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Author Topic: The Prediction  (Read 13714 times)
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« Reply #45 on: November 27, 2008, 12:11:01 pm »

Bloodies surrounded castle, mean while Kandaly was trying to give a chance for his wife to run.

Time was out and she was ready to give birth but he had to send her away before war stops. But each moment armies got closer and closer to his end.

He send all troops he had left to protect the castles walls.
Bloodies thought Kandaly did not expected them so they simple charged.
Arion was simply putting on fire the front flanks of enemy, and army of human and elves got careless thinking the victory was in their hands. This mistake almost brought death upon bloodies. Kandaly let out reptiles from his dungeons, most of them were crawling they were easier to kill than the ones flying among the skies. Nily was disgusted to step on bloody earth, this was her womens instinct, to always have everything pure around herself. With this intuitive she washed bodies away with huge wave, but she did not knew that this simple instinct saved liefs of others and her siblings. Because Kandaly was feeding reptiles with poison, he did not want to loose, never it was his weak spot. So if reptile dies poison was let out and army would die soon if not leave for their lives.
From gnome kingdom came a new fresh army, elves barricaded orks borders, so no new army would come to front of dark land. Kandaly wanted to cover his land with darkness where his army had a chance to fight back but Righanna made a tornado spiral that sucked in all darkness and reptiles flying.

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