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Author Topic: LARGEST SIMS 2 FAMILY  (Read 11835 times)
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« on: October 03, 2008, 11:30:35 am »

Hey y'all
i just was curious as to how big everyones biggest sims 2 family is/was/going to be.
Currently i am playing with a family of 12 and the teenage daughter is pregnant with twins :-P, the family wanted to have 10 kids (i think i might give them a couple more) soo i made that heppen!
Any one else have huge families??
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2008, 07:22:37 pm »

A few months ago, I had a family of 13 for a contest on here. Raising a dozen kids I think, haha. It was almost impossible to take pictures because the game lagged so much. Right now I have a family of 8.

Sims is not a hobby, its a life style :tongue3:

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« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2008, 09:27:13 am »

Large families are tough for me to control because I play with free will turned off, so I end up with several sims staring at the wall. But I did have sort of a commune/cult household I tried once with a female sim and her adult son who "took in" all the neighborhood teens.  I think at one time there were 14 kids living there, so that made a household of 16.  It would have been impossible without InSim.. imagine getting 14 kids and 2 adults off to school/work on time without the Motive monitor.  The most fun, tho, was when we had TWO fires simultaneously.  I didn't know that was possible.  It DID reduce the population by two, though.  Tragic.  But funny.

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« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2008, 12:58:22 am »

With one family. I have sixteen hehe. All of them but the two twins are grown up.

Also know as, "amar_el7ob". And I know I had more than 300+ post on the old Insim site :|

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« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2008, 05:09:03 pm »

what is the free will  i have heard of it being turned on and off but what does it do???

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« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2008, 06:03:24 pm »

My largest family was 21.  They lived on a 1x2 lot until I reached 16 members, then I gave them a 2x2 lot but only expanded the current house half the possible size to expand.  (Mootilda's Lot Adjuster allowed me to "grow the lot" without losing the house.)

Oh, no cheats where used to boost motives or give skills.  The head of the household retired at level 4 in his career, his wife never did get outside employment since she was pregnant all the time.  The teenage daughters followed in their mother's footsteps.

Then AL came out and I deleted the neighborhood, as I do with every new EP.

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« Reply #6 on: October 10, 2008, 09:38:21 pm »

Quote from: countrygal89;1413237
what is the free will  i have heard of it being turned on and off but what does it do???

When free will is off, you have total control of your sims.  They will take no autonomous actions (except farting, for some reason).  Doesn't work for visitors, buit if you use InSim to control visitors, then free will is off for them as well.

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« Reply #7 on: October 13, 2008, 03:38:36 pm »

Mine is the Quinn Family they have 14 children and quite a few grandchildren.
There is [COLOR=darkslateblue]Carrie and Daniel[/COLOR], the parents
Kryssy (Orlando)

Charley (Meadow)

Emily (Joe)

John (Karli)
Anaya (Neil)
~Kevin (father is Remmington)
~Aaron (father is Jonas)
Araya (Jonas)

Stella (J-T)
Star (Keith)
Cory (Holly)
Still at Home
Serenity (teen)
Andrew (teen)
Lynn (child-close to a teen)
Stefanie (child)
Hannah (child)
Red is twins, Green is Triplets, Purple is 'adopted' twins, and Blue is quads. They had great grandchildren but then the game crashed on me.
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JetC Forever
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« Reply #8 on: October 14, 2008, 11:57:12 am »

Wow Kat, That's quite impressive! =) Okay here is my current family. Bold is the main children.

Parents: Alexa and Logan Yano

Katrina - adult (dating Mortimer Goth)
Ciera - teen
Michael - teen
Jacquelyn - toddler (twin)
Jasmin - toddler  (twin)

Brennen (deceased from lightning)
Caleb (deceased from house fire)
Nick (deceased form house fire)

Victoria - adult (Zach)
Kiana - child
Megan - child
Skylar - deceased from pneumonia
Lydia - baby

Ryder - young adult (Jessica)
Isabella - child
Carter - baby
Chloe - child (Ryder took her in because their parents were too old)

Kade - young adult (Aaliyah)
Boston - toddler
Briggs - baby (twin)
Kai - baby (twin)

Tyson - young adult (Janessa)
Rosalie - child
Jaelyn - child (adopted)
Bianca - toddler
Maliyah - toddler (adopted)

Anthony - deceased from cow plant
Kayla - child (lives with Annabelle)

Annabelle - adult (DJ)
Dante - child
Laney - child


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« Reply #9 on: October 22, 2008, 06:02:10 pm »

the biggest family i had had 33 people and that was so much fun for me
but now I can't play with that many people because for some reason my people can not get jobs for some reason I do not have any clue of why

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« Reply #10 on: November 01, 2008, 06:01:39 pm »

They are all impressive Families ( I have set mine out similar to "KAT" & qtpie3552" ). I have 19 children and +grandchildren

The main children are highlighted.
Red = Twins
Blue = Triplets
Orange = Quads

Parents: Eleana and Nick Harrison. (Dead)

Mark - adult (married Emma )
Jake - Teen
Chris - Child
Noah - Toddler
Erica - Toddler

Bailey- Adult (Married Harriet)
Milly - child
Cari- Baby (Twin)
Poppy - Baby (Twin)

Tommy - Baby(Adopted)

Tyler - adult (Married/Divorced Quin)
Sarah - Teen
Alysaa - Teen
Then married Laura and had:
Lyla - Baby (Twin)
Lance - Baby (Twin)

Holly - Baby (Adopted)

Logan - Adult (Married Kayla)
Hayden- Toddler
Ava - Baby

Wyatt - Adult (Married Jenna)
Savannah - Teen
Hailey - Child
Brandon - Baby

Tristan - Adult (Married Grace)
Alexis -  Teen
Justin - Teen
Bradley - Teen

Kaitlyn - Child
Amanda - Child (Adopted)
Trinity - Toddler (Twins)
Jennifer - Toddler (Twins)

Austin - Baby
Riley - Baby

Chad -  Adult (Married Lexie)
Amelia - Child

Kade - Adult (Married Jade)
Makayla- Toddler
Amber - Toddler
Jaydon - Toddler
Cody - Toddler

Christian - Adult (Married Ariabella)
Marie - Child
Autumn - Toddler (Twin)
Mya - Toddler (Twin)

Victoria - Toddler
Adam - Baby (Twin)
Marcus - Baby (Twins)

Skye - Adult (Married Timothy)
Robert - Child
Nathen - Toddler
Aron - Baby

Brooke - Adult (Married Zane)
Rhianna - Teen
Charles - Teen
Alison - Child (Twin)
Katie - Child (Twins0

Ariel - Toddler
Peyton  - Baby (Triplet
Colin - Baby (Triplet)
Blake - Baby (Triplet)

Isabella - Adult(Married Patrick)
Ashton - Teen (Twin)
Josh -Teen (Twin)

Mark-Toddler (Adopted)
Zander - Baby
Molly - Baby (Adopted)

Ella - Adult (Married Oliver)
Chelsea - Child (Triplet)
Trinity - Child (Triplet)
Maddie - Child (Triplet)
Scott - Baby (Adopted)

Dustin - Adult (Married Rose)
Ada - Child
Cooper - Child (Adopted)
Scarlett -Toddler (Adopted)
Reese - Baby (Twin)
Rylan - Baby (Twin)


Trey - Adult (Married Cassie)
Dean - Teen
Brian - Teen (Adopted)
Derek - Child (Twin)
Wesley -Child (Twin)

Alex - Toddler (Twin)
Jaxon - Toddler (Twin)

Piper - Toddler
Rae - Toddler

Alice -Baby (Adopted) (Twin)
Tessa -Baby (Adopted) (Twin)

Corbin - Young Adult (Married Ellie)
June -Child (Twin)
Amy - Child (Twin)

Sadie - Toddler
Jamie - Baby (Quad)
Wayne -Baby (Quad
Owen - Baby (Quad)
Parker - Baby (Quad)

Daniella (Dead - House Fire)- Young Adult (Married David)
Micheal - Baby (Twin)
Anya - Baby (Twin)

Charlie - Baby (Quad)
Jay - Baby (Quad)
Ruby - Baby (Quad)
Daisy - Baby (Quad

Tori - Young Adult (Married Nathan)
Hannah - Toddler
Charlotte - Toddler (Adopted)
Destiny -  Toddler (Adopted)
Miley - Baby (Triplet)
Crystal - Baby (Triplet)
Eddy - Baby (Triplet)

My extremely large family.... i have been working on it for agesssss and when i mean ages i mean 3 yrs like (well arround that)

Hope you like Cheesy .x

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« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2008, 08:38:59 am »

I Have another extremely big family that i have been working on for 3yrs.. straight on...

Take in point that they had alot of children while they were teens and that goes for the children to... i would rather have them have chidlren and bring up there children then do other things.

Twins = Red
Triplets = Pink
Quads = Green

Parents: Troy and Chanelle Harrison.

Rain - Adult (Married Leo)
Brianna - Teen (Twin)
Katherine - Teen (Twin)

Haley - Child
Maia -Child (Adopted)
Black - Baby (Twin)
Lewis -Baby (Twin
Amina - Baby

Aiden - Adult (Married/Divorced Leah)
Nikki - Teen
Corey - Teen (Adopted)
Clover - Teen
The Married Violet And Had:
Ivy - Toddler
Joy - Baby (Triplet)
Jerry -Baby (Triplet)
Joe - Baby (Triplet)


Ethan - Adult (Married Tina)
Mike - Child (Quad
Heather - Child (Quad)
Beth - Child (Quad)
Alec - Child (Quad)

Blaze -Baby (Twin)
Mabel -Baby (Twin)

Kaleb - Adult (Married/Divorced Shawna)
Laine - Child (Twin)
Zayne - Child (Twin)

Then Married Fluer And Had:
Cheryl - Baby
Whitney - Baby (Adopted)
Kaiden - Baby

Keira - Adult (Married Taylan)
Allie - Teen
Kirsty - Teen
Joey - Child (Triplet)
Ralph - Child (Triplet)
Jimmy - Child (Triplet)

Nico - Toddler
Franck - Toddler

Kyle - Adult (Married Katherine)(Adopted)
Annie - Teen
Anabelle - Child
Melinda - Child
Joel -Toddler
Curtis - Baby (Twin)
Chandler - Baby (Twin)

Cole - Adult (Married Melody)
Dominic - Teen (Quad)
Bailee - Teen (Quad)
Acton - Teen (Quad)
Storm - Teen (Quad)

Alvin - Child
Cora -Toddler
Jeff - Baby (Adopted)
Lowri - Baby (Twins)
Lori -Baby (Twins)


Seth - Adult (Married Lizzy)
Nora- Child
Rick - Child (Adopted)
Sadie - Toddler (Quad)
Cale -Toddler (Quad)
Sapphire -Toddler (Quad)
Ben - Toddler (Quad)

Marc - Adult (Married Sofia)
Joanna - Teen
Hugo - Child (Twin)
Calvin - Child (Twin)

Kendall -Toddler (Triplet)
Avia -Toddler (Triplet)
Faye - Toddler (Triplet)

Lacey - Baby (Quad)
Clare - Baby (Quad)
Tegan - Baby (Quad)
Earl - Baby (Quad)

Abrielle - Adult (Married/Divorced Greg)
Warren - Teen (Twin)
Bobby - Teen (Twin)

Then Married Dex And Had:
Tianna - Baby (Quad)
Atlanta - Baby (Quad)
Idiana - Baby (Quad)
Alissa - Baby (Quad)

Monique - Adult (Married John-Paul)
June- Child (Triplet)
Felicity - Child (Triplet)
Keisha - Child (Triplet)

Toby - Toddler (Adopted)
Ally - Baby (Twin)
Ray -Baby (Twin)

Thomas - Baby (Adopted)

Alan - Adult (Married Love)
Star - Child (Adopted)
Brad - Child
Louis -Toddler
Andy - Baby

Brielle - Adult (Married Ty)
Darwin - Toddler (Twin)
Pax - Toddler (Twin)

Colt - Baby
Ashlee(Girl) - Baby (Adopted)

Dale - Adult (Married Avah)
Perry - Child (Adopted)
Kaylan - Child
Arthur - Baby (Twin)
Morgan(Girl) - Baby (Twin)

Finn - Adult (Died- Cow Plant)

Derek - Adult (Married Natalia)
Karl - Baby

Ziva - Adult (Married Harris)
Zabrina - Toddler
Raven - Toddler
Kain - Baby (Triplet)
Betty - Baby (Triplet)
Gordon -Baby (Triplet)

Serana - Young Adult (Married Aran)
Apple - Child (Twin)
Avril - Child (Twin)

Trista - Baby
Bandi -Baby (Adopted)
Duke - Baby (Newborn/Just Born)

Todd - Young Adult (Married Elise)
Adrien - Baby (Quad)
Laina - Baby (Quad)
Trisha -Baby (Quad)
Ali - Baby (Quad)

Jasper (Died- Lightning)- Young Adult (Married/Dirvoced(got emma pregnant)Evelyn)
Cerys - Toddler
Then Married/Divorced Emma And Had:
Alexander - Toddler (Twin)
Arani - Toddler (Twin)

Then Married Juliet And Had:
Zarani - Baby

Amalia - Young Adult (Married Luca)
Guy - Toddler (Adopted)
Kimberly - Toddler (Twin)
Kacia - Toddler (Twin)

Layton - Baby (Twin)
Liana - Baby (Twin)

Still At Home
Milo Harrison (Twin)
Trent Harrison (Twin)

:-P Love it Cheesy
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« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2010, 10:12:25 am »

I have loads of families dotted all around my game and almost all are big families here we go.

Liza and Andrew were childhood sweethearts as soon as they turned to adults they got married and started having children straight away.

Zach married Amelie:

Pierce married Lori:
Alice (Child)
Callan (Baby)

Kaleb(Twin) adopted:

Noah(Twin) married Sarah:
Alaric & Darian (Babies)

Still at home:
Cameron & Cooper (Teen)
Emma (Teen)
Daniel (Teen, Adopted)
Freya & Alyssa (Children)
Sion & Abby (Children)
Emory (Child, Adopted)
Tyra (Child, Adopted)
Kara & Tyson & Elliot(Toddlers)
Livvy (Toddler)
Tyler & Isla (Babies)
Ruby & Lexie & Warren & Naryiah. (Babies)

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« Reply #13 on: February 16, 2010, 08:39:13 am »

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« Reply #14 on: January 04, 2012, 08:44:02 am »

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