
   Norville (haunted house)fell in love Thelma (haunted house)

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« Reply #81 on: November 03, 2008, 01:27:59 pm »

I play alot of default families.And i have never reset them because i ethier left them and i havent played on them for awhile.

The Brokes

Brandi remarries Lucas Williams (A sim i made who already has 2 daughters) who has Ariel and Ieliana his toddler daughters(his wife died in a house fire) they have 3 children Troy, Cari & Ollie.

Dustin is sent of to collage and has a child with a sim there, he leaves them and returns home where he marries Angela and starts a small family with her(2 boys Eric & Lewis) then has an affair with lillith and Angela moves away untill she returns with the boys 2 years later and re-kindles her love with Dustin, while Lillith is left to concerntrate on her career in medicine.

Beau becomes a ladies man and moves out when he is and adult to start a family with Lillith but only to find that she has an affair with his brother and moves away to stragetown and becomes obsessed with aliens.

The Pleasants

Daniel cheats with the maid but Mary-Sue does not know, she then has his baby without Mary-Sue knowing. He then moves the family to strangetown and sends the girls to collage.
Mary-Sue loves daniel and wants another kid but he really does'nt and because she loves him she accepts it and adopts a lovely baby girl named Rosie.
Lillith has an affair with Dustin then when her sister moves away she starts to concertrate on her career and adopts a baby boy and names him James then gets him taken away because she does'nt spend that mich time at home with him. Her and Beau end it when he finds out about the affair
Angela marries Dustin and has twin boys Eric & Lewis and finds that Dustin cheated on her with Lillith and moves away with the boys, she then returns to find that Dustin is still in love with her and they re-marry.

The Dreamers:
Darren stops the painting and marries.
Dirk goes to collage then finds a nice woman which he marries and leaves collage to start a family, she has an affair with Don which ends in a pregnancy, dirk then allows her to stay living with him and brings the child up as his own and they have another kid, on a one night stand.

The Lothario:
Don continues to win over the hearts of women and gets Dirks wife Emma pregnant but after many months of becoming a father he decides he wants the same and marries Dina mortimers ex wife and takes on her child with him and after years of marriage he cheats again and Dina leaves him and marries Nina, Dina's sister and adopts a child, Michealangelo and lives to old age.

The Caliente:
Dina marries Mortimer and has a child(Ella) with him, she then leaves him for Don and after a long marriage he cheats and she leaves him but marries Aleander a young goth who is career obsessed and has a large family and lives happily ever after.
Nina is career obsessed unlike her sister and marries don and adopt a young boy who goes on to collage and has his girlfriend to move in.

The Goths:
Mortimer marries Dina they have a child and then dies a natrual death.
Cassandra struggles to get over Don, and falls in love with Darren.
Alexander does very well at school and work after that he comes home and meets Dina(who is close to elder) and has a lovely little boy Zach who is next in line to the goth throne.

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« Reply #82 on: November 03, 2008, 03:52:31 pm »

After getting bored with my story-type game, I started another one in HP's newest megahood. This time around I let Johnny and Ophelia stay together, and after spending some time in LiveJournal, the experiments undertaken by some of the members inspired me to try some myself:

More Smith Spawn: I cheated Jenny's age back a little, just enough to get her knocked up again. However, unlike the guys on LJ (to my knowledge), I have a little thing called the triplets/quads adjuster... random only version at that. With a family as fertile as the Curiouses, it was just asking for trouble; sure enough, she gave birth to three boys and a girl :smt120 Also, it seems Buck and Jill are destined to be together... :love6:

Alien Invasion: Pascal gave birth to twins Astra and Aries, and Vidcund had Vela. However, Pascal wanted to graduate three kids from college, so I got him abducted again. Thankfully he only had one more, who IIRC is still in infancy.

Pleasant Encounter: I packed off the Strangetown teens to Uni, along with the Pleasant twins and their SOs in the same dorm. I also added Stella Terrano and my self-sim for good measure, fully intent on some match-making with the Grunt brothers Wink After seeing what could result from a Tank/Stella pairing I just wanted to try for myself Wink I've also heard horror stories about Ripp and sim-selves, and just got curious... :tongue3:

Family Traditions: Now they've all finished Uni, I kinda scattered them across the 'hoods. Ripp and sim-me are in Bluewater (Ripp's acquired a blue aura and a love for white broomsticks Wink); Johnny and Ophelia are in Belladonna, Angela and Dustin are in Riverblossom, Lilith and Dirk are Downtown, and with Tank being the eldest I got the idea that Buzz would want him inheriting the family home, so I moved Tank and Stella back with his folks. Besides, there's that nice lookout tower with an expensive telescope and they're both knowledge sims... Wink

Back from the dead: Someone on LJ decided to see what would happen if a resurrected Glarn (sp?) and Kitty Curious started breeding. So I put an extracted Chip and Missy Grunt to good use Wink They're living in Belladonna and haven't conceived yet, but they can't have been that unhappy together - they score three bolts! Chip's had enough of the army though - he fancies himself as a businessman this time Cheesy

We could do with a matching picture thread really, huh? Maybe I should go make/find one...

No requests please

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« Reply #83 on: November 05, 2008, 04:57:57 pm »

I spend most of my time in my custom hood,but when I'm bored I'll pop into Pleasantview for awhile,anyway,here is what I've done so far:

Goth:Cassandra married a reformed Don Lothario,they have a lovely teenage daughter named Cassidy,she still hasn't broken up with Darren yet(UH OH)I aged Mortimer back down to adult and he had a daughter with Dina named Tina and another daughter with Nina named Nena(they are "aunt sisters",LOL)He is still single,Alexander is still a child because I don't care for him very much,I may grow him up and pack him off to college.

Pleasant:Mary Sue caught Daniel cheating with Kaylynn,she smacked him around a bit and then divorced him and booted him out of the house,Daniel moved into a trailer next to Brandi and married Kaylynn,Kay gave birth to a truly ugly son named Skeeter.Mary Sue mended her broken heart with a brief romantic encounter with Mortimer Goth,she gave birth to my only set of twins in the neighborhood,Dino and Britney,they are surprisingly nice looking teens.:angel:Angela and Lilith are young adults in college,enjoying their mended friendship

Caliente:Not much yet,just the births of Tina and Nena,they both broke up with Don,I may set Tina and Nena up with Dustin and Dirk,I'm not sure yet

Lothario:Don is currently enjoying his new life and his marriage to Cassandra,they both love little Cassidy very much,I may remodel their house

Broke:Not much yet,I haven't really played them

Dreamer:I may ressurect Darleen,other than that I have little interest in them

So,there ya go,I love the Goth and Pleasant famillies so much I forgot about the others,LOL

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« Reply #84 on: November 05, 2008, 05:32:25 pm »

All Default Sims in my game get deleted cuz I cant stand those EAxis Sims so I only have self-sims in my game that I've gotten from here along with mine and my hot sexy loving woman plus her daughter's.

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« Reply #85 on: November 19, 2008, 12:01:33 am »

I've fallen in love with Mary-Sue Pleasant. This time (after I had to wipe my hard drive clean and lost everything) she's become a doctor and Good Witch. She and Daniel live together, though once Angela and Lilith moved to college (they're getting along nicely, thank you) he went off and fell in love with Dina (everyone hates Don), while she and Kaylynn are quite an item. However, Kaylynn's gonna move in with another Sim soon, so I can make her playable.
Before that she and Daniel were racking up the conquests, Lilith ran away from home, and I ended up killing them all. Then after I ressurected them, Daniel and Angela (Miss Goody Two-Shoes) moved out-he became a Knowledge Sim, flirted with becoming a Plantsim, and just settled down with Elle Cox. Mary-Sue became an Evil Witch, slept with the entire Kim family, stole Cassandra's heart, and generally became a cackling green-hued terror. Kaylynn moved in with Sheridan Patchwerk and they had a fine life together.
Now I've just created two clones, Angie and Lily Pleasant (bless you, SimPE!), and they've moved into Academie Le Tour next door to the real Pleasant sisters. Can't wait to see what happens...

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« Reply #86 on: November 19, 2008, 04:29:37 am »

OMG i should play the default ones. They just stay in their houses and I use them for climbing the career ladder.  Are they fun...maybe i should.

PrettyBabySims<br />Hosted By <br />Shock-Shame
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« Reply #87 on: November 19, 2008, 06:08:22 am »

Hey there Van! :wave: Hehe, thought you might find this at some point Cheesy Haven't bred them yet, been playing different 'hoods - as well as a certain dare. You know, the one in Veronaville featuring a certain challenge? Wink

Speaking of which, bit of a spoiler but I can see why Tybalt's grown on you - he's having that effect on me too. Grouchy but lovable all the same :love2: I'll have to hurry up and post my progress on that so far.

No requests please

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« Reply #88 on: November 19, 2008, 06:38:42 am »

Hmm well to be honest i have ignored all the Maxis sims so far, i just played with Don Lothario a little and he found another lady to hit on and got her pregnant Tongue
But now i feel like really messing around with them Cheesy
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« Reply #89 on: December 19, 2008, 02:19:33 am »

Wow!  We all find such interesting ways to work our in-game simmies through life.  Some of you seem to love betrayals and mixed/blended families.  Lately (I'm still playing Strangetown) I have gone a generation back and created a family of my own, the Farngoulds who's son Elija becomes a college roomie with down-aged Nervous Subject and Lazlo Curious.

I love that the Insimenator can do that.  Nervous just graduated with a history degree (He can be seen in his younger, way gothed out incarnation in photo 1 below)and Lazlo got his degree in physics (gee.  what a surprise.)

I will start playing the Grunts, Smiths, Curious, and Spectre families as this first generation of kids moves on to having their own families. And yes, Nervous will have his affair with Circe. 

One thing I have absolutely decided is that Buck Grunt is gay.  I always felt a wrongness about his personality as a straight guy.  Jill Smith will age up with him, but they will only be bffs.  I am also getting Joey (my hero who is only a child right now) into a situation where his father either dies, becomes a vampire, or leaves for another woman, and Joey is left with his achoholic/druggie mother who loses him to the social worker.  He will be adopted by a gorgeous, loving gay couple and then go on to fall in love with Tank's wife, Solveig after college. (Image 2 below shows Tank and Solveig when they meet after college.  She was down-aged as well and graduated from another University.)  I already told the Joey affair part of the story in my earlier thread.  Perhaps this time I will get the photos right and my entire saga can be posted chapter by chapter.  May the Sims3 give us as many ways to play.  



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