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Author Topic: Power outage during storms and blizzards  (Read 1600 times)
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« on: September 06, 2008, 03:29:22 am »

Squinge, I really appreciate your work. You're such an advanced and skilled modder that I cannot even imagine. When you've left I couldn't download any of your awesome hacks and it was really sad. Now after you've come back I have a tiny request for you.

When Seasons came out there appeared weather for sims. In the base game Maxis introduced some kind of "Weather" with "rain", "thunderstorm" and "lightnings". Somebody at MTS2 extractes those files and made them available in game so you could place the "rain" and it will be raining for some time. When it's raining heavily, there is an electricity failure for some hours and you have to keep your sims in a good mood. I think Maxis has withdrawn the project for unknown reasons, because it was translated to other languages (in my case to Polish). Even when I was using the Insimenator I noticed that there was an option to turn off the electricity and water. I think everything needed for this mod is available, but it needs to be linked to the real weather in Seasons.
Here is a link to the extracted files (Weather mod)
I think the probability of a power outage during storm should be 5% and so during a snowstorm. The longer it's raining the higher chance of having a power outage and water failure.
If it's possible I would be really grateful. I've been lokking for ages to finf out who would agree to create the hack.
Thank you in advance                             Wojtek
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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2008, 01:35:47 am »

That would go a bit beyond the scope of what Squingy does. Sorry. You alway could try your luck in the General Requests forum, though.

Thread go boom! now.

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