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Author Topic: Squinge and Chaavik's To Do List Updated: March 4th, 2010  (Read 9806 times)
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« on: September 01, 2008, 11:32:15 pm »

The To Do List

The To Do List is stickied with a rough list of what mods are working with Apartment Life and what mods aren't working with Apartment Life. Also this is where you can check the status of various mods pending an investigation or an update before you post a request to have a mod updated or created.
NOT Compatible With FreeTime and/or Apartment Life:
Servo Change Appearance Package

**Mr Squinge has stated that he is not going to update Servo Change Appearance for AL and MG. At this time, he's not giving permission for an updated version to be uploaded unless you contact him for permission.**

Take Off Accessories Before Pizza
Take Off Accessories Before Hot Tub
Visitor Enabled Answer Phone
Visitors no cooking at shops
Jump on beds less
Community Lot napping
Everyone Sleeps Longer
Single Slap Only
Telescope Alien Abduction Interaction Enabled - Replaced

** NOTE: **

The above interaction, Telescope Alien Abduction Interaction Enabled, has been replaced by Aaroneous with his new mod, Debug - Get Abducted Fixed For FT and AL. This mod makes the option show up on both cheap and expensive telescopes and worked instantly. Use this one instead if you have FT or higher.

Vampires Sleep Forever
No Stray or Wolf Visits - Needs to be looked into for a possible update for AL
GetAbductedEnabledCollection - Needs Update For FT/AL - Won't Update

** NOTE: **

Look at the above note for the other mod that works similarly if you only want to get abducted. This collection is different because it includes pregnancy options that players can choose to install if they want their males to get pregnant only or females to get pregnant only or both with random chances or higher odds becoming pregnant. If you only want the telescope option, use Aaroneous's mod.

Initialize Servos on College Lots/Any Lot - Need to be checked for possible update
No Pet Wants Collection - Need to be checked for possible update for FT
Gardener Door Fix - NOT compatible with BV and FT. AL users can use this one

No Autonomous Family Kiss - AL - Chaavik: 8-14-09
Write Term Paper Faster - FT - Chaavik: 9-10-09
No Autonomous Give Financial Advice - FT - Chaavik: 9-13-09
Newspaper - More Fun And Longer Crossword Puzzle - Universal - Chaavik: 10-10-09

Hey Butler, Leave Those Kids Alone EP8 - Squinge: In Testing: 2-6-09
No Autonomous Cleaning *Insert Action Here* AL - Chaavik - Pending: 3-05-09
No Autonomous Fishing - FT/AL - Squinge - In Testing: 3-16-09
No Autonomous Goodbye - AL - Chaavik - Testing: 7-29-09
SwimPoolTalk - AL - Chaavik - Pending: 9-24-09

Shorter Breastfeeding Time Mod - Sims 2 Base - Chaavik - Testing for aelflaed: 3-4-2010
Looking into the Robots Never Break mod - Pending: 1-27-2010

**Monique's Computer/Laptop Variety (AL) - Chaavik
The list of older mods working with Apartment Life is right here.
The list of older mods working with FreeTime is right here.
AL - Chaavik
EP8 - Squinge

Sims 3 - Chaavik (NOTE: Mods are tested and uploaded into Sims 3 Pudding Improvements section)

**The List will change to reflect the new mods and updates over time as they are released.**
If you do not see the mod listed here or in either FT and/or AL threads, please assume they are not compatible and to ask us to verify them for you before you download.
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