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Author Topic: Unexpected ~ Sequel to Murdered with Love ~ Chapter Thirteen  (Read 11052 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 18, 2008, 01:48:06 pm »

Thanks for the comments, guys! ^__^

Heh, I only just realised how crappy the pictures in this chapter actually are... Sorry. >.<

Chapter Nine – Hospital drama

“Damn.” Alex watched his left hand, while clinging to the tree with the other. He had accidentally placed his hand in bird poop.
“This... is... the... last... time...” He lifted himself a little higher. “I... save... a... murderer...” His hands touched the brick wall. “Out... of...” He opened the window. “A... hospital...” He jumped through it.

He reached the ground, not as silent as he had hoped. When he heard footsteps he quickly hid behind a shelf. The footsteps went away again, and Alex grabbed the clothes in his bag. After he had changed, he looked just like any doctor. He grabbed his glasses and silently left the room, heading for the security room. This was going to be a hard part. When he finally arrived, he breathed in, and ran through the door. The man behind the desk looked up.
“Quick! There is an intruder on the first floor!” The man frowned.
“Really? I don’t see anything on the cameras.” This was the tricky part. The man had to believe him now.
“Well, there is one! He stood next to a patient, he... he had a knife!” The man’s eyes widened and he jumped up, and ran through the door. Alex grinned and sat on the chair.

He quickly logged into the system, with the password one of his friends at the police had provided him with. He erased himself from the tapes. Easy enough. But what was next wasn’t easy. He had to send fake information to the cameras. This meant he sent the cameras recordings of everything as it had been an hour ago. It was a little dangerous, and easy to solve as soon as the computer was turned off. But he just had to hope the security wouldn’t notice.

Alex ran out of the room again, and took the stairs. The elevator was too slow. Everything depended on timing. He couldn’t permit himself to loose a single minute. Next time I won’t make this an one-man operation. He looked around the corner to see whether anyone was coming, but the hall was empty. He ran into Val’s room. She looked up, and dropped the book. He took her hand and pulled her out of the bed. Almost immediately she fell, her legs unable to carry her weight. She wore the outfit of a nurse, like he had instructed her. Alex lifted her again, and she added the last touch to her disguise. At the very moment she finished, voices sounded. Damn. The cop was back from his bathroom break. Alex had hoped they would make it in time, but apparently they had been to slow. Time for some acting, then.

The cop noticed the open door, and entered the room. Val leaned against the wall, trying to hide the fact she could barely stand.
“Hey! What are you doing here?”
“We wanted to check the patient, of course.”
“Well where is she?”
“We don’t know. Not here,” Alex replied.
“You didn’t see her?”
“And you?” He turned to Val.
“Eh, no. But I did see a man run around the corner. He wore black clothes.”
“Thanks!” The man ran off.

“Okay. We need to get you out of here,” Alex said, as soon as the cop left the room.
“Brilliant plan. There’s just one problem. I can barely stand, let alone walk.” Alex looked around, till he found what he needed. He let Val sit on the wheelchair, and raced through the hall.
“Will you watch out!” she yelled when they almost hit a doctor. He just laughed and pushed harder. God, just like I’m a kid again. He grinned again, and then reminded himself this wasn’t kindergarten, but a hospital, and he was helping a murderer escape.
“Christ! Alex! Watch that thing!” Val freaked out. Alex pushed the wheelchair around the corner, only just missing a chair. He finally slowed down when they came near the entrance. He waited till someone opened the door, and then pushed the wheelchair through it. Unfortunately he lost control of the thing halfway, which caused him to fall and the wheelchair and Val to ride against a bin.

“God damn,” she panted when she finally stood again, leaning on the bin. “This is the last time you’re helping me escape.”
“Let’s hope so.” He opened the door, and they both sat down in the car. Alex started it.

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« Reply #31 on: March 18, 2008, 04:40:06 pm »

They're out!  They're out!  But for how long??  
Yep, that's me, rooting for the murder, lol

Link: The tights-wearing, puzzle-solving wonder!
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« Reply #32 on: March 18, 2008, 10:23:24 pm »

Gotta go!Dad just got done with is shower!
My heart is racing!


Everytime We Touch is a 5 star movie!Best ever!

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« Reply #33 on: March 19, 2008, 10:36:20 am »

Ah!  I cheated and read the whole thing to the end on Sims2Uk.  
I was very very good by the way!  And it was very unexpected as the title says.

Link: The tights-wearing, puzzle-solving wonder!
"You know, you'd think that after seven dungeons you'd have figured out how to open a door without breaking the key." -Nami (

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« Reply #34 on: March 19, 2008, 10:51:15 am »

omg alex is mad! crazy mad! or maybe he is in on it too!

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Is your sim starring in it?

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« Reply #35 on: March 19, 2008, 03:24:48 pm »

All my characters are crazy mad. Might've something to do with the writer being crazy mad too. xD

Chapter 10 already... Just telling you, there are 13 chapters and an epilogue. :')

Chapter Ten – Call at 3:34


I was staring at the clock, counting the seconds to see whether it was really as accurate as Alex said.
“Hah,” I muttered.
“What?” Alex drove the car into a forest.
“Your clock isn’t that accurate. It is already 3.34 for ten seconds.” Alex rolled his eyes. At the very moment his cellphone ringed, causing us both to gasp in surprise.
"Will you take that?"

I nodded and picked the thing up. The person at the other side of the line started to scream immediately.
“Are you mad? Helping a murderer escape! This will cost you your career! You’ll go to prison!” I frowned, and moved my hand a bit away from my ear, waiting for the man to stop screaming.
“Steam,” Alex explained. Steam continued yelling.
“If you bring her back now we might be able to keep you out of prison!”
“Sorry, I’m not interested.”  I answered. “Excuse me, but I’m not bringing her back.” Alex grimaced at the word her. I ended the conversation.

“Did you really have to do that?”
“Well, actually...” Alex sighed.
“Brilliant. I’m already losing my job, and now you make me seem a complete idiot too.”
“You don’t need me for that.”
“Happy to help.”
“Why am I actually helping you escape?”
“Because they’re after you now too. Welcome to the club.”
“I want to quit already.”


Two hours later I woke up. I lifted my head off the dashboard. I’d fallen asleep without even noticing. Next to me Alex was yawning too.
“You know, we could swap.”
“Swap?” He yawned again.
“Yeah. I’m awake now, but you, on the other hand, look like you could use some sleep.”
“OK, just park the car here, and I’ll swap with you.”

Minutes later we swapped places. I started the car again, and was happy to discover I was still able to drive a car, despite my injuries. Alex had already fallen asleep, when I saw a light in my mirror. Before I had time to take a good look, it disappeared again, as if nothing had happened. Maybe nothing had happened. Maybe I had just imagined the light, because I was tired. Just when I decided I had imagined the light, it appeared again. Then I also noticed a second light, close to the first. It was a car.

“Damn.” The police was signing us to stop. Like we would just surrender like that. Instead, I let the car go a little faster. Behind us the police car also gained more speed. Before I knew it, they were next to us, pushing the car to the left. To the trees.
“Oh no,” I muttered. “One car accident is more than enough.” I stopped the car abruptly. The engines protested. Probably this wasn’t all together good for the car. Well, if I had to chose between the car and my life, I certainly wouldn’t pick the car.

The police car almost bumped into the tree, but at the last moment it went right. I turned the car, and took another way. This one was even smaller than the first one, barely visible. We rode over a giant rock, and for a moment I was afraid the car wouldn’t take it, but then we were past it. The police however, still speeding up, didn’t notice the rock. With an incredibly high speed their car rode over it. There was a loud BANG and the police car started to fall to the left. Because it had still a lot of speed it bumped into a tree. There were several screams, and I grinned. Safe. For now. Alex woke up, and noticed the crashed police car.
“Did I miss something?”

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« Reply #36 on: March 22, 2008, 04:18:57 pm »

SWEET!Anybody here wanna celebrate me being back, again?Anybody?*sighs*Okay.....
Sweet story!Wish I could be here on the releases. I am back at my grandparents today. So it might be another week or two. I might come back on a 2 minute mission just to check everything out. If I have too, I will wake up in the middle of the night at my place, sneak upstairs, log into insimenator, type a few things, and head back to my bed without anyone noticing.
:)I love myself!


Everytime We Touch is a 5 star movie!Best ever!

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« Reply #37 on: May 23, 2008, 11:54:38 pm »

Back again! Whoa...haven't posted since March...anyways, hey! Feels good to be back! Stretching across the site. I am sad to know I missed a lot. But I think I can manage. Maybe.....


Everytime We Touch is a 5 star movie!Best ever!

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« Reply #38 on: July 04, 2008, 08:35:53 pm »

MOAR! the story is so juicy! lol, i haven't read this story since chapter 3 i think XD

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« Reply #39 on: July 06, 2008, 04:12:44 pm »

I'm sorry for not updating in forever. Here are chapter 11 and 12. Excuse the crappy pics.

Chapter Eleven - Sorry

"Don't you ever feel sorry?" Alex picked up a branch and poked in the fire. We were camping in the forest, since Alex didn't want to take the risk people would recognise us. Believe me, by now our faces are all over the television, he had said.
"Feel sorry for what?" He lifted his eyebrows and continued staring at the fire.
"For what you did."
"And what did I do?" His expression changed to something I recognised as disbelief.

"Well, you know... Those people you killed? You can't have murdered them all without feeling anything. That's impossible, right?" It was my turn to stare at the fire. Did I feel anything? Did the faces of the people I killed haunt me in my sleep? Was I accompanied by guilt all the time? Or was I indeed a monster without feelings?
"I don't know." We both sat in silence for a moment.
"Well... We can't change what happened." Alex rubbed his chin. I noted he was starting to develop a beard.

"We can't indeed. I'm not sure I would change anything at all, even if I could. What I... what I did is part of me. Take it away and I wouldn't be the person you're now talking to." Alex sighed.
"Maybe that would have been better."
"Of course that would have been better. But we both know that's not what happened."
"I know. But what I've been wondering the past five years, is why you started killing. Why did you pick that man that night? By accident? Or did you have it planned? Maybe it was fate?"
"He... He owed me."
"He owed you? Whatever that man possibly did made you kill him?"

"Did he deserve it?"
"I think so." Alex sighed once more.
"The boy, why the boy? No, don't tell me he stepped on some flowers. You nearly killed Danielle yourself."
"She started it."
"Come on Val! Take some damn responsibility! You're a grown up woman, for god's sake! You can't keep blaming it on Danielle!"
"I know, Alex! Okay, what I did was wrong, but please, it's enough now! I know I will be punished, but just quit reminding me!"
"Sorry. You're right. You didn't do anything wrong in the past five years. I just wish I could change what happened."
"I wish that too. Goodnight, Alex."
"Goodnight, Val."

Chapter Twelve – Changes

The brightest daylight woke me up from a dreamless sleep. I slowly got up, my unwilling body still stiff after a night on the cold ground. I noticed the tiniest layer of frost on the grass surrounding me. It was really getting colder. Alex was already awake, rubbing his hands together.
“If you’re cold, why don’t you go sit in the car?” I asked him.
“I would,” he answered. “Except that I lost the car keys.”
“That’s right. I took them.” I threw the keys in Alex’ direction. Being the blind and barely awake guy he was, he missed them by more than ten centimetres. They reached the ground two metres behind him, and he kneeled to search them.

After little more than a minute a triumphantly smile appeared on his face and he opened the door.
“Where are we going, actually?” I asked as soon as we were both installed in the car.
“Not sure. Somewhere warm, in any case.” He fastened his seat belt.
“And how were you planning on getting there unnoticed and without any money?”
“Who said there was no money?” Alex started the car.


“Once more, what exactly are we doing here?” I watched the nearly two metres tall man pick up an extremely sharp looking pair of scissors.
“We are letting these people do their jobs, which is changing our faces.”
“You know, I don’t feel very comfortable with this.” The man now dropped at least a dozen bandages on the low table next to my head.
“No need to worry,” Alex voice sounded normal, but I noticed from the corner of my eye that his face was definitely more pale than normally. Then the man went over to the surgery table Alex was lying on. He injected something in Alex’ arm and three seconds later he passed out. The man came my way. Oops, my turn.
“I want you to count back from ten.” I wasn’t at all sure whether I wanted to go out with this tree-like man, but what choice did I have? The man injected the same thing in my arm.
“Ten.” My arm started to feel weak. “Nine.” It slowly spread through the whole of my body. “Eight.” I noticed I was starting to breathe slower. “Seven.” My eyelids were so heavy. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was the giant reaching for his pair of scissors. Oh god.


The sound of a conversation woke me up again. I tried to open my eyes, which was harder than expected. I lifted one hand and felt the area around my eyes. There were stitches everywhere. Oh my, what kind of monster have I become? I struggled to sit up. When I finally managed to open my eyes, I saw a slightly bewildered Alex stare into a small mirror. He looked up. The changes to his face were enormous. I barely recognised him. Still too shocked to say anything, he handed me the mirror. I observed my reflection.

“Crap.” When I had changed my hair colour five years ago it had already been a huge change, but this was simply, well, I didn’t have words for it. They even dyed my hair back to its original colour. Then I noticed something odd.
“My eyes changed color!”
“Yeah, I know.” Alex replied. The injected some sort of fluid into our eyes, and that changed the color. I continued to stare at the mirror.
“Well,” Alex said at last. “We better get going.”

Next chapter is the last one, after that there's only an epilogue left.

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« Reply #40 on: July 06, 2008, 06:42:24 pm »

O.MY.GOSH! i can't wait to see the next chapter!


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« Reply #41 on: July 20, 2008, 04:39:18 am »

Here's the last chapter, after this only the epilogue is left... ^^

Chapter Thirteen – I love you

“Look mom, it’s snowing again!” the girl squeaked excitedly. The white snow started to fall on her black hair, leaving white spots behind.
“I know, nice sight, isn’t it?”
“You know mom, today we built a snowman at school!” The two walked around the corner, entering a smaller street. All the houses were decorated in Christmas style, even though Christmas was still weeks away. All faces glowed with excitement. Maybe there would be a white Christmas after all.

“That’s great honey, was he big?”
“Enormous!” The girl skipped over the pavement. She suddenly stopped at a certain shop. Her little face got a serious expression. “Mom, do you think Santa Claus would give me that bear if I am a really good girl?” The woman laughed. The bear in question had actually been hidden in a wardrobe for several months already.
“I’m sure he’ll bring that present if you’re a good girl.” They left the street and crossed the road. Nearly home.

“Mom?” the girl continued.
“Julie said Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Is that true?” She looked up.
“No dear, that’s not true. As long as you believe in Santa Claus, he’s there.” The girl seemed happy with this answer and slid her hand into the woman’s.
“Is dad home already?”
“I think so. Let’s go and find out.” The woman started to run. The child grinned and followed shortly.

Heavily panting they reached their destination. In front of one of the identical houses they finally stopped. Just when the woman wanted to open the door, it was thrown open. A man ran down the steps.
“Val, they’re here!” He seized the girl’s wrist and pulled her in the car.
“Who’s here?” the child asked surprised. Instead of answering Val closed the door of the car and jumped in too.
Where are they, Alex?” she hissed. He started the car.
“Locked in the bathroom,” he whispered. “It’s just a matter of minutes.” Way faster than the speed limit they rode out of the street.
Who is locked in the bathroom, mum?”
“No one is locked in the bathroom, Sarah.”
“But dad said he had locked them in the bathroom!”
“He was just kidding.”
“Where are we going, mom?”
“To aunt Felicia,” Alex replied. “You’ll be staying with her for some time.”
“That’ll be fun,” she commented, somewhat more comforted. “When will you come back?”
“We don’t know yet,” Val answered.

Alex stopped the car in front of a small house. They quickly left the car.
“But mom, won’t I need any clothes?”
“Aunt Felicia will get you some new.” A woman slightly older than Val opened the door.
“They’re here Felicia.” The woman simply nodded. They both hugged the girl.
“We’ll be back soon, love.”
“I’ll wait here, then,” Sarah simply replied. Felicia got hold of her hand as Val and Alex hurried back into the car.


It tore my heart apart to leave my own daughter behind, and soon my vision was blurred with tears.
“She’ll just be fine, Val.”
“I know.” Just when we were nearing the edge of the town a police car appeared behind us.
“They’re getting fast,” Alex simply mentioned. He observed them in the mirror. “They were just on routine. These aren’t the kind of guys they use to follow people.”
“So that’s good?”
“No, that’s bad. Means there’s another team on the way.” He abruptly pulled the steering wheel right and I was being thrown against the car.
“Are we sure they’re following us?” Alex laughed.
“Seeing as you’re probably the only murderer around, I’d say yes.”

It slowly started to get dark, and the police car was still following us. Even worse, there were three of them now.
“When will they stop Alex? When they run out of fuel?”
“No, they don’t give up that easily. Any moment now one of them-” He didn’t get any further, when one of the police cars bumped into the side of our car. Tightening his hands around the steering wheel, Alex managed to get rid of the car. Soon after however the two other cars drove each on a side, and one of them was behind us. No way but straight forward.

“Are they going to make us stop?”
“In a way, yes. But I’m afraid we are past the friendly stage, if there ever was one.” A form doomed up in front of us. Because of the snow and darkness I had been unable to see it before. It was some sort of fence at the side of the road. The police cars continued to guide our car. And in front of us, the fence was still getting closer and closer.

“We’ll drive against it!”
“No, we will drive through it,” Alex corrected me. “See that forest? My guess is that we hit the third tree from the left. And you know as well as I that this time there will be no coming back.”
“How can you stay calm like that! We’re about to die!”
“Well,” he just said. “It doesn’t really matter anymore, now does it?”
That moment we fully hit the fence. The car made a loud noise and the window simply broke into a thousand small pieces of glass. But like Alex said, we went straight through it, continuing our way to the trees. The police stayed behind, but we already had too much speed to stop the car in time. There were no flashbacks this time, nor regret for what I did. Just happiness for the life I had lived.

“Val?” Alex asked calmly.
“I love you.” Then there was a giant BANG and after that nothing but darkness.

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« Reply #42 on: August 02, 2008, 11:23:54 am »

I hardly think that has anything to do with this thread.

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« Reply #43 on: August 02, 2008, 05:38:03 pm »

Wow! This is Awesome

I heart yous' to <33

:lovestor: Cherish, LOVE & Embrace It. :pickleride: :love8:
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