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Author Topic: My Story-Death of a Brotha on the DL  (Read 11352 times)
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« on: November 13, 2007, 04:24:53 am »

Please try to be open-minded while reading, thanks!! Smiley

I've labored over this project for some time now.  Today marks the birth of my first script delivery.  I sincerely hope each and everyone of you enjoy reading it, as much as I've enjoyed presented it to you.

Sit back, relax, and I do hope you enjoy...

Special thanks to:
Our custom content creators without your talent our Sims would not look this lovely
a special thanks to Sandra and joane all the ladies from HotCocoa! If you haven't
join HotCocoa's yet please do you're have much fun and feel much at home.
Heaven - HotCocoa
And a special thanks to GaySimsClub2
Jayurban12 &

I'm not claiming to be a saint, but I'm no devil neither.  They say what goes around comes around, ten fold.

My name is Quintin Chase and  I live with a secret, no one knows; except the men I sleep with. My wife and 15 year old son has no clue who's the man behind the mask.  In the meantime , allow me to take you to a place of the "well known" but, the "unknown" to those who aren't familiar.  For those who do not know what "DL" is, I will give you a brief description.  "DL" means down low, or low down which ever terminology you choose to use. A "DL" brother never tells.  We lie, cheat, stay in denial, and you better not refer to us as GAY, because we are not. We just love sleeping with other men.
How do we assume another brother is down? All you have to do is, just look deep into his eyes, that will usually tell the real story. Then there is the walk, the talk, body jester, the tap of the feet, whenever one of us is in a public bathroom.  We have a multitude of signs and signals.
Now there are times when we slip in the game and get caught!  When that happens, you had better man up, 'cause you live or die in this game.

This is my lovely family, my wife of seven years, Mioshe and my son, Quintin Jr., whom we refer to as Lil Q..  I love my wife and baby boy, dearly.  I'm the bread winner of the family, now, that my wife chose her family over her modeling career, and decided to stay home and  care for our son.  We are always involved in several different things, so we never get bored, with each other.  On the other hand, I have  been living with a secret

that no one knows about....let me take you back a year ago.

I went to a club with a few friends for drinks after work, this wasn't a gay club, mostly straight.  Well, that's what I thought until I saw this fine brother across the floor. He gave me that look you know, the kind, his eyes were guiding me outside.  So I left the bar, walked outside and introduced myself.  He then whispered in my ear, "meet me in the john".  Now of course, I didn't hesitate, this is how it is done.  Those of us that are on the downlow, don't consider ourselves gay.  It's just an urge that comes over us and we just rush out to have sex with another man.  No, we don't fall in love, neither do we commit ourselves to any one individual. There were times when I've invited a guy to my house but, he is seen as just a friend, a sports buddy, or just one of the guys.  


Once inside we immediately went at it, we were hugging and kissing when John guided me into the stall.  I said to him slow down big fella.  Then he said to me "my wife is out there and I can't have her come looking for me, we have to do whatever we are going to do in a hurry"; and we just went for it.  While in the stall my cell start ringing. John wanted to know why I even had it on. He said "you need to turn that thing off with the quickness, so we can get busy.  I glanced at the caller ID, to discover it was my wife Mioshe; I had gone too far to turn around so I  just hit the power button. John and I picked right back up with the kissing and then the fire works began.

"Thanks man." John said.  "By the way, what's your name?" Quintin replied, "You can call me cushion!"

"I hope we can hook up again. Maybe we can meet here next month. We can drive up the coast and have a great time."  Now, I really didn't want to commit to anything, so I said, "I really don't want to get that close." But I asked John for his number and told him I would give him a call. I also suggested, he get back out there to his wife because I knew she might be looking for him.


John and I continued to see each other twice a month. We met in hotels, straight bars, his car or my car; just any place we could get it on.  It was all about the sex.

I didn't leave the  club until around 4:00a.m.  on the drive home I couldn't think of anything else but, how hot John was.  It was 6:00a.m. when I arrived home, I tried sneaking in the house, trying not to wake up my wife.  I tiptoed in the bedroom, noticed the light was on, and there she  was, standing there waiting and just tapping her foot.

"Where the hell you been Quintin? It's been hours since you've got off work and I've been worried all night. I even called your cell and don't ever give me that sh** about you had to work late at the store. I've done my homework and the voicemail was on there, too!"  


"Mo, Mo, look calm your a** down and allow me to explain.  I did call you baby, check the voice mail. I left you a message, telling you a few guys and I was going to the bar after work. The message also said for you not to stay up waiting for me."


"Quintin Chase it's 6 in the morning!  How in the hell you were at a club this long?  You are not setting a good example as a father for our son coming in at all hours of the morning whenever you feel like it! Oh no, I don't think so.....Our son is already asking me why do you stay out so late. Tell me Quintin, what should I tell him? Should I tell him you just need to have a drink, every now and then?"


"Mo, I left the club around 4:00.  I forgot I didn't turn the alarm on at the store, so I had to drive back MO!!   Damn you don't trust me woman!! Can a man be a man?!!" At this point I was getting pissed although I knew I really didn't have any reason to be.

While me and Mioshe were in the bedroom arguing, we heard our son screaming "Mom, Dad!! why are you fighting? I have to get ready for school,  mom please stop fighting with dad!"

Sobbing, as she open the door there stood our son.  She felt so ashamed, he had to hear us yelling at each other.  "Mom why are you and dad fighting this early in the morning? I have to finish getting ready for school; are you going to make breakfast?

"Yes I'm going to cook breakfast for you baby.  I'm so sorry you had to hear me and your dad fighting. Sometimes grownups fight too but we don't have to yell. Yelling never solves anything; I am so sorry.  This will not happen again.  "As she hugged our son she realize she was lying.  She knew we had some serious problems and we had to do something about them.

After fixing Lil Q's breakfast and sending him off to school, I was outside retrieving the morning paper when I notice a rose in a small vase on the ground. ' Aw  she said sobbing, "Quintin is trying to make up so he surprised me with this rose, how sweet."  Then she noticed there was a little note attached to the flower.

Before Mioshe picked up the vase to read the attached note, Quintin comes out distracting her.  "Hey Mo, baby, did you get the paper? I want to read  the reviews about the store."  Before another word proceeded  from Quentin's mouth; Mioshe eyes lit....."Quintin, I love the surprise you left for me.  Aw sweetie,  are you trying to make up from this morning?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes baby of course the rose is for you.  Why don't you take your pretty little self in the house and make your husband some breakfast.  I'll bring the rose to mm mm look at that fine body.   "Mioshe chuckled and told me to just bring my butt in the house, before the neighbors see you in your underwear.

I picked up the vase with the rose and  begin to read the note.  "Thanks for a great evening, lets do it again, real soon".  I  became nervous, wondering who left him this rose.  I took the note and trashed it.  I thought about the night that John and I were together.  Damn, how did he get my address? I thought to myself back on that night, I know I had a few drinks but  I wasn't drunk! Interrupting my thoughts was Mioshe calling me to eat.  "Be right there baby!"

After my wife made me a good breakfast, I gave her the rose while we were eating.  She then asked what happen to the attached note. I am telling you, I had to think with the quickness!   "Oh Mo, baby, it must have fallen off."  Hugging her tightly I whispered into her ear, "I can tell you exactly what it said? I kind of figured it would be better coming directly from me."


In my low sexy bass voice whispering in her ear I said, "Mo baby I love you, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me.  I'm going to make it up to you for my wrong doings."


"Oh, Quintin that's what I wanted to hear baby, and you know you're looking so sexy in those underwear.  You know I get so turned on, when I see you in your sexy briefs."  I pulled Mo close to me, embracing her with my strong hands, wrapping them around her waist.  We kissed very passionately as we eased over to the bed and the rest was history.

We made sweet love that morning.  We got up, took a shower together and watched "Montel".  I couldn't believe the show that was airing before us.  It was titled "Men on the down low and the guest were J.L. King.  That's the brother that wrote the book "On The Down Low".   I think I better change this channel, my wife don't need to be looking at this.  Every thing is alright between us, no need to add anything to her head.  


As of now, it's been 6 months since I've stepped out the box with John.   Now let me bring you up to date.

We are now living in a middle class neighborhood in Garden City, NY.  The people are a little "booche" here, but we can handle it.  We are the proud owners of "Upscale", an Urban clothing store in Jamaica, Queens.  There's a little something for everybody, pretty much urban.   Sometimes I have long hours at the store, making sure everything is in order and my employees are on top of things.  


My son sometimes helps out when we're checking inventory.  My wife does very well ordering the newest line of clothing.  This is a fantastic advantage, since my wife background is in fashion and modeling.  My life is pretty good; I have many friends and a few haters.  But, who don't?  In this line of business you meet many bad asses down the line, but you keep on truckin.

"Hey baby where's the coffee? I don't want to hit heavy traffic on the way to the store.  You know I hate waiting in traffic." I asked trying to get out the door.


"Quintin, can't you see I'm talking to our son?  I need to make sure he has supplies for school.  You can make some for the both of us this time, honey."  


"Alright, I'll skip the coffee; the caffeine makes me nervous anyway.  I'm hiring a new guy today, so I have to be at the store a little early."    


"Mom, please don't take me to school with that outfit on.  You know my friends are going to tease me."  


"Why would they do that Lil Q?"


"Mom you know all my boys think you're the hottest mom that comes to the school.  Every time you leave they tease me."  


"All right then I'll change just for you sweetie, will that make you feel better?"  


"Yes mom, a lot better."

"Mom, can I go over Billy's house after school? We need to team up together to do our art project that Mrs. Williams gave us."


"Now you know Lil Q I'll have to call Billy's mom first to confirm everything.  If it's okay with her, I will drive you over there.  I don't need you walking over to Billy's house after school."  


"Oh Mom!! Stop treating me like a baby.  Dad, what do you think?"


"Listen to your mother, son! Go wait in the car Lil Q. I'll be there in a minute.  Okay, but hurry up Mom.  I don't want to be late, plus I have to get to class a little early for computer tech.  We're learning everything about the new windows Vista.  I don't want a crappy computer."  

"Come here baby, give big Daddy a kiss, before I leave.  Do you know how much I love you and our son, Mo?"

"Yes Quintin, I do.  You are always telling me how much you love us; this also makes me think you are up to something."


"Oh boy" I replied, "Here we go again... You know baby, you really need to stop feeling so insecure.  We will discuss that later. "Mioshe chuckled, "Just kidding sweetie.   Just make sure you call me, when you break."

"Hey, you've changed your hair Mo.  Very pretty baby, I love it." Mo smiled and added, "I was wondering when you were going to notice.  I just thought I could use a change."  

"Okay baby, as soon as I get a break, I'll call you."  Taping my wife on the butt I said, "Now do me a favor and try not to worry your pretty little self, Mo. Girl, that outfit is slammin"

"Thanks baby." Mo replied.  "Guess, I'll change now, don't want to embarrass our son.  Call me Quentin, whenever you can."  

"I sure will baby" I replied..."Love you Mo."  

While interviewing this guy for my store manager position at Up scale's, I wasn't only checking out his application, I was checking him out as well. You see, I know a DL brother when I see one.  Just one look in the eyes, the eyes is gate ways to the soul.  I am so glad I can see right through them! This brother was/is on the download.  He's a little too young for me, though.    


"So, I see Mr. Jones, you've managed Burger King and Wendy's." I asked.

"Yes sir, Mr. Chase.  I'm your man, I can run this store if you give me a chance." He replied with such energy.

"Have you ever worked in a clothing store before Mr. Jones, and how much do you know anything about shipping and receiving?  Are you good with the public?"

"Well uh, no not really Sir. I mean Mr. Chase but, how hard can it be?  Well, I still have some more applicants Mr. Jones.  I'll be interviewing until tomorrow; I will call you if I'm interested, thank you and do have a nice day.

"Oh so its like that?" Mr. Jones yelled, "I know what that means Mr. Quintin, "we're call you don't call us" it means you're not going to HIRE ME!!"

"No it doesn't mean we're not going to hire you Mr. Jones and please don't raise your voice in my store, I said we will call you!"  The young man stomp and walked out of store, yelling "THIS STORE SUCKS ANYWAYs, UPSCALE MY A$$!!"  


One of my employees walked up to me asking was everything alright, I replied, "oh yes everything is fine, just hard to find good help these days!"

Near closing I sent one of my cashiers home and I took over.  I couldn't help but stare when this fine brother walked to my register. I found myself trying to gain my composure.  He was gorgeous and that body was to die for! I'm thinking I can't do, it's been a little over a year since I've been with a man. But, did I say BUT?  Like my momma used to say, anything after but is bullsh**! Well, I guess I'm full of it all because I have to say something to this sexy brother.

"Did you find everything you need Sir?" I asked the fine brother.  Damn my heart is racing...I'm not supposed to feel like this, I don't even know if he's down. But, he sure does look like a DL brother, with those tight jeans on. Oh hell yeah!! As he begin to open his mouth and reply to my question, I noticed his pearly whites. "Yes sir I've found everything I needed.  I really enjoyed shopping here, uh Mr..."  

"That's Mr. Chase, Quentin Chase.  You have a very nice deep and sex voice, sound like you should be on the radio, or something. Did I detect a slight accent?   Are you from around here?" I asked, "By the way what's your name?"

"You can call me Carlos, with a "C"."  

"Nice name Carlos (thinking to myself, that's why he has that nice accent, he's Dominican).

Carlos interrupted my thoughts with "I really have to meet someone soon, so can you put a rush on it?"  For some reason I felt compelled to explain myself and I said, "These are new cash registers.  We are still learning all the functions; I'll wrap this all up as quickly, as I can.  Carlos right?  If you don't mind me asking, do you live in the area?"    

"No" Carlos replied, "I live in Long Beach.  My brother and I brought a beach house there just a few months ago."  

"Sounds nice, that's in Long Island, right?"

"Yes, it is." Carlos replied, "Please hurry.  I'm going to be late."  

"Oh sure, sorry again, I'm just rambling on." I said, while smiling.  

"Okay, that will be $250.00."  Carlos opened his wallet paid for purchase, smiled and said, "My card, call me anytime Quintin.  I'm giving a private luncheon  this Saturday inviting a few of my friends maybe if you're not too busy you can come join us, my address is on the back of the card."  
"I will try." I said with a smile, thinking to myself, I will be there!

I tried to keep my composer, when Carlos passed me his card  with the cash.  "Uh, let me escort you out Carlos."  As I walked him to the door, I could smell the sexy scent of his cologne.  I know that scent, damn, I wanted to ask him what he was wearing;  oh what the hell!  "Carlos, that scent you're wearing, is that ACQUA DI GIO by Armani?"  Yes it is", Carlos replied.  "I see you know your fragrances, too. " Oh yes I do, and I sell many nice upscale colognes.  Maybe next time when you're here, I can give you a few samples, of what I have.  I noticed a smile as Carlos then turned around to make his exit.  Yeah that would be nice, would love to try a sample or two, if you know what I mean."

 "Have a good night Quentin, and use that number, sometime."   As I shut the door, I could not believe what he said, I knew he was down I knew it, YES!! That brother is mine, I rung up my last customer, shut off the lights, turned the alarm on and drove home with a smile on my face.

I returned home after work still thinking about Carlos, he was heavy on my mind.  I can't believe this is happening again!  I have to get a grip.  As I walked in the dinning area I could see Mo in the kitchen.  "Hey honey,  I'm home .... what are you cooking, that smells so good?"

"It's a surprise sweetie.   Now get washed up, I'll be done in a few minutes. Tell your son its almost dinner time, have him shut that x-box off and wash his hands."  "Okay love!" he replied.

Wow Mo, this is a pleasant surprise.  This lasagna is slam-min Quintin said (with a mouth full).  Yeah Mom, this is great.   Nothing but the best, for two boys.  Momma made this lasagna with much love. (Quintin and Lil Q started  smiling)  Smiling Mioshe said maybe next time the both of you can cook something special, for me.  Yes we can do that Quentin replied.  Lil Q and I will wreck shop in the kitchen.  You might have to call the fire department on us, after burning up the meal.  Mioshe begin to laugh and said, never mind, then you two can just take me to dinner!

So how was work today, Hon?  Oh baby,  let me tell you, Quintin said, in excitement. This guy came in the shop wearing these really tight jeans and a tight  shirt on right.  As I was ringing him up, (he did spend a little money) a funny thing happened.   I think he was trying to make a pass at me.  Uh Quintin, Mo said, looking at him and moving her eyes, at Lil Q in a low tone.  Not now , not in front of Lil Q.  Mo, Quentin said, in his deep tone of voice, our son isn't a baby, he's almost 16.  No need to hide, or cover up anything from him!

Ah mom Lil Q said, its okay we have many gays in our school.  That's nothing to be quite about.  We learn about homosexuality and sex awareness;  the difference between lesbians and Gay men!  Well in our home Lil Q, Mioshe said seriously, there are things me and your dad will not discuss in front you.  You just stay in a child's place and Quintin you know better.  Sorry dear, Quintin said, looking silly in the face.  
On another note Mo,  in closing, we made  much money today.  That's great!  Finish up now Lil Q, so you can take your shower.  This world is changing fast and our children are growing up too fast.  Hurry up so you can take your shower Lil Q, Mioshe said in disgust.

After dinner MO and I took a bath together, we just relaxed and talked about our son.
"Mo baby"

"yes Quintin."

"I'm sorry about dinner, coming out the way I did in front of our son.  But  I still think he's mature enough to listen to some of our conversations.  Are you listening to me, Mo?"

"Uh, yes baby." Mioshe replied, "sorry, just brought got this new book today and it's really good.  We will talk about that later Quintin.  It's  too late to be getting all serious."
"Alright then." I said, "What's the name of your book?"

"Oh, its about brothers on the down low. The Author is this woman name "Jazzi" and the name of the book is "Death of a Brotha on the DL".  One of my girlfriends told me, about this book."  I dramatically started coughing.  "Baby, why are you reading that?  When I clearly thought you were not interested in anything that has to do with homosexuality."
"Shhh , Quintin this is getting good."  I moved over near Mioshe, whispering in her ear, I can show you something much better then good!  I knew how to distract Mioshe.  Playing  with her weak spots. Mioshe put her book down with the quickness, turned to me and said in her sexy voice, "Then show me what you got big fella."
"You've said nothing but a word!" I replied, lifting Mioshe from the bedroom couch.

We made love the rest of the night, lucky he doesn't have to work tomorrow.   I don't think he would've made it in time to open up the shop.  Yes my husband knew what buttons to push, to get me in his strong arms.   I've never been able to say no to this sexy, handsome man of mine.  He has a way with words,  and the best I've ever had, that's why I love him, so.

After our love making I still couldn't stop thinking about Carlos, what a
terrible thing I thought, thinking about that brotha while making love to my wife! I need to focus. Mo fell fast to sleep, as you can see I just couldn't fall asleep.

I woke up a little early, took a quick shower, sprayed on some R.S.V.P cologne, by Kenneth Cole, got dressed all the time trying not to wake up Mioshe.  She was sleeping so peacefully, and looking so beautiful, I just stood there watching her.
Its Saturday, and I didn't have to go to the shop.  One of my employee's was scheduled to open the store.   I have some errands to run, so I'm going to take care of those things.  While out I called Carlos.  He invited me and a few other fellas over to his beach house,  for a private luncheon.  Don't know what I'm going to tell Mioshe.  But,  I'll think of something fast.   I hated  waking Mo up, Quintin begins to whisper, Mo, Mo baby wake up.

Mo baby, sorry for waking you up but,  I have to go out for a few hours.  Mioshe ease herself out of bed, what time is it Quintin? Mioshe asked in her sleeping tone, its 10:00 baby, Quentin replied.   I have to go into the city.  Are you going downtown? Mioshe asked.  Yes Mo,  I have to meet this guy, he's selling me  a line of  fall fashions at wholesale.   I have to be there by 12noon .  Where in the city Quentin?  Honey you wouldn't know, if I told you.  He owns a small warehouse there, its over near 51st and Lexington Ave.  I made a pot of coffee.   Mmm Mioshe said, I can smell it.  I did teach you how to make coffee well, Mioshe said, with a chuckle.

Don't mean to rush Mo baby, you know how that traffic is on Saturday morning.  Everybody and their momma trying to get into the city.  Quintin please, call me when you get there, you know how I worry. Aw man, you smell so good!! oh baby Quintin said, just give your big daddy a kiss and maybe I'll surprise you, with a little something from 5th ave.  Love you Mo, see you later, Quintin rushed out the door, while Mioshe yells... YOU BETTER CAL ME!!

Mioshe got showered and dressed on her way out she stopped by her son's room.  Now look Lil Q, I don't want any company while I'm gone.   I have an appointment with my hair dresser, and make sure  you clean this room. Also get your homework done, for Monday.  I've made lunch for you already, after you eat, take the garbage out.  DO YOU HEAR ME?!  You're so into that video game, yes mom, I hear you loud and clear, geeee.  Can I go to the park, to play b-ball with Billy?  Only if your Uncle goes with you.  He's still outside, painting the window seals.  He's going to come in and paint a little.  You can ask him if he feels like it when he finishes.   If not you can stay here, get your work done, and call me if you need me.
Did you see your dad before he went running out the door? Yes mom, he came in my room.  We talked a little and he said, he's going to get me a new computer.  I can't wait! Okay love, momma is out... kisses, love you.  Oh,damn, I forgot my cell.  Lock up, after I leave and don't forget.  I know Lil Q replied.  Don't forget to take out the trash either, love you too mom.

Mioshe went back into the bedroom to retrieve her cell phone.  At that time she noticed  a piece of mail on the floor.  Um, how did this get here?  Quentin must have drop it.  He can be so careless at times.

Mioshe reads the post card which is addressed to Quentin.  She was a bit puzzled umm, what is this? Maybe its just one of Quintins buddies, he hasn't seen in a while.  He's never mention this guy to me, uh I wonder why?  Mioshe read  the post card and notice an address and phone number.  She then becomes very curious,  oh let me stop.  I trust Quentin, its been over a year, since our marriage been on the ups, let me stop while I'm ahead. I wonder why would this guy be sending Quintin a post card, though.
Mioshe thinks back a year ago when she found another card in Quintins briefcase, she remembers, it had an address to a bathhouse.  Okay Mo, pull yourself together.  I trust my man, I really do.

Mioshe noticed that the post card had an inprint of a strawberry, covered in chocolate.  She kept reading the card over and over, until her heart begin to pound and pound, her heart was just racing , she started reading it over again;  trying to make some sense of the message.
Hey Quintin, just in-case you lost my card, my address is 1706 Long Beach Rd., phone number : 516.555.1321.  Hope to see you  on Saturday?  Carlos  
Oh , maybe I'm just being paranoid Mioshe said, he could be some new designer for the shop.  Let me go, I'm going to be late for my hair appointment.

I want to thank you for reading my story, I will be working on part2 as soon as I can.
Much Love
jazzi04 Smiley

Here are a few screenshots from PART2 of Death of a Brotha on the DL.

Will Mo find her husband Quintin at Carlos beach house?

Mean while at the lunch gathering, Carlos charms Quintin into coming in his room, for a chat?

Someone from Quintin's past comes to visit, who is this Brotha?

A crazed,  jealous  past lover threatens Quintin's life! Who is this brotha?

The drama begins in the next chapter of Death of a Brotha on the DL .
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2007, 09:06:20 am »

Oops - I was just going to say why are all the good looking sims gay?  LOL.  But now I understand, he's not.  Very sharp looking sim.  I think this sounds like an interesting and unique idea for a story.  I say, bring it on!  I wanna read it.

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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2007, 03:05:31 pm »

Thanks a bunch Astral! Hopefully I'll be able to upload sometime this evening. Smiley Oh, he's thinks he's not Gay, he is on the downlow, well when u read the rest of the story you're see.
Thanks again!


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« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2007, 04:46:21 pm »

Can't wait to see the first chapter...its like a game of Life(the game)

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« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2007, 05:37:02 pm »

Thanks Shining!! It'll be up soon. Smiley


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« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2007, 11:28:05 am »

Ooooooh good intro cant wait:)

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« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2007, 03:08:15 pm »

Thanks Lola, will be posted soon! Smiley


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« Reply #7 on: November 15, 2007, 11:39:05 am »

Yay new chapter good update Smiley

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« Reply #8 on: November 15, 2007, 12:59:17 pm »

Oh, this is a good story! I can't wait to read part II. I wonder if she's going to visit the address. I probably would...:lol:


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« Reply #9 on: November 15, 2007, 02:04:14 pm »

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Thanks a bunch ladies for reading my story, I will try to get part 2 out as fast as I can. Smiley[/COLOR]


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« Reply #10 on: November 17, 2007, 08:40:05 am »

Jazzi, your description of the subtleties of body language between two strangers who are sexually attracted to one another was on target, interesting and entertaining. Wonderful photos, too. I look forward to your next chapter.

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« Reply #11 on: November 17, 2007, 01:05:29 pm »

I agree about your pictures - they are colorful and captivating.  It's clear you put a lot of thought into what you shoot.  I really like the unity of the family, and the fact that our main character has this whole other world he's keeping secret.  I like the teasers for the next chapter, too. Smiley

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« Reply #12 on: November 17, 2007, 05:54:40 pm »

WOW!! Thanks so much Vita & Astral for the wonderful comments on my story, and Yes Astra I take many screenshots until I feel I've capture the shot. I love taking screenshots of my Sims that's really all I did besides creating a few Sims. Until a few memeber's from other  forums  would suggest I should try writing a story, I thought about it and decided to write this story. It was really hard for me being my first and all I'm glad I did.
jazzi Smiley


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« Reply #13 on: November 24, 2007, 02:30:39 pm »

Wow, your sims are hot! There clothes are cool too! I love the story

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« Reply #14 on: November 25, 2007, 02:48:15 am »

Thanks so much Little - CJ for the noce comment, glad you enjoy the story!!

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