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Author Topic: What Kind of Pictures are Needed to Make a Sim for You  (Read 10788 times)
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« on: March 20, 2006, 12:40:00 pm »


Well it seems that there is some misunderstanding as to the kind of photos needed to make a Sim for people.
We dont need 400 shots of one person.
We dont need shots of you being funny or trying to look sexy.
What we do need is 3 good shots of you NOT smiling if possible.
GOOD lighting and Clean sharp photos.

I will post the kind I mean.
Why no smile? Because in Body shop the sim will have no smile, so it is hard to get the mouth just right.

If you would Like to add one with you smiling that is fine then when we go into game to take Screen Shots we can see if there is anything we missed.
Pictures needed:

full face

3/4 view


You may say "But I dont like my profile." Well we have to have it so we can make your sim accurate.

If your hair is down it is hard to see your face. Now you might be saying "But I dont have any good Photos to post." Then post the ones you do have, but try to post the very best ones you can. OR take new ones Cheesy.

This is just some guidelines to help those of us that sim for people.

It is hard enough to make accurate sims using perfect pictures, giving us dark grainy pictures where you're smiling just makes it 5 times harder....which makes it so we either won't make the sim for you, or we will, but it wont be accurate.
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