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Author Topic: The Kerrnow Tales - Chapter 3 posted  (Read 5892 times)
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« on: July 10, 2008, 06:12:02 pm »

[size=20]The Kerrnow Tales - Prologue[/size]

The king and the queen of any kingdom have to set the example to the people of the land, beggining with a large  family. The Dimrills were a happy family, not so big, but absolutely royal in the real meaning of the word.

King Daron had a good and noble heatr. He was honest and kind. And that he tried to pass on to his children so that one day the boys would become honourable men.

Prince Baudwin (the heir of the throne)...

...and Dale (the younger).

Little princess Branwen was far too young to learn anything, except that she was very much loved by her parents. At that age she belonged entirely to her mother. She was Quen Mawde's joy and happiness...for such a long time the queen wished to have a baby girl...

The king was always with his children when the work of Estate allowed him to. Before being a king, he was a father who loved his family very much, and we al know that in medieval times it was not a very common behaviour.

Since Branwen was born, the queen spent less time with her male children. The king noticed they missed her presence very much and tried to explain it was perfectlky normal to a young man to miss mama, but it was time to grow up and become little men. They might even become his esquires


Dale was the one who could not accept that. He missed his mama terribly and blamed Branwen for that. It was all her fault! If she were never been born, it wouldn't have happened! Ever!
Baudwin, the older brother, now a teenager, knew all about Dale's feeling towards their sister

Baudwin: You should not think this way, little brother. Brwanwen is a gift of God to our parents, you should rejoice that mother is now so happy. You 'll see, she will grow up and you two are going to play together
Dale: She stole my mama from me...and  I can never forgive that...
Baudwin: Do not say that ever again, Dale!! She is our sisiter, no matter what  you might think or feel about her!! Know that!

In time it was difficult for King  Daron to conceal that Baudwin was his favourite child. The beautiful prince was kind-hearted. He started to think about a possible marriage to his adored son

And for Dale as well. Aliances throught marriage were the best one. Later on he would think of Branwen...

Some Years Later

The two princes wer almost adults now. Each one had his men-in-arms to command and Baudwin helped his father in the afairs of Estate, learning, thus, to be a good king when the time was right for him to be one.

Not Dale. He was still the little prince....

But...unfortunately, the two brothers weren't very friendly anymore as they have been in childhood

And all because of two women...

An unfortunate surprise came to pass in an autumn afternoon...
The queen very saddened because she was the reason of the quarrel of her children, suddenly felt unwell and passed away before anybody could help her....

Dale was inconsolable...

After that, the two brothers became almost undeclared enemies.
The king followed his queen the next winter and Baudwin became king

Branwen became a fine girl... and she looked very much like her late mother, the queen.

The king her brother loved her very much.
Prince Dale hated her with all his heart and soul...and he had plans for both the king and the princess in mind...

Dale: One day the king will


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« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2008, 06:17:40 pm »

kool.. a little kooky but awesome!

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« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2008, 02:03:01 pm »

DAmn that was good!! Encore! encore! ^_^


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« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2008, 08:00:34 pm »

[size=20]The Kerrnow Tales - Chapter 1[/size]

Destiny. Wyrd




Donnarah: The old king Daron is dead
Tyrah: Yes, Iv'e heard that. Baudwin is far too good to be a king for this country. We have to do something.

Worda: Who do you think you are, Tyrah? Oden? You can't kill people at will just because you don't like them...
Tyrah: Bah! Baudwin is weak!! Now he's seeking a wife for the welfare of the kingdom, but you know he's always been in love with some girl...

Donnarah: Dale was born from my charm. He will be a good king...if Baudwin dies...
Worda: Enough!! I'm using the Encantata charm. He will be my eyes and ears in the land of men...
Donnarah: EncantataHuh?? No!!
Worda: Right now!!

The three sisters gathered around the cauldron. Tyra started speaking the old words of the charm in a the ancient witch language

Tyrah: An'il nathrach, ortha bh'is bheatha, do thuar dhéanamh' *
An'il nathrach, ortha bh'is bheatha, do thuar dhéanamh'

Donnarah and Worda followed her chant

An'il nathrach, ortha bh'is bheatha, do thuar dhéanamh'

Worda started to feel some changes on her body, like there was something inside of it and moving

Worda: It is working!!!
Tyrah: An'il nathrach, ortha bh'is bheatha, do thuar dhéanamh'

Donnarah: An'il nathrach, ortha bh'is bheatha, do thuar dhéanamh'

Worda: He is coming, he is coming!!

Worda: Hello little one... you are very important to the world. You will be mommy's eyes and ears in the land of men
Donnarah: What's going to be his name?
 Worda: Daoine Sí little immortal and invencible boy...

Tyrah: Wait!! Wait!! There is going to be one weakness in him, just one!!

Worda: What are you talking about?

Tyrah: I see a faerie mna-shee ... Erú...

Worda: She is going to be sorry for the end of her miserable immortal life if she dares touching my baby boy...Syd is going to be grand...more important and powerful than princes and kings...

*Serpent's breath, charm of death and life, thy omen of making
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« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2008, 08:46:17 pm »

This is very interesting... I can't wait to see how it goes.

:help: The Fear- Part Two
Part two is now up for those of you who wish to read. If you have the time, please do read and possibly even leave feedback. Thank you so much! :worship:

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« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2008, 03:58:38 pm »

this is cool
and i <3 the name Baudwin

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« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2008, 07:01:26 pm »

[size=200]The Kerrnow Tales - Chapter 2[/size]

Morrighan the goddess was upset. She had nothing interesting to do. She just couldn't take it any more...painting, playing flute, playing with her pets...Her husband was always at meetings with other gods, mainly  Lugh and Danú....she was really getting tired of that....

She invited her younger sister Donnarah to spend some days with her. Donnarah had always been very creative and Morrighan was sure they would have a great time together, just like when she was single.

Donnarah: I don't get it. You have a wonderful house, a loving husband, a great lady life...and yet you are bored...why???
Morrighan: Oh, I don't know!...I feel so lonely when Arwan travels...ay me...

Donnarah: Hum....I think I get it....but I must think first...and so do you!
Morrighan:Think! I'm sick of thinking!! I want to have some fun...adventure...go out of this place!!

Donnarah: Relax sista. I know exactly what you are talking about, then I think I have the solution for your problems...

Arawn: Havig fun, girls?
Morrighan: We are just about to start, darling. Don't tell me you are going out again?

Arawn: Unfortunatelly the answer is yes... Lugh summoned me to take part of a trial of a mortal...very boring, indeed...
Morrighan: Well...if it is that could stay and we could have some fun together... I miss you...
Arawn: Ah, so sorry darling, but you know a god's duty...


She pouted

Arawn; Don't do that to me, Mor! I feel guilty already to leave you here all by yourself every time I have to leave. When I come back we can try to have a baby. What do you say, huh darling?

Arawn was gone one more time.
The two sisters were alone in the Castle of Shadows ready to have some fun...

Morrighan: Well? What do you have in mind?

Donnarah laughed

Donnarah: Your husband just walked out of that door and you are thinking of ....that already?
Morrighan: Stop it, Donnarah!! You do remember how much fun we used to have with the peasants when I was single, don't you?
Donnarah: How could i ever forget about it? Oh, yes! I remember something!! There is this pretty boy down there who is studying to be a druid. He 's just your kind of guy and very cute!!

Morrighan smilled.

Morrighan: But wait!! I can't leave the castle when The Lord of Death is not in. I'm in charge...oh no!!!
Donnarah: And since when you will need to leave...? I do'nt see a problem there, sista. I might not be as good as Tyrah, but I can make a charm or two Let's go to the lab

In the Land of Men, down in the Valle

Young Cathbad Mountainwhite was working very hard on his vegetable and herb garden. Master Taliesin was about to inspect it in two days and Cathbad hadn't done his homework lately. But he had to put a roof over his head before anything. His little house was now ready and Cathbad didn't need to slep out in the rain anymore. He was just hoping and praying that Master Taliesin understood that...although he knew he 'd probably deserve every harsh word the Master would tell him

Suddenly he started feeling really weird, his legs and arms felt heavy....

And dizzy too... What was happening to him? Was it something he had eaten

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« Reply #7 on: July 17, 2008, 03:02:10 pm »

Ooh.  Intriguing!  I'm enjoying this story.  Thoughtful and creative.  Very interesting storyline, too.  Great job!

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« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2008, 12:51:07 pm »

woohoo, i like this alot Smiley
« Reply #9 on: September 26, 2008, 07:11:12 am »


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« Reply #10 on: November 05, 2008, 09:50:39 pm »

[size=20]The Kerrnow Tales - Chapter 3[/size]

Atention: picture heavy[/size]

Morrighan Very well sista, Let's see what you are capable of...
Donnarah: Take it easy, Mor!!! It can be a little hard to transport the body of an adult man...

Donnarah: He will be here soon...

Donnarah: D ata dderwydd!! D ata dderwydd!!

Donnarah: Ta-da!! Here is your little toy!! But now you listen to me, Mor: be extra careful or Arawn will father a bastard child of a mortal man
Morrighan: Stop the none sense!!! You may go now. I can take care of him form now on.

Morrighan: *in a very suave voice* Wake up, pretty are about to enter paradise...wake up...

Cathbad: Huh...what happened...?

Cathbad: Where am I? Ouch my head...

Morrighan: Hello pretty boy... I have a good medicine for your headache...

Cathbad: Who are you?
Morrighan Hum...too many questions...what is your name, pretty boy?
Cathbad: Cathbad Whitemountain
Morrighan: Such a lovely name you have! It does suit you...

Morrighan: Don't fight me...don' are not strong enough for that... you are not a druid yet...
Cathbad: N-n-no...w-who are y-you?

Morrigan: Oh...very if you give me a real kiss, I might tell you where you are...

Morrighan: That's very good!!! Now come with me...
Cathbad; Hey, promised
Morrighan: Not now. Afterwards...

It was not difficult for Morrighan to seduce young Cathbad and take him as her lover. He didn't resist very long and gave in to her charms, after all she was the Lady of the Shadows, the Goddess of  Death...

They always met at the Castle of the Shadows in the absence of Arawn, mainly when Morrighan was angry at her husband...
But then...something that was impossible to happen, came to pass...

Morrighan ended up pregnant with Cathbad's child, a mortal...
From the day she found it out on, young Cathbad never went to the Castle of Shadows again...

However, time would bring young Cathbad an expected surprise...
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