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Author Topic: My graphics have gone ever so slightly odd.  (Read 1121 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 07:21:45 pm »

Example A.
My graphics at their best.

Example B.
Enough to burn your eyes out (At their worst.)

Both pictures above are taken directly from bodyshop, in the same session.

At the moment, my graphics seem to be going... well, crazy. When I loaded up bodyshop today, my graphics were as shown in example B. By choosing a different set of eyes for the sim, my graphics switched back to example A. Then, as I went to change his outfit, they went back to B again.

By messing around and selecting different things, I can temporarily make my graphics return to example A. However, it's growing tiring having to change his eyes every time I want to check what his facial structure looks like. This doesn't just happen on one defective item - it happens randomly, so I know it's not one select piece of custom content.

The most infuriating thing is, every time I enter my actual sims game, all the settings are like they are on their lowest, even though all my settings are turned up to high. In effect, my ingame graphics are even worse than example B from Bodyshop.

I installed a webcam a few days ago, and that is when the problems started. However, when I unplugged my webcam and restarted my computer, the problems persisted. I am deleting hacks and new CC to check if any of them are causing the problem, though if you have any suggestions in the meantime, I would love to hear them.

(Ps - I have tried deleting the accessory, cigen, and groups file. It didn't work. I am also definitely sure I am using the latest version of the game and bodyshop, and selecting the right icon.)

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