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Author Topic: is the sims2 compatible with stories???  (Read 3845 times)
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« on: April 02, 2008, 12:10:02 am »

i know this may seem like a dumb question but on my computer i can't play either game when they are both insalled... so i uninstalled all my sims2 games so i could play the "stories" games and now i want to play my sims2 games so i uninstalled all the "stories" and tried to install my sims2 games and after putting in the 2nd disc of the sims2 and an error message pops up saying "a problem occurred when trying to transfer the file TSdata-res-sound-voice6.package from the media." and it won't finish installing.

i don't have any problems with the sims2 game until after i install any of the "stories" games. so i'm wondering if while installing those games if they possibly install something that doesn't get taken out when uninstalling them and if that's incompatible with the sims2 games?

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« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 10:03:25 pm »

The only thing i can say is try deleting it from your registry as well when you delete the game each time.

I have both Sims 2 and Life Stories, they are both installed and work great.  I have never had an issue with them. So i dont know about the issue you are talking about. But if you delete the game from the registry after uninstalling it, it should get rid of any extra files that are on the computer that shouldnt be.

Hope that helps at least somewhat

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« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2009, 05:13:47 am »

I have the full TS2 (all EPs and SPs), all three Stories games and TS3 installed on my machine. They are ALL independent games. None of them have ever cross-talked and they do not interfere with each other. I have totally different sets of custom content and defaults in each and there has never been any form of cross-contamination between them. They are separate entities. They have separate folders within Program Files, they have separate folders within My Documents, they have separate executable files. I have never had a problem having all of those on my PC at the same time.

As the games do not interfere with each other, it is more likely that you are unable to have them on your HDD at the same time because you might be low on space or for another reason. All of those games like to reserve a certain amount of space for themselves and it is possible that you just do not have enough. Or something else is causing this. But not the games themselves.

As for that file not copying  over, try cleaning the disk with a lint-free cloth and if that doesn't work, try cleaning the drive by gently blowing dry air from a can over the components. Check that the disk is not scratched. Sometimes they fail due to scratches. Check both sides - underneath and on top. If the top is scratched, it's possible that some of the data has been affected. If the bottom is scratched, you can take it to a computer store and ask them to fix it. There are machines that sand/scrape/file scratched disks and refresh them through the wonders of modern technology by fixing the underside. If the top is scratched then you're stuffed, because that's where the data is (or at least that's the way it has been explained to me).

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