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Author Topic: Female Trenchcoat Recolors  (Read 5803 times)
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« on: August 01, 2008, 05:36:49 pm »

Hey all

Well, a small explanation is in place i guess.
A few of you know my issues with DLMulcow from Sim Antics.
The people there, not all but alot do not have respect for wat others create.
Wat they do is take the best of 2 talented creators and combine their creations.
I other words take a mesh from one and some textures from another and combine these
Wich is very simple to do by most noobs btw Wink

And there is nothing wrong with that but i think it is fair to atleast Credit the people that are responsible for those textures and meshes.
This is were the site and its so called creators(if you can call someone a creator when he finally learned how to copy and past...) fail in my opinion and......even worse, they use stuff without permission, disrespect mesh policy's and/or wishes from the original creators.
When you want to discuss this you get banned of their site immidiatly....says enough eh?

So being banned several times now i choose another way, not the one i want but i see no other way
That means, every outfit wether its a new created one or a conversion based on my meshes will force me to repost my mesh with those recolors included just the way they do with my meshes wich is fair in their eyes, so no harm done right?

So here is a repost of my female trenchcoat mesh and my female multialphaskirt mesh with conversions from drpf
Original textures are from worth a visit!!!!


Well, this isn't the way is it?
I lowered myself to the level of those disrespecting others and i don't want to do that........altho its tempting, i am better then that Cheesy
So wat i did is i improved the excisting outfits, made recolors of the coats and made the shoes match the skirts.
In other words, a much nicer download Wink
You will need the trenchcoat mesh located here:
and the multiskirt mesh located here:


* Bloom_FemaleTrenchcoatToponly_recolors.rar (2477.95 KB - downloaded 2112 times.)

* trenchcoatrecolors.jpg (216.14 KB, 800x480 - viewed 1661 times.)
* Blooms_MultiAlphaskirt_Bsettplats_recolors.rar (625.37 KB - downloaded 639 times.)
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