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Author Topic: summer is missing  (Read 767 times)
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« on: October 18, 2007, 03:32:19 pm »

i made a thread before trying to figure out why my game wasnt working, thinking it was because of the custom content, but it wasnt.  i searched through all the old thread here and decided to just uninstall everything and reinstall it freshly.

i restalled sims2 and all of expansions (uni,nl,ofb,ffs,gls,pets,and seasons), in the proper order.  i installed the newest seasons patch from the sims 2 site.  i installed custom content and checked to make sure there would be no conflicts using that nifty lil program that does that.  it came back clean.  i used delphys organiser to put everything in lil folders neatly like her program named them to be.  

i started a group of young adults in seasons to go to university.  they started school in the summer and graduated in the spring.  everything went smoothly.  now that they have graduated and returned home, i put them on a lot to build their own adult home and the lil season marker by the zoom and spin buttons is screwed up.  instead of going summer, fall, winter, spring.  it goes winter, fall, spring, winter.  now the game crashes all the time and wont let me build a home or play an already created family lot either, cause the seasons in the towns are messed up.

how do i correct this?  how do i fix the seasons in the towns to make them go summer, fall, winter, spring like they are supposed to?  i wish i had a screen shot to show you but the game freezes when i try to do that function.  wont allow me to do it.  it locks my computer up completely to the point where i cant even get taskmanger to come up to get the game to end when it quits responding.  i have to hold the power button to the tower to shut down the comp to get off the game.  its horrible to my comp.  

i need to fix this.  is there any way to fix this?  has anyone else heard of this problem before?  should i post at the sims 2 site as well?  i hate posting there though cause they are so clinical and runaround instead of give me answers.  any help would be wonderful.  thank you guys for your time and suggestions.  Smiley


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« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2007, 08:49:21 pm »

In neighborhood view, on the top left of your screen you have icons.

The first or second one from the left (depends if you BV or not) is the seasons change icon, there are 3 little flowers on it and if you hover your mouse on that icon it will say "Click this button to change the seasons of your neighborhood".

So click on it, then select the seasons you want to change, a panel permitting you to choose another will appear, change it, and voila!

Each hood and subhood have their own individual seasons sets so each can be set individually.  It is normal Uni hood and the main hood do not have the same ones unless you made them the same.

Side note, you should read the little booklet that came with the game since that information is in it. Wink
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