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Author Topic: Supernaturals  (Read 2352 times)
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« on: October 25, 2008, 06:34:57 pm »

What kind of stuff can you do to your sims (except alien) in SLS? i wanna turn them into a witch but i dont know how.:sad4:


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« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2008, 09:47:24 pm »

You can't. I think aliens are the only ones in SLS.

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« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2008, 11:20:18 am »

Quote from: Pixykid99;1432836
What kind of stuff can you do to your sims (except alien) in SLS? i wanna turn them into a witch but i dont know how.:sad4:

Well although aliens are the only other game recognized sims, it really just depends on your imagination. I have downloaded many sims and in my own storylines have faerie families, different alien breeds, vampires etc. It's the skins and meshes that determine what your families will look like, so really its up to you.
For example here are Naomi and Vince in my game:

For a closer look:

a neighbor passed by as I was taking these shots...

Thanks to Enayla's beautiful skins. To get you started you can find her skins and more wonderful creators Here

here's a closeup of him:

Notice his eyes have a more realistic look to them. That's because I used "create-a-sim" with him, so I was able to use the eyes that Enayla offers on him.
So I have plant-like sims, aliens of many types, and sims of all shapes and sizes, and it really doesnt matter to me whether the game recognizes my sims as "faeries" ..they still look great. One of my alien sims even has a career as an "alien observer"- so his job is to walk and live among the sims as one of them, lol.
Look around here at Insim & MTS2 and you'll find tons of stuff to enjoy.
Just be aware that if it works in the base game (TS2) it will probably work in SLS (lifestories)... and make sure to take your computer specs into consideration and you should be fine.
As to your other question: Yes the downloaded careers are showing up and working in my game:

I get the Career menus that you see because I have the inSimenator installed. So I really don't have to worry about whether or not the job shows up in the paper if I don't want to and I never have to use the "boolProp cheats enabled" thing.
I particularly like this "stay-at-home-parent position since Naomi is pregnant Smiley:

Oh and I almost forgot with the insimenator you can make your character into a ghost so they float around the house etc... that's pretty supernatural ...
Here is a link to a magical (witches) career I came across. The "Hogwarts" career:
It is offered on the same page with an Astronomy career but you don't need to dl the astronomy one to use the Hogwarts one.
My advice when DL careers is to just make sure the description says that it wont overwrite any of your base careers and back up your game folder before downloading to be on the safe side .
I can't tell you how things compare to TS2 since this is the only game I have. I'm sure from what I've read in the threads TS2 is the better purchase choice.
However if you're somone who bought lifestories not being familiar with the sims (like myself) you dont have to feel that there's nothing that you can do with this game.
The awesome creators on this site and a few others (freesites) have really worked hard to make the game very interesting and enjoyable. So look around, collect some great stuff and have fun!
::smilieiforgetwhi::When you do get great at it share what you know. I certainly understand why newcomers sometimes get what seems like curt, flippant answers... In my own search for answers I've seen the same questions asked ad nauseum (often still unanswered) probably due to the fact that no one minds answering them the first 1,000 times... lol. After that it kinda wears on a person.
At any rate I really had to dig for the answers... and to understand the jargon too, but they were there. I say save a talented creator's time & sanity, lol... let's provide support to each other once we get 'in the know' :happy8:.
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