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31  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Another new hairstyle for men on: April 24, 2006, 01:31:28 pm
Hello again,once again I have new Hair for your Simboys,I played around
with this hair for a bit,until I got that result,which I like a lot and it looks
very good in game and cas,As I had to do a lot of paperwork for my job,
I`ve only made simple maxistexture recolors for this one,red,brown,blond
and black,as shown on the picture.

(to see the brown one,go see my OberonSim in the SimHunks section)
If you want you can make recolors and of course you can upload it,together
with your sims on any freesite you like.It works with all expansions and the originalgame.It´s made for adult,young adult and elder.I hope you like it
and have fun with it.
P.S. It is not animated,cause I am still trying to figure out how to do that:smile bi:
32  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Once again New Hair for Males on: April 17, 2006, 04:43:00 pm
Hi alltogether,for a very long time I wanted this Hairstyle for my Simmales
so after I learned meshing,I immidiatly started with this one,but it was
not so easy as I hoped,I thought of giving it up,cause it was getting on my nerves and Tiggerypum over at Mts2 had already made a beautiful malemesh
out of that Hair.But I have this special Sim in my fantasyneighboorhood,
called Ashtey and I wanted to make that Hair for him(oh yes I am crazy)
And finally today I got it right and here it is

it comes in four colors,black,auburn,darkbrown and platin,and as always it
works with all expansions and the original game.It´s for adult,young adult
and elder.You can make recolors and you are allowed to upload it together
with your sims just give proper credit.
I hope you like it
33  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / An easteregg,New male Hair Shuma on: April 13, 2006, 01:57:05 pm
Hello to you all,I have another new Hairstyle for you,got it ready earlier than I thought,it´s called shuma( for no specific reason)As always it works for all expansions and the original game,it´s for adults,young adults and elder.
I´ve only made simple recolors with maxistextures(a bit spiced up) in
blond,brown,red and black.You can make recolors in all colors you like,and can upload this one together with your sims,on any free site you like,just give credit

I wish you all a nice easter with good weather:smile:
34  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Juniper,new male Hair on: April 11, 2006, 01:28:01 pm
This one started as an experiment,cause I wanted to try how to convert a female Hairstyle to male.It went very well(better than I thought)and instead
of making it longer,I left it as it was,cause it looked so good that way.I maybe play around with this hair,a bit later on,and make another style out of it,but for now I`ll give you this.As always it works for all expansions and the
original game,it´s for adults,young adults,and elders.Four Colors red ,black,blond and brown
I hope you like it as much as I do,and have fun with it.

P:S.Of course you can make recolors and you can upload it together with your sims,on any free site you choose

The mesh is updated now,the new meshfile will overwrite the old one.The Hair is now animated and colorbinned
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