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Author Topic: The Sims3 New Info (*September 18, 2008 ) adding some new info  (Read 1572 times)
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« on: September 14, 2008, 09:08:37 pm »

Hello everyone here is some new info on the sims 3 Concerning sims wants and fears.

Greetings , Simmers! You may remember me from The Sims 2 Expansion chats and posts. I now work on The Sims 3, and today I'm going to tell you all about Wishes and Lifetime Happiness in The Sims 3.  


Wishes are a new system in The Sims 3 that provides you with a wide selection of requests that keep your Sims happy as well as working towards some neat short- and long-term goals and rewards. You can choose to promise to help your Sims with a wish or you can throw it away.  Satisfying a promised wish gives your Sim Lifetime Happiness Points and a feeling of fulfillment! What good are those you might ask? You'll be able to use these Lifetime Happiness points to buy Achievement Traits for your Sims, and fulfillment keeps their mood up! The Achievement Traits are sort of like the traits Ben told you about before, but they’re extra advantages you can purchase and unlock. They range from time saving (Steel Bladder: who doesn't like the idea of never having to pee?), economically wise (Haggler: all your shopping is cheaper), or even more extreme traits (Mid-Life Crisis: change what were permanent traits into better, worse, or just different ones for a change of pace!). There are more than 20 Achievement Traits to pick from!


Now that’s the quick overview of progression. Here’s my Wish gameplay style!

When I play with wishes, I look at them as the things my Sim thinks about doing or thinks about working towards that I'm helping her to achieve. Wishes are little (or large) goals that my Sim encounters as she goes about her day. She may wake up and wish to “make waffles” because her favorite food is waffles. Later, when she's at work, she might wish to “get promoted” or “improve a skill”. After work she can visit the park and get a wish to “meet somebody” since she’s friendly or “go to the art gallery” because she’s artistic. All throughout the day she will get these wishes and I decide if I want to help her to achieve those things or if I want her to pursue something else. It’s a fun system to play with. If I’m busy, I can choose a smaller wish to work on and feel like I helped her out. If I’m in for a long, marathon Simming session, I’ll focus on helping her become a “Master Chef”—something more time consuming, but ultimately more rewarding.


We’ve looked back on our experience with Wants from The Sims 2, and think that you’ll find the Wish gameplay feels really different and better than Wants. You’re now free to pick or ignore your Sims’ wishes without fear of some sort of mental breakdown. Instead you really get to focus on telling the story and making decisions; your Sim just makes suggestions along the way. If you promise that you’ll help your Sim get married, then decide to throw that wish away, your Sim will be a little sad (who wouldn’t be!) but otherwise it’s really all up to you.


Wishes come from anywhere and everywhere, based on your Sims’ traits, her job, her skills, her friends or coworkers, where she is in town, or what she might be doing. It makes the wishes feel very dynamic and interesting. Long-term wishes really give you something to strive for and focus on, a goal and purpose for your Sim. I think you’ll really enjoy seeing the wishes you will come across by playing a Shy, Artistic Sim or an Evil, Insane, Genius Sim. It’s a different experience every time!


Thanks for reading and happy Simming!

I think I am going to call him Wolfgang
September 12, 2008 05:11 AM (from mr rod humble)

Hi, I am Rod Humble, Head of The Sims Studio and I am excited about the great work that is going on with The Sims 3.  As a VIP member, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about this new, next-generation game.  


As we develop The Sims 3, I have to say that playing with the new Create A Sim completely captures my attention!  You can hit the random button and create Sims with unique personalities, as well as incredibly varied appearances. It’s hypnotic sitting there generating little beings with unique physical and mental traits.  I just generated a Sim who is a computer wiz, has commitment issues, is easily impressed and can't stand art. He likes Latin Music and his Favourite food is Key Lime Pie. All of those mental traits have an impact in the game world.


He looks like this...


I think I am going to call him Wolfgang


While we are still a bit out from launch next year, the expanded allows us to share what we are working on & what awaits players in The Sims 3. Look to hear from me and other members of the team in the dedicated blog section.

Hope you will find this info useful.

Edit: hello everybody here is some new info about the sims 3.

‘Sims 3′ Details: , Stealing Candy From Babies
Posted by Tracey John on 9/15/08 at 4:31 pm.
Last week, I got a look at “The Sims 3” for the first time.

To be honest, I hadn’t played “The Sims” since the release of the “Hot Date” expansion pack for “The Sims 2″; it was then I had the sudden realization that I should go outside to find real “hot dates.” (This is coming from the person who would later become a regular “World of Warcraft” player, so you can guess how the “hot date” prospect turned out.)

Anyway, during a demo at a PR office in New York City, associate producer Lyndsay Pearson, ran down a few saucy, new details about the game that makes staying inside seem worthwhile:

A simpler, user interface – The user interface for “The Sims 3″ looks more complex than that of previous games in the series. Its main screen includes more tabs and meters that go into more detail on a particular Sim’s relationships, personality traits and moods. However, Pearson told me the team was actually trying to make the interface “more approachable.” She said the game’s tutorials are designed to ease players — both longtime and new — into the gameplay. “People that are a little daunted by the game, we really want them to understand it’s about how you want to play,” she said. “And we’ll teach you the basics, but then if you don’t want to pay attention to [certain aspects], you don’t have to. If you just want to play this part, that’s cool. It’s totally up to you.”

“We want to make it look easier, but it’s still got all the fun stuff for the people that want to be all detailed.”
Pearson also said not to worry: The game also has the hardcore “Sims” player in mind. “We still offer the hardcore fans ways to find the most extreme path to get results, and that’s the kind of stuff they love,” she said. “And so as long as we can still offer that for them, I think we can cover that spectrum pretty well and make it a fun experience for everybody. We want to make it look easier, but it’s still got all the fun stuff for the people that want to be all detailed.”

Easier house customization — Pearson promised that customizing one’s house in “The Sims 3″ was easier than before. The tools are the same, but they’ve made a few changes to help out the players, like being able to drag walls to make rooms bigger and smaller (versus manually building and deleting walls), and simplifying the ways players can paint walls and floors. For obsessive “Sims” players who might’ve been bothered by not being able to center a two-tile television in front of a three-tile couch, well, the dev team’s fixed that by allowing objects to be centered in the game.”Now you can actually center things!” Pearson said with enthusiasm. “And now you can set it up however you want — you can set things on diagonals and you can really get more realistic with things than you were able to do before.”

“Evil Sims will steal candy from babies.”
Torturing your Sims — The core gameplay of “Sims” games are always good and fun, but I wanted to know: Could you still torture your Sims? Like build four walls around them? Pearson laughed, thankfully, and said, “You will still be able to mess with them. In fact, in ‘Sims 3′ you can mess with other people now, too. You can go into your neighbor’s house and steal their stuff or break their TV, so you can actually be more devious on a grand scale than you have been before.” These deviant behaviors are related to the new personality traits system, where each character can have five distinct personality traits that shape how your Sim behaves and interacts.

“You can be a kleptomaniac, you can be evil, and actually, evil Sims will steal candy from babies,” she said with a laugh. “It will be a little toddler sitting there and then you get this special social to go steal candy from them; then they walk up to them and just like take it. We always pay attention to the audience that likes to likes to continue to kind of mess with their Sims.” So the “Sims” developers kept me in mind.

“We’ve expanded [woohoo] into the open world as well… if your spouse works at the science lab, you could go visit them in the middle of the day…”
Making “Woohoo” in different locations — I also asked Pearson if sex in the game (called “Woohoo”) was treated the same as in the past. She assured me that Sims can still woohoo “all the time.” And they’re now allowed to do it in other places outside the home. “We’ve expanded that into the open world as well,” she explained. “Your Sim can go on a tour of City Hall and while they happen to be there, they could woohoo there. Then they might get caught and run out in their underwear or they’ll run out in an outfit from a job there or something like that. Or if your spouse works at the science lab, you could go visit them in the middle of the day… [laughs] So you know, we support that. That’s cool.”

However, Sims can’t woohoo anywhere your dirty minds can imagine. “You can’t go to the park or anything like that,” she said. “We have a couple of specific ones that we picked that sort of made sense that you might be there. And you can’t woohoo at school. We have to draw the line in some places.”
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