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Author Topic: Roddy Aleixo's "Link Hair" Complete Retexture in 8 colors (V2)  (Read 9095 times)
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« on: August 19, 2011, 02:22:37 am »

Hey guys. Y'all remember my previous version of this hair, the one with the long pointy ears and that iconic hat all on the same mesh? Well I've been experimenting with different hair textures and found one that fit perfectly, as well as made a color match with a certain skintone for the ears. Also, the hat now comes in 8 different colors, Kokiri Green, Light Green, Goron Red, Light Red, Zora Blue, Light Blue, Light Purple, and Nightcap White.

Overview: Okay, the mesh itself hasn't been altered at all, but since my last post I've changed how things are significantly. My old edits seem a little half-assed compared to what I've done this time around. What has been done is a complete color retexture for the hair and ears as well as 5 new colors for the hat part. The hair texture came from an edit of Myos Male Hair #20 (texture found at Fantasy LostWorld by Devil Cloud) and I thought it was perfect, so I took a swatch out and sized it up on the hair bit. The thing that took the longest was trying to figure out how to do the sideburns (or whatever those are called), since the texture lays on them weird. I've tried everything and still can't properly fix them, so what you see is what you get. They only look funky if you zoom in on them, but look fine if viewed at a normal distance. The ears were easy, I just took out the ear portion of the "Netral" skintone and overlayed it onto the ear part and I must say it turned out better than I anticipated. Since the ears match the skintone, I will be including it in this release. The hat part was easy to do, just took some textures from the glasses versions of the hats and overlayed them into the hat color swatch. Some of them look a tad darker than the tunics, but it's hard to get precise color matches and I wasn't about to try with my limited photo editing skills (working off paint, so yeah >_>). Also this is for all ages so you can have Link grow up from a baby to dying of old age. Grin

Mesh Info: Roddy's hair mesh can be found here, (under Link


Skintone: "Netral" by unknown
Eyes: Submerged blue by Echo
Hair: TommyTiger and DevilCloud texture matches and "Nightcap" by me (hat), texture match from "Netral" skintone by me (ears), texture by DC (hair), original hair mesh by RoddyAleixo
Clothes: "Traditional" OoT tunics by TommyTiger plus Zora recolor by me, purple tunic and green PJ tunic by Devil Cloud, red teen robe, blue child robe and white undies by Maxis

* New OoT Hair (TommyTiger Matches).RAR (345.55 KB - downloaded 491 times.)
* New OoT Hair (DevilCloud Matches).RAR (256.65 KB - downloaded 465 times.)
* New OoT Hair (Special Colors).RAR (163.58 KB - downloaded 442 times.)
* Netral Skintone.RAR (5692.15 KB - downloaded 429 times.)
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