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Author Topic: What have you done with your default sims?  (Read 50726 times)
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« Reply #105 on: May 02, 2009, 05:40:48 am »

You can start your game with an empty template for any of the neighborhoods, and have no townies or other assorted extra people in it with the help of an "empty template" from MATY.
Keeping them out of the game can be achieved with TwoJeffs' visitor controller from Simbology.

Right now, between the two of those, I have only 85 character files in my hood. I hate it when the neighborhood comes with at least 100 extra characters that you do not want and never interact with.


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« Reply #106 on: June 08, 2009, 05:33:07 pm »

Right now, it's Veronaville's turn, again.

The Capp kids living with Consort all went to college, so I resurrected Contessa. She and Consort had been having a great time until I introduced the Fugly character (and genetic test I downloaded, from here I think) Horrida Fugly; and Consort just couldn't take his hands off her. He asked her to move in, with Contessa there of course. I had so much trouble keeping them from beating each other up. Finally I introduced a servo, Justin, to be Contessa's honey (she's a romance sim). So Horrida had 2 children with Consort (viejo verde) and is currently pregnant, but Consort just died last night, and she's stranded at the old house with Contessa as her roomie. I have to hand it to Contessa though, she loves the little tikes, Twiggy and Zatara (girl and boy). On the genetic test though, Twiggy has just aged to a child but the features are all Horrida, poor girl. Zatara is a toddler but somehow his face is not so bad as his older sister. I'll see how the third one comes out, but with the Capp features, things could get really interesting...

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« Reply #107 on: June 20, 2009, 12:32:47 am »

Well, Don married Cassandra because I want babbies. Grin Hes having, like, 27 affairs though. Shes so smitten by him though, I doubt she cares. He has, uh, 4 children by other women and a set of twins with Cassy. Er, The son of Morty-whos name I forget- Turns out to be fruity in my game.xD Hes going out with the neighbour boy, Rex Penicook. The Penicooks are stinkin' rich and Rexxy is so incredibly cute~<3 Dina married Mort, had one of his kids, then ran off with some townie. Nina married the first townie the match-maker set her up with. He had that ugly version of the chinese face, which wad ewey, but w/e. She has two girls, Areba and Maria. Evidentally fuglies  genes work well with Ninis, 'cause their both hotties. And Mithc, or Fugly, has a cute alien baby. : D Dirk Dreamer was crushed by Cassandra marrying Don, slapped the crap outta' her than stormed off crying. He was turned off from women forever. XD Now hes married to this one cute exterminator named Robi, and they have a kid named Drake. Insim=<3. The Brandi Broke had twins, two boys. Shes still single. Dustin married Angela blah-blah. They dont have kids yet. Daniel left Marry-Sue for some cute CAS sim, they have triplets. <3 <3


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« Reply #108 on: July 03, 2009, 05:40:22 pm »

I'm working on giving Pleasantview a next generation. I'm almost done, haha. I haven't worked on it in a while, though.
-Bella and Mortimer died happily together.
-Don Lothario was abducted by aliens and never came back because of Bella. (Part of my neigborhood story XD) He tried to hit on her.
-Angela and Dustin are happily married with kids. Angela has a job as a Vet and Dustin is a Rock star XD
-Lillith and Dirk are happily married, too. Lillith is preggers. Dirk has a job as a ninja and Lillith is unemployed.
- Nina and Dina Drowned in a pool because I hate them both.
-Dustin's mom (I forgot the name XD) married this super hot dude that I mae. They're now multi millionares XD
-Cassandra and Derren are married with twins. They're very happy.
-Angela and Lillith's parents (Forgot their names again XD) broke up and are now enemies. That one maid who's name starts with a K was pushed into a fire by Cassie and Sue (Remeber the name now, haha)
-Sue lives in a giant mansion with her new husband who is FINE, i must add.
-Sue's Ex-husband is in a small trailer barely paying rent.

I killed everyone off and put my own people in with aliens, pixies, drows and much much more

I don't play with Veronaville anymore. too boring.

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« Reply #109 on: July 04, 2009, 11:33:33 am »

I've never done anything much with the default sims, since I'd rather make my own sims and wreck havoc on their lives instead :'D

Let's see, I've really only played the Veronaville Sims, soo; Juliette realized that she was too good for Romeo, and instead, ran off with another sim teen of mine (a much cuter one, teehee). I don't have pictures though, they made gorgeous red headed kids :c

A rich sim of mine was interested in the Broke family, but they made enemies instead for some reason.

The Summerdream family, I had my fun with; they were very hostile to the Sims I made (rather than, oh, say, the townies), I took revenge and burnt them all in a horrible, fire-related accident Cheesy My Sims no longer live in a neighborhood full of mean thespians and can now go around making friends \o/ YAY

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« Reply #110 on: July 17, 2009, 01:47:58 pm »

Great topic.  Its fun to see how everyone plays.  I stick to Pleasantview.  So here it goes:

The Pleasants (This is the family I play the most)
-Daniel was caught with Kaylynn after Mary Sue came home after being fired and quickly moved out.  He moved into a small house Downtown where he has romanced many passersby, even into his elder years.  The closest thing to a real relationship is the VERY open relationship he has with Heather Huffington

-Mary Sue divorced Daniel on day one and currently hasn't taken up with a new beau, let alone remarried.  I moved the Oldies in with her, but really only to get them out of the bin.

-Angela has only been with one man: Dustin Broke (despite his beady eyes).  She got pregnant with twin girls, Charlotte (in college, currently living with Max Flexor) and Emily (who had twins with Orlando Centowski), during her second semester at college the first time either had woohooed.  They later added a third girl, Virginia, and she is currently pregnant with their fourth.

-Lilith spent most of her college years woohooing as a member of the Tri-Var Sorority.  So much so that she achieved her lifetime want of woohooing 20 before she graduated.  In her senior year, she changed her ways and entered a committed relationship with a Created Sim, whom she later married, has had four children with (Two Boys: Alex and Jacob, and Two Girls: Karina and Grace) and never once cheated (neither has her husband).  Her husband has reached the top job in the Entertainment Career and she is near the top (maybe #9) in the Artist Career.

The Goths
-Mortimer quickly married Dina (no ceremony) and got her pregnant their first night as a married couple.

-Cassandra married Don and is currently carrying his child.

-Alexander is still a child.  I'm thinking of maybe pairing him up with Lilith Pleasant's daughter Karina, when they're of age of course.

The Calientes
-Nina has her eye on Malcolm Landgraab's fortune.

-Dina married Mortimer for his money, but is secretly having an affair with Don Lothario.  It's not too hard, seeing as how they both live with the Goths.

The Brokes
-Dustin is the only one I have played extensively.  I sent him to college and had to assemble a shotgun wedding when he got Angela pregnant on the first shot.  He's a CEO, and has had two affairs: once with Roxie Sharpe, just once, at Lilith's wedding, and with Heather Huffington, of whom he has kept up the affair without Angela knowing. 

-Brandi had the baby.  Don't remember the name and hasn't progressed past infant. 

The Dreamers
-The Unlucky in Love Dreamers... sigh.  Cassandra Goth spurned all of Darren's advances and went on to marry the womanizing Don.  Dirk went to college but lost touch with his high school love Lilith after she installed a revolving door to her bedroom.  He's still currently in college.  Haven't decided which way I'm going to send him.


Heather Huffington has made Lilith Pleasant look like a nun, nearly doubling her "score".  She currently runs a home business where she... "entertains" male guests.

Tiffany Sampson had a relationship with Castor Nova, but they were headed in different directions.  She met Mitch Indie and the both fell head over heels.  They got married shortly after they graduated.

Brittany Upsnott graduated and is living with Joshua Ruben.

Roxie Sharpe joined the Tri-Var Sorority and is still there, mostly in order to keep the house open.

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« Reply #111 on: September 13, 2009, 10:42:43 am »

Well this is what I have done in Pleasantview so the stories I read on here so awesome so i hope mines is just as awesome...

Goth: Well Morty married Dina, much to Alexander's dismay. He pretty much ignored her when she moved in until he went off to college, although Dina made petty attempts to befriend him. Morty got Dina pregnant with twins, Maxwell and Madeline, who believe it or not look very cute. Morty died shortly after the twins became toddlers. After Alexander came back from college with his new fiance Crystal *she was a college student* he took over the Goth fortune and kicked Dina and the twins out of the house, but Dina took 500 thousand simoleons with her on the way to the taxi. Dina moved to the colonial looking house next door to the Goth mansion, so that the twins will always know where their "real house" was....Cassandra married Don and actually invited Darren to the wedding *how crazy!* after the ceremony, Don and Darren got into a real fist fight, Don won, embarrassing Darren to no end. He wrote Cassandra off and left the wedding. After the marriage, Cassandra and Don moved to a sprawling ranch house with lots of trees. After settling in, Don took a "business trip" to Twikki Island, where he chased down every hula girl he could find. He got caught woohooing one of the hula girls by his main hula girl and now she comes over his house every night to steal the newspaper and knock over the trashcan. Cassandra is totally oblivious to all of it because she is too busy trying to be the best scientist in the world for her late father. Don and Cassandra has two boys so far, Corey and Frasier. Corey is school age and is very nice looking..don't know how Frasier is going to turn out. Don is currently planning on taking another "business trip" to Twikki Island.

Broke: Brandi was getting too depressed in her lil trailer because Dustin just wouldn't act right. Dustin got hauled off to my self made prison after getting caught robbing the Londoste restaurant Downtown with Russ the burglar. He never went to college, which Brandi expected. Dustin's friend Russ is still in prison serving two life sentences for murdering townies with cow plants. Brandi decided to take on a new gardening hobby, and soon found the love her life Peter Sims after successfully joining the garden club. They quickly got married and had a ok looking daughter named Tabitha. Before she got married to Peter however, her third child from her late husband Skip were actually twin boys, who look exactly alike and are total mirror's of Brandi...she named them Ross and Chandler from her favourite TV show *lol* they have black hair and blue eyes just like her *they are so cute* but total terrors..she fears they will grow up like Dustin. Dustin moved into his own trailer in another town i made named Tamlyn and is now waiting for Angela to graduate college so they can live a cool life together..will keep you updated on that. Beau is currently working on his political career and will soon be going off to college with the help of his mother. Peter knocked down the old trailer and built a slightly bigger one so that they could all breathe lol.
Caliente: Well since Dina married Morty, Nina was getting lonely in her little bungalow, so i changed her aspiration to Family and she snagged a hotty from college named Randy Wendland, who was a surfer dude to the core. After getting engaged for awhile  Randy decided to drop out of college for her and she moved him into the bungalow and he remodelled the whole house tikki style. They married and have two kids a boy named Keanu and a girl named leilani. they are so beautiful! She is currently expecting child number 3. She decided after a long thought to have 6 kids and Randy agreed, saying that as long as all of the kids can have hawaiian names he's on board. Nina got a job as a Pop n Lock Dancer and is currently working her way up the ladder. After Don came over and ruined her dinner party, she wrote him off as scum and never talked to him again.

Pleasants: I just couldn't see Danny and Mary-Sue divorcing, so despite his nature he decided not to sleep with least not until it was safe for her to come over *hahaha* Daniel decided to keep Mary-Sue for the sake of appearances, and invites kaylynn over at night when Mary-Sue is asleep. Kaylynn is getting sick and tired of the games and she told Daniel to either divorce Mary-Sue and marry her, or leave her alone. Daniel is thinking about hiring Dustin to whack mary sue so he can have at it with kaylynn, but he's not so sure. Mary-Sue and Daniel are now elders, and are proud of their daughters for going to college. Lilith and Angela and Dirk all go to college together. Lilith becomes an evil witch and his currently working on her journalism degree. Dirk doesn't like the idea of Lilith being a witch, but seeing that it makes her happy to banish people out of nowhere and make people throw up at will, he lives with it. Angela became a vegetarian hippie and is also working on her journalism degree, and is excited about marrying Dustin. They are currently picking out the panelling for their new trailer, even though Daniel protests about his daughter living in a flea bag trailer with a flea bag like Dustin.

Dreamer: Darren gets over the fact that Cassandra married Don, and plans on inviting both of them over so he can feed them to his new cow-plants, Audrey and Audrey 2 *lol* After becoming a successful artist, Darren winds up marrying a pretty townie named Barbara, who is obssessed with ballet and pottery. After she moved in, she gave the house a total makeover, and being the respectful person she is, planted new flowers on Darren's late wife's grave. They are currently expecting a child. Barbara is BFF with Dirk which is also cool.

Oldie: Not so sure what to do with them yet, but i think i might have Mr. Oldie and Don take a "business trip" together so they can chase down hula girls lol

Burb: Havent played them yet but i am planning something for them : D

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« Reply #112 on: October 15, 2009, 11:53:57 am »

I like this topic, so I'll update with some new happenings:

-Heather Huffington has had two kids, a girl, Summer, with Castor Nova, and a son, Bobby, with Ashley Pitts; both out of wedlock.  Both are surprisingly good-looking kids.  She's currently pregnant to her third with Dustin Broke, who is married to Angela Broke.  I don't have high hopes for this child, as Dustin is prone to having hideous children.  Heather's daughter went to Sim State and just pledged the sorority and Bobby just grew up into a teen.  He's got his eye on Samantha Indie, the daughter of Mitch and Tiffany Sampson. 

-Castor is currently engaged to a townie (after he had Summer with Heather).  He is in the Intelligence career path.

-Lilith has had four kids (Alex, Jacob, Karina, and Grace) with a CAS and is currently pregnant with twins.  She was caught cheating with Castor Nova at Bobby Huffington's birthday party when Castor Nova made out with her in front of her husband and her daughter.  Not too smooth.  She made it to the top of her career as a Visionary Artist.

-Darren Dreamer married Brandi Broke and she is currently pregnant with their first child.  Dirk is still in college.  I'll probably set him up with Tessa Ramirez, who is currently going to college too.

-Kevin Beare is still in college.  He's engaged to Stella Terrano, the alien YA.
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« Reply #113 on: October 15, 2009, 12:58:43 pm »

The Pleasants
Patched up the relationship of the family as a whole. Daniel & Mary Sue now have a loving relationship...namely after I game Mary Sue a SERIOUS makeover. They now have 3 bolt chemistry and are usually all over each other. Kinda' disturbing Daniel's still got the same look and job, but Mary Sue, following getting canned, I ended up making her a go start her own business, which is a posh, 5 star restaurant. Angela & Lilith are both adults now. Sent them both to college where I worked them into being best friends. Angela married Dustin Broke right after college, and they now live in a nice lil' home in Bluewater Village where Angie's a stay at home wife and expecting. Lilith is dating Dirk Dreamer again after they had a falling out when Dirk was a bad boy in their Sophomore year. They live in an apartment in Downtown together. Lilith is at level 8 of the art career path.

The Goths
1st order of business was bringing Bella back from the dead. Managed to do it successfully, and Mortimer ended up find a "fountain of youth" (gotta love aging mods) and turned back the clock to a later life adult. Rekindled their romance and they've been happy ever since. Mortimer had a career change, going into the medical field, where he's chief of staff and raking in the do. Bella just lives off of Morty's massive wealth. Cassandra kicked Don's ass to the curb, and ended up moving out on her own to Bluewater Village. Gave her a total makeover and changed her career to business, where she's doing pretty well for herself. She's presently dating a CAS I made Marlon Landry (Who's available for DL, look in my sig.) Alexander is now a Teen, and an evil, head banging prankster.

The Brokes
Brandi gives birth to the unborn child of Skip, who I named Trip. Trip is now a child, Beau's a Teen, and Dustin's now an adult, with Brandi now in the tale end of the Adult stage, about 8 days removed from become an elder. (Not ready for her to grow old just yet.) Ended up doing for Skip what I did for Bella, bringing him back from the grave and overhauling his look. He's the chef at Mary Sue's restaurant, and they (Skip, Brandi, Beau & Trip) now live in a swank house in a custom Sub-Hood I made. Dustin married Angela as mentioned above, and their expecting their 1st child. Dustin's now a cop. (Who saw THAT coming?) Tongue

The Dreamers
Darren ended up find romance with a CAS I made Saleena, and they married and have 2 children, Dorian and Dianna, both now Teens. Dirk is now an early adult, and is dating Lilith again after they initially broke up in their Sophomore when Dirk shacked up a CAS YA I made. But old wounds healed, I patched up their relationship, and they share an apartment downtown. Dirk's at level 7 in the Athlete career path.

The Calientes
Dina went insane after getting dumped by Morty AND Don. Nina's still Nina. Haven't touched their lot in a long, loooooooooooooooooong time.

Don Lothario
Don's still Don. Wooing and Woohooing every female he can get his hands on. He's presently having an affair with his boss, Malcolm IV's wife. He also has a healthy dislike of Alex Goth because Alex has a real bad habit of kicking his trash can over. (Did I mention I made Alex an evil twerp?)

The only UNI sim I actually have touched. Graduated her with my 1st class of sims. (Some of my CAS teens, The Pleasant Twins, Dirk & Dustin.) Marla's now a Doctor, lives in a fancy house, and is the object of quite a few of my male sim's desires. She's still a shy nerd at heart though. Tongue

Malcolm IV is married to one of my CAS ladies Mili, who's sleeping around with Don Lothario. He's also got a crush another CAS of mines Christine Goodchild (Also available for DL here on insim) but doesn't have the nerve to make a move cuz he's already hitched. I think I'll have some fun with them next time I head into Bluewater. Cheesy

Those are the only pre-mades I've done anything with.

Admin note: Edited due to LANGUAGE. Watch it, please. You've been told about it before and we thought that you had gotten the hint. Guess not.
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« Reply #114 on: October 27, 2009, 08:54:35 pm »

Wow I love this thread!  Grin
Pleasants- Daniel divorced Mary Sue and married Kaylynn and they have two babies. Angela and Lillith went to college with their respective boyfriends, married them and are now both pregnant.
Goths-Mortimer married Dina, got her pregnant, then divorced her. Alexander went to college with Meadow Thayer and married her. Cassandra dumped Don, married Darren and had 15 children...They both died and I resurrected both. They bought a giant house and basically ran my neighborhood retirement home that had Mary Sue, the Oldies, Mortimer, Mortimer's mom, and Bella's brother. Recently, all the old people decided to die on the same day, and Cassandra's 6 oldest daughters moved back in after graduating. Cassandra's oldest son, Corbin, married my self sim (whose mother had had 16 children) and they had 13 children. See a pattern yet, lol...
Brokes- Brandi's son Dustin married Angela. Beau is still in college and the baby hasn't grown up yet. She's currently rooming with some random family.
Dreamers- Dirk is married to Lillith, I think they're expecting.
Calientes- Dina changed her mind and decided to marry Don, then had his baby. Nina married some random guy off the street and had two kids. They all live together in the Goth's old home.
Burbs, and all the other defaults- They all live in one house because I had to make room for all my other sims.
In the university, Allegra fell in love with one of the boys from the fraternity. Eric Swain fell in love with Cassandra's oldest daughter, but hasn't made any advances just yet Wink

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« Reply #115 on: November 11, 2009, 11:08:06 pm »

Rome and Juliet got married and they're now both dead. on the upside, the family feud is over.

Cassandra Goth Married Daren Dreamer and they have two children

Don married my friend's self-sim
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« Reply #116 on: May 01, 2011, 12:05:40 pm »

haha i know this is a little late, but i just couldn't help myself!

In Pleasantview:
I don't bother with the Pleasants, the bother me  tongue

The Goth's are one of my favorite families. Cassandra unfortunately gets left at the alter by Don, and is depressed and sad for a long time. Alexander gets a makeover, and eventually marries his high school sweetheart, Leah LaTrova.  Leah and Cassandra become best friends, and Leah gives Cassandra a makeover, making her a sex icon downtown Wink Leah and Alexander have twin boys together, and Mortimer ultimately dies after drowing in the pool.  Since Cassandra is gorgouse now, she gets a lot of attention from the boys, and gets knocked up by a very attractive npc (which i never thought i would find  ROFL) I haven't gotten any farther yet, because i've been working on my movies.

The Broke's have an interesting story too.  Brandi goes back to college and becomes a successful OB nurse.  They move to a huge house, and take in the Randova family, who just happen to have a hot daughter, Natelie. Natelie and her parents eventually become very sick, and Natelie's parents die. Dustin takes care of Natelie, and eventually falls in love with her. But Dustin and Natelie aren't careful with their relationship, and she gets pregnant. Brandi allows them to stay, and when it came time for Natelie to have their son, she didn't know she was in labor, and Brandi had to deliver the baby on the hallway floor Smiley

Cyd Roseland always becomes a successful doctor, with a beautiful home.  He marries his beautiful wife Rebecca, adn they have four kids together, twos boys and two girls.

Strangetown is pretty much my teen pregnancy town lol, Johnny always gets married and becomes an athlete. 
General Grunt marries a beautiful lady, who has a teenaged daughter around Ripp's age.  General and his wife have a baby girl, and soon after Ripp and his girlfriend have a baby boy. Tank becomes a hardass, and never marries, eventually commiting suicide.

The curious is another one of my favorite families. Pascal always has his baby, he has a girl and he names her luna.  Vidcund gets married to a wonderful girl, and they move out and live next to the Grunts. When Luna becomes a teenager, she falls in love with the son of Olive Spector, and they have a son together.

The Spector family is fun, Opal goes into a severe mental breakdown after her and Johnny break up, and she eventually commits suicide.  Olive finds love in a young man, and they have a son together (how i do not know...) and he falls in love with Luna Curious.

Veronaville is glitched so i had to delete it, since i couldn't be in there for over two seconds without the game crashing.
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« Reply #117 on: May 01, 2011, 02:14:14 pm »

Long story short, I deleted every single one that bugged the hell out of me. Nina and Dina are single and still living together, I've re-decorated their house and they both have jobs. Cassandra, Don, Mortimer {Well I killed Mortimer..} Derrick,and Dirk all died. Brandi is at home raising her current kids,while I aged and eventually deleted Dustin. Angela and Lillith Pleasant are still teenagers,and I haven't played them,but if I do, I plan on having them marry,bare children...while their parents most likely fight and get a divorce..

I don't play with pre-created sims any more. I only play the ones I create,haha...but even then,the game can get a little bit boring..Tongue

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« Reply #118 on: May 01, 2011, 02:56:04 pm »

Did you delete them or kill them off? I ask because outright deleting sims is bad for your game and can cause corrupted memories and other nasty bad stuff.

I just don't play with the default sims. In fact, the only two neighbourhoods I have in my game are two I created.

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« Reply #119 on: May 01, 2011, 03:26:06 pm »

Did you delete them or kill them off? I ask because outright deleting sims is bad for your game and can cause corrupted memories and other nasty bad stuff.

I just don't play with the default sims. In fact, the only two neighbourhoods I have in my game are two I created.

I've learned my lesson about deleting lol my game's still screwed up. Most of the time I only play with neighborhoods I've created, too. When I first played back in 2004 or 2005, I had a blast. Everyone in Pleasantview got divorced and remarried and had each other's kids, etc... Smiley
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