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Author Topic: Warlokk Bodyshape 34A & 34B Full-Body Add-On MESH Set #1  (Read 6822 times)
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« on: September 23, 2008, 09:12:14 am »

The 34A & 34B Full-Body Add-On Set #1 includes 6 outfits each for the 34A and 34B default sizes, in all hip sizes 32 thru 40. The 34A-32 and 34Bd-38 sizes are shown in the screenshots. These were made using Warlokk's Poser Magnets so as to conform to his Bodyshape Project Sizes.

Included are the Tweed Jacket, Turtleneck Sweater Dress, Sweats, Sundress, Suit, and 'Slick' Suit. Everything is an everyday outfit, but sweats are also in workout clothes.

Each file contains the six meshes and 6 outfits for that particular size, and each outfit has an added pregnancy morph based on my upcoming v2.0 Adult Female Preg Morph Default replacement set, which better approximates the Maxis pregnancy belly and include a breast swell.

Since Warlokk already made the Sweats and Sundress for the B-default sizes, my meshes use the same id, so they are compatible with any outifts based on his meshes, and will in fact overwrite his saffely if you wish to use mine instead.

Please note that Mimi_Mimosa at also made some of the Sundresses and they are different id's, so you can use them independantly. outfits that use Mimi_Mimosa's meshes will not work with these meshes, and vice-versa. Mine include my pregnancy morph instead of the normal Maxis one.

All outfits have the same polygon count as the original Maxis outfits.

* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34B-40.rar (2569.49 KB - downloaded 930 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34B-38.rar (2569.28 KB - downloaded 839 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34B-36.rar (2568.23 KB - downloaded 883 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34B-32.rar (2569.13 KB - downloaded 843 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34A-40.rar (2571.14 KB - downloaded 828 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34A-38.rar (2571 KB - downloaded 843 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34A-36.rar (2570.01 KB - downloaded 830 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34A-34.rar (2566.81 KB - downloaded 903 times.)
* Bodyshape_Everyday_AddOn1_34A-32.rar (2570.89 KB - downloaded 885 times.)

* Bd-38_AddOn1.jpg (142.13 KB, 800x800 - viewed 2252 times.)

* A-32_AddOn1.jpg (143.91 KB, 800x800 - viewed 2276 times.)

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2008, 10:50:10 am »

Thank you so much for these!!
Absolutly wonderfull!!
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