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Author Topic: What have you done with your default sims?  (Read 50675 times)
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« Reply #120 on: May 06, 2011, 07:58:49 pm »

Did you delete them or kill them off? I ask because outright deleting sims is bad for your game and can cause corrupted memories and other nasty bad stuff.

I just don't play with the default sims. In fact, the only two neighbourhoods I have in my game are two I created.

Ooh! Thanks for the tip. I always delete them. Now I know not to.

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« Reply #121 on: May 06, 2011, 08:09:27 pm »

I keep 'em around in case I suddenly decide I want to give them make overs or something. I used to delete them but then I'd have to re-install the game to get them back.
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« Reply #122 on: May 06, 2011, 09:32:54 pm »

Ooh! Thanks for the tip. I always delete them. Now I know not to.

If I've helped prevent even one game from going all 'splody, then I've done my job! Wink

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« Reply #123 on: May 06, 2011, 09:46:01 pm »

Usually, what I do with my default Sims is do a make over on them using SimPE's Sim Surgery feature. It's really easy to use and I can change over an entire neighborhood in an afternoon.

I'm able to even make my playable sims into NPCs in my game.

In one case I have a female Sim who works at the local bus station. Yes, the NPC is a duplicate of the female Sim character.
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« Reply #124 on: July 02, 2011, 11:51:41 pm »

I recently discovered that I actually like to play with the Pleasantview families....After giving almost everyone a make over that is.  

Brandi and Dustin were shocked when they received the life insurance check for a quarter of a million simoleons in the mail.  It seems that even in death, Skip was determined to care for his family. They quickly moved into a new home in a new town where Brandi ran into Fenris Wolfe(Keith Westmorland by SimplicityFlower over at MTS), a family sim working his way up the Athletic career ladder.  Dustin was baffled when his mom's new man quickly moved in and Brandi became pregnant(Using the Blender I made Fenris the new baby-daddy!  I decided to work with Maxis' timeline screw up).  It turns out that Fenris had provided 'comfort' to Brandi the day after Skip's accident.  Dustin finally accepted Fenris to the family when he saw how well he treated Brandi, Beau, and himself, granting him his blessing to marry his mom.  The two quickly wed before baby Bryce was born.  They now have twins on the way!

Dustin's own love life did not go as smoothly, disgusted with how awful Angela was to her sister, he broke it off with her and concentrated on his studies and work.  Now that he didn't have to worry about supporting his family he began pursuing his dream of becoming a star athlete. With Fenris as his mentor, he soon reached Mascot and got into a good college, receiving multiple scholarships....I haven't gotten around to playing in my Uni neighborhoods yet.

Beau grew up well with the love and support of his big brother and mom.  He is bff's with Fenris and adores his little brother Bryce, he wants to be a great big brother just like Dustin was for him. It turns out that Beau is a musical genius and he is hoping that his talent will take him to the top of the music ladder...That is, of course, if Layla Lothario(Don and Nina's daughter) doesn't distract him from it.

Bryce seems to love the great outdoors and has a really big crush on Daisy Greenman(I play in the Uber-Megahood)

Don leaves Casandra at the alter when he finds out that Nina is pregnant with his child.  In the back of his mind Nina had always been the one for him.  He changed his ways and became a devoted husband and father.  It seems that his wandering was genetic though and karma has it bad for Donny...He now has three daughters with Nina, Layla, Jessie,and Kyla... and all of them are romance sims.  

Poor Dan...Sue caught him cheating and kicked him out of the house, Kaylynn isn't talking to him anymore for some reason, Angela blames him for Dustin breaking up with her, and Lilith has decided she "isn't into labels".  What else could possibly go wrong?  Ah yes...the blonde hottie in the powersuit just blew him off to go make out with his ex-wife.  

I am slowly getting around to playing the rest of the families...I have to give them makeovers first and do a little home remolding and renovation as well as the occasional attitude adjustment.....I mean really...It is most definitely a game unto itself as Skaarjy said.
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« Reply #125 on: July 12, 2011, 03:00:34 am »

That was great Ghostwrytr, you've inspired me to check in on my old families.

Sims by Dasi:


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« Reply #126 on: July 12, 2011, 11:38:09 am »

I love playing with the Strangetown (I changed the name to Strangeville) families. PT9 has had so many children it isn't even funny. Luckily I turned off jealousy long ago. Vidcund (renamed Victor) is happily married to his life partner Ajay (random sim I found walking down town) while raising his first child Ozma. They have adopted a daughter (one of PT9's illegitimate kids) and named her Naomi. Ozma is going to be heading off to college any day now and Naomi just turned into a child. Ajay can't wait to adopt again.

Lola and Chloe are both happily married with two or three kids each. They have slowly been building a relationship with their father and half siblings. I am in sort of a time crunch with them because PT9 is very near death. He and his wife need to go ahead and die so I can move the Smith story along.

Olivia Specter had a crisis of conscience when she neared the end of her golden age and worked very hard to re-connect with the son she gave up for adoption long ago. When she found out about the abuse he suffered she helped plot to kill his "father". Nervous (renamed Nathan) ended up moving in with Olivia bringing his child and baby-momma (Circe). After Olivia died Nathan made a few suggestions and Circe killed herself (Thank you suicide knife). Now Nathan lives in the Specter Mansion with his son Nathan Jr. and is slowly building up a relationship with his cousin(?) Ophelia. Ophelia married a Otthomas as is having kids left and right. She lives right across the road from the Specter mansion and may soon inherit the messy ghosts from Nathan. Even with a butler, maid, and Gardner that place stays a protoplasmic mess.

Both Lazlo and Paul(I can't remember his old name) have married and have kids. I am just getting to where I can age all the kids up and edge out the parents.

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« Reply #127 on: December 06, 2011, 08:45:00 pm »

I recently started playing the Maxis Pleasantview which I had never done before, since I prefer to play my own custom hoods. anyway here's what has been happening in my game...

Don Lothario was caught in the hot tub with Dina Caliente while both Kaylynn and Casandra were in the house. So after this fiasco Don got together with Nina Caliente and moved Downtown to avoid the gossip and resentment of the enemies he made in Pleasantview. they now live in a nice little brownstone Downtown, though neither of the pair has chosen to take their relationship to the next level.

Dina married Malcolm Landgraab and is happily living in Bluewater village after seeing the damage her affair with Don caused and is trying to reign in her amorous tendencies. Much to Malcolm's chagrin however Dina gave him a set of twin daughters named Gina, and Tina. Malcolm is now very worried that the Landgraab bloodline will be broken, and he is determined to have a male heir, so he is looking for a suitable woman to give him a male child and will keep Dina around for appearances sake.

Brandi Broke discovered she had gotten pregnant before Skip died and decided that the only way to keep her family from falling apart, was to pack up their things, sell the house and start over in Bluewater village. Dustin realized that Angela was pushing him to do things that were hurting his mother and decided that he should become the man his father would have wanted him to become, and so he dumped Angela, and began to focus on his school work in hopes of going to college.

Once in Bluewater village she met Cyd Roseland and found love again. Cyd moved her into a nice ranch style house and spent all his money on renovations to accommodate his growing family. Of course little did Brandi know that Cyd was the crime boss that Dustin had been working for and the two have vowed to keep that little secret from Brandi. Cyd also used his connections in the entertainment industry to get Porthos a job in the entertainment business. 

Angela continues to be the apple in her parent's eye while Lilith found a friend in Alexander Goth and though he is younger than her (he just turned into a teen and she's a few Sim days older than he is) their friendship seems to be headed towards something more. She has also become very close friends with Pleasantview's grand Vampiress, and the town's resident white witch as well. Mary sue lost her job, and her husband was there to console her, and she is blissfully unaware that he is carrying on an affair with their maid. of course Angela knows about the affair and uses that knowledge to keep Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Lilith has been trying to make amends with her sister, but had a fling with Angela's boy-toy Dustin, and is afraid that the affair if discovered will break up her relationship with her sister, and with Alexander Goth who she really cares for.

Recently the Oldies returned to Pleasantview and purchased a little house which they renovated, and feeling lonely they adopted an old gog from the Simcity pound named Buffy. Once bitten by the adoption bug, and missing the sound of children's laughter in the house they decided to adopt a little girl named Greta. They invited their daughter Mary Sue and her family over to get reacquainted and shortly after that Herb became deathly ill from a flu, and at Daniel's urging Mary Sue has temporarily moved back in with her aging parents to care for her dying father, but once there she discovered that her mother was also coming down with this rather virulent cold, and she may have to care for Greta when her parents die.
Darren Dreamer got rid of those stupid sun glasses and got a nice pair of ray bans and as a result met Jill Smith (I think her name is) from the Garden club and they hit it off so well that they got married. Jill is now expecting their first child which has traumatized her because she never wanted or expected to have children. Of course Darren doesn't realize that his new wife has quite a reputation and has very loose morals.

Dirk Dreamer is getting ready to go to college and he's fallen in love with a local girl who worked at one of the shops in the Pleasantview strip mall. Dirk though outwardly seems to be a well adjusted young man however is tormented by the knowledge that his mother died in a fire that he caused and he has seen her ghost wiling in anger towards him. He has so far kept this a secret from everyone knowing that it would destroy his relationship with his father if this was discovered.

Cassandra Goth changed her hair style as a way to cope with the trauma of discovering her fiance cheating on her right before their wedding. In order to keep occupied she has decided to take care of her aging father, and her younger brother. Cassandra is currently trying to befriend the town's resident white witch, in the hopes of learning magic in the hopes of using the magical arts to find her mother. Mortimer has secretly begun drinking the elixer of youth in the hopes of living long enough to find Bella and has promised his children that he won't remarry.

Meanwhile in Bluewater village

Gilbert Jacquet married Florence Delarosa at the request of his mother who was afraid of what the neighbors would say if they discovered that Gilbert was having an affair with Remington Harris their maid. they have managed to keep this a secret from Florence who is too busy having been accepted into the Order of white witches. She has learned about the Goth's tragedy and has befriended Cassandra Goth. the two women have become unlikely friends and Florence has introduced Cassandra to the head of her Order hoping that the witch will allow Cassandra to be initiated into the Order.

Florence has also come across Lilith and is scared that the young girl's uncanny ability to attract the undead will lead her into the clutches of the Black Witches coven, and is trying her best to befriend the girl and steer her clear of the evil entities that she keeps coming into contact with, but so far Lilith has rejected the older woman who she considers to be a nosy busybody.
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