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16  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / ♥ Apartment Life pics ♥ on: September 02, 2008, 02:53:29 pm
These are all from my legacy which is pretty much all I'm playing these days.  It is in the story section, go read it if you like, it's riveting! Cheesy  I have yet to had these pictures yet, so you all get a sneak peak.

Lola a maxis sim, but partner to one of my sims received an untimely transformation to the dark side of magic!

She than proceeded to enjoy it a bit to much!

This is the cuddle under the stars animation and yes Max the zombie can completely see you!

The hidden early morning snuggle animation is adorable and randomly played.  They lightly kiss and stoke each other's hair and doze in each other's arms. :love9:  
Meet Matthew and his boyfriend Jason.

Best thing ever, ceilings!  *huggles Stephen*
17  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Apartment Life Chat / Witchy-Poo on: September 02, 2008, 02:11:15 pm
I've had a bad witch and she is a lot of fun and yes worth the hype if you are willing to take the time to learn the ways of darkness.  

Favourite pastimes seem to be making random sims cluck like a chicken, setting random fires, and making other sims that anger her fat. Cheesy  She also irritates everyone by littering lots of cockroaches and fierce lightening storms.  Other sims have reacted to her with fear and dread, wringing of the hands and things.  Currently at this very moment she is making an evil lamp with her cauldron.  

She can also do other things, like clean up puddles, and other helpful spells but those tend to be neutral and Lola is an evil witch! :smt106

Edit: Ancient is right, but the the robes were extracted here with the rest of the new NCP clothing.
18  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 13 on: September 01, 2008, 12:40:44 pm
Aww, thanks so much for caring Astral and Sadie. *hugs*  I always adore seeing comments from you two.  

I didn't think the 6 pets LTW would be difficult either Astral, but I was wrong, just because of repetitive nature of it all.  It might be easier with cats, I'm not sure.  I did attempt the 20 puppies or kittens once in another family, but wasn't able to finish that one unfortunately.  I just hope I don't roll it again, because heavens that was tough.  Yes Fred is the new step in the doggy legacy.  I couldn't resist becoming so colourful. Cheesy

Thanks again you two for reading and commenting. Smiley  It's nice to know someone is still reading this nonsense. *lol*  

Constructive criticism is always appreciated and accepted too. Smiley

Chapter 13

So with the over drama of the close quarters Robin, Max's former girlfriend, decided she had enough and search the classified for her own space.

Stephan, the only person left on speaking terms with her followed her outside.

Stephan: You know you really don't have to go ...

Robin: Yes I really kind of do.

As the result of the huge insurance policy Stephan and Max received from Owen they were able to make some nice additions to their little rented space.  They added a hot tub and a huge garden.  Will the joy of growing help these two estranged brothers come together?  Fingers crossed!

Stephan is a popular kind of guy.  There is always plenty of students of all sorts over at their place.  Of course I am sure the hot tub helped with that a bit.  Not one though managed to give him that extra spark.

Max: Here's a sweet kiss for my sweet one!

Lola: Hmm, zombie morning breath, someone should bottle that.  They could easily make a fortune.

Yay Max the flying zombie is about to have belly hurt.

A very important part of being a girl magnet alive or dead, is keeping that body strong.  Still not speaking to each other!

Stephan: Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.

Christina: Now that's quite a mouthful you have there.  Why don't we go back to your place and you can tell me more.

Stephan: Now tell me, how was Heaven when you left it?  Oh and nice bikini.

Christina: And I'm not one to ever resist a man in a wetsuit.  Heaven was fine thank you, but currently being here is not so bad either.

Max: Wait, don't pull to hard, you'll hurt the plant.  Weed nicely like I do.

Stephan: *Grunts*

Max:  Nice looking girl I've seen you with.  What's her name?  Christina?

Stephan: *Growls*

Max: You really like that wet suit, don't you.  Just mind the chaffing.

Stephan: Just promise me one thing.  You will, never ever develop a sudden urge to slum it with a zombie and than I will be all yours.

Christina: What the undead Don Juan over there?  Don't worry baby, I only have eyes for you.

Ah yes here is a small sampling of Max's harem.  Sorry to say that he isn't doing particularly well at University, but he has much more important things to do, like discussing various hard hat fetishes.  

Oh baby, you do touch me so fine!

Max: I'm sorry, I really am Mate.  Won't do it again, I promise that.  Let's be friends again.

Stephan: You are my brother ... I'll forgive, but I doubt I'll ever forget.  

On rocky ground Max and Stephan became friends.  Let's hope this time it lasts.  I'm keeping a close eye on Max from now on.

Max and Lola have made a little Uni life together.  Life with a zombie can be difficult however.  For example when he adds special 'seasoning' to your food.

Zaps you for no particular reason just for laughs.

Spends a huge amount of time day dreaming about brains.  Than leaves the house for no reason and doesn't return for hours ...

Smashes you with a snowball every chance he gets!

Spy on you in the shower.

Though that is a bit hot actually, good for the winter.

At least he's good for keeping the dishes clean!

Lola: Oh Max you are incorrigible!  Never change!

Max: Aw, you really think so?

It just goes to show, just about anyone can learn to tolerate a whole heck of a lot.

Back at the house, Scamp spends sometime with the youngest of the Wellgate boys.

Scamp: Quite honestly I can say that just resisting the urge to catch a hand never gets old.  I'm feeling my age though, yes sir, feeling my age.

Grim Reaper: Wasn't I just here two days ago?  Well boy, it's time to go. Any last words?

Scamp:  If there is one thing I'd liked to be remember for is that dogs need respect for they know more than they say.  Soon I'll be with Owen again and that is joy enough for me.

Goodbye Scamp

Poor Gloria.  It seems there is more than one widow in this house now.

Matthew doing well, getting good grades and keeping to his quiet ways.

He had Jason almost everyday just to play ball and pal around.  

Created and than

Destroyed the Parthenon.

Fly my pretty, fly!

Fortunately someone is keeping up with the family tree!  Yummy love those oranges!

Still he sneaks into his mother's bedroom every night.  Sometime it's hard to be alone.

Sam: Now just what are you?  I've never seen a creature like you before in my life!

Fred: I'm a love machine baby and I'm here to rock your world!

Sam: Oh la la!  Did I mention that I am a film star?

Lakeshia is enjoying her retirement plenty.

Lakeshia: All of you can try and beat me, but I'll have you know I maxed out the cooking skill and I've got the moves to prove it. Whoo hoo!

The judge seemed to really like her chocolate cake.  Of course who can refuse chocolate cake!

Not him!  Lakeshia wins!  Could for her, all of her hard work and all.

Lakeshia: Oh yeah, oh yeah, raise the roof, I pawn all of you fools!  All the rest of you do nothing but burn toast!  Look and weep!

Oh, well now we know where Max gets it from ...

Meanwhile Matthew and Jason continue to be really, really adorable together.

Matthew: Look at me!  I can turn the world upside down!

Jason: Yay go you!  

Birthday time again!  

Matthew: What should I wish for ... hmmm

Max: *sniff, sniff* Hmm, I smell fresh brain!

Ahhh!  He's looks just like Max!!  No wait, not quite, his eyes are slightly different ... I think?  Well his personality is completely different at any rate, so there's that.

Yay for sudden growth spurts.  By sheer coincidence (and the new freetime option) Jason grew up at the same time!  Time to check out those muscles.

Now that's a shocker ... well probably not.  Best birthday present ever!

Eventful day!  The puppies were also born at the same time as Max and Jason grew up.  One boy named Elmo and two girls, Daisy and Tulip.

Aww, Elmo is my favourite with his cute little blue bandit mask over his eyes.    

Matthew: Look what else I got for my birthday ... Now all I need is a trusting guinea pig.  Ah, here's one!

Jason: You sure you know what you are doing?

Matthew: You can trust me, I'm a professional!

Jason: A professional what?  You only just got this now!

Matthew: Shhhh

Hmm, not so bad.  Maybe it would be better if Matthew was a bit less enthusiastic with the scissors.  

But Jason liked it well enough to fall instantly in love.  Aww, sweet young love!

Coming up Next ... Apartment Life!
19  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Nanny kidnaps infants? on: September 01, 2008, 10:07:21 am
That's horrible!  Poor baby indeed. Sad

I have heard of that happening before, but that time the nanny actually got away with kidnapping the baby.  I don't think anyone has figured out just why this happens.  Scary bug though.
20  Retired Creators / SexyFeet Replacements / Bath & Kitchen SexyFeet replacements *Updated 09-03-2008* on: August 31, 2008, 09:23:25 pm
Thanks Bloom! Cheesy
21  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Apartment Life Chat / whats your fave part of AL so far? on: August 31, 2008, 09:13:19 pm
I like the new socials. Cheesy All of the new gestures are a lot of fun, my favourite is the High Five, but they all are great.  

I also like the hidden ones that are autonomous, such as the early morning cuddle in bed.
22  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 12 on: August 31, 2008, 08:43:37 am
Yes another update!  Thank you Astral Fairy, 2 B Weird and Terri for your comments! Cheesy  Sad as it seems for Stephan Lola and Max are meant to be together with the three bolts they have.  

Don't worry to much about Stephan, he's a resourceful guy and his positive outlook on life gets him through. :angel:  Wish I had the same outlook sometimes, but life goes on. :-P

Chapter 12

We open with Prince Matthew demanding his bottle!  

Ah, his majesty is appeased.

Matthew: Lakeshia.

Lakeshia: He's using my real name!  Oh how smart and darling he is.  No more just plain Mom for me.

Lakeshia: Whoo hoo!  Freedom in elder hood here I come!  No more job, no more long hours studying, just free to be me!  Also to cut a rug, I can do that too!

Crackle: Dad ... what's happening?

Scamp: I think it's called a 'nervous breakdown', honey.  Stay close.

Sam got her promotion, one more step to the top of her career!  If she does than Owen's lifetime desire for 6 (censored) pets reaching the top of their career will finally be true!

Aww, you get hugs for that Sam!  

Snap: Actually I was just hoping for a long Swedish massage...

When Sam set out to work the next day all of Owen's happiness was set on her doufus shoulders.  Which is her personality ... yeah.

What will happen on this fateful day?  Will all the training, freaking hours upon hours upon hours of dog washing and bowl and bed cleaning pay off?

I suppose we all have different ... ways of handling stress.  Oh look at Owen, he's a pirate!

Owen: You know how Max died and than came back to life as a zombie?  That was pretty cool wasn't it?

Lakeshia: You know ... maybe you should take a nice long nap this afternoon.

Playing fetch that is another thing that happens on almost a constant basis in this household.

Lakeshia: Ha ha ha.  I pretended to throw it and you thought I threw it but I really I never threw it!  Dumb dog!

Scamp: You b****

Oh look Sam came back from work!  Oh Hallelujah!  Six pets at the top of their careers!  Now Owen is blessed (cursed) with eternal happiness (insanity).

It's a very special birthday for a very special boy!  Actually Matthew is quite shy and fears parties, so this is technically just a "get together with cake."

Whoa, let's not burn ourselves here!  

Stephen: I can't believe my little brother is growing up so quickly

Max: Bigger head means more Brrraaaiinnss!

Lakeshia: Oh I hope he is just like Max!

Aww, cute as a button.  Is he the heir?  I'm not sure yet, actually.

Matthew: And than the butterflies flew all around .... are you even listening to me?

Matthew: Oh it's so cool having an undead older brother like you!  I can't wait to tell all the kids at school you will eat them if they are mean to me.

Owen: You know how you died and than came back to life?  Congratulations for that!

Max:  Um ... thanks?

Matthew: Big brother Stephan, do you know why not one of us received our mother's skin colour, eyes or hair?

Stephen: It all has to do with recessive and dominant genes.  Dad's genes are dominant.  Though at any time one of our offspring might unexpectedly show up with Mom's.

Owen:  It looks like Stephan has the intelligence to carry this family on.  I always knew he did.    

Lakeshia: Just wait, Matthew might surprise you.  No decisions yet!

Max: Show off!  I'll find a way to reproduce, you wait and see!

Speaking of which I really was expecting some fireworks from Stephan at this non-party, party, but while he was clearly not on speaking terms with Max he wasn't on punching terms either.

Max: Rules about playing fetch with stinky dogs outside only? Ha!  Told you I make my own rules!

The next day Matthew brought a friend named Jason home from school.

Oh, my ...

Scamp: Oh No he didn't!  Not the reproducing type after all, is he.

Aw, these two are so cute together, it's always nice to have a friend.

Owen:  Whee, down you go.  You are so strong, you are going to be just fine!  Remember to study hard, go to college and never let Max push you around.  

Matthew: Oh, what are you talking about Dad?  You'll be here to help me with all that!

Owen: ...

Owen: Well my old friend, it seems our time is drawing to a close.  Amazing all that has happened isn't it?

Scamp: I would do it all again if I was privileged enough to stand by your side

Owen: Goodnight, my sweet prince.  Grow up strong and true and always remember how proud I am of you.

The very last thing Owen did in this world, was to make sure the dogs would have good homes.  No one in their right mind would ever spend the 8 hours a day washing dogs ever again.

Grim Reaper: Aloha!  You have won an all expense paid holiday to the eternal tropics!  Congratulations!

Owen: Oh I can smell the Tequila Sunrise all ready!  No wait, my nose is disappearing, oh well it's all good.

Goodbye Owen, it's been a ride, that's for sure.  Enjoy your afterlife!

For hour, after hour Scamp cried, long after everyone else had left the room.  I really was fine until I saw that... I refuse to believe I am the only one who ever got teary eyed over a sim.

Poor little Matthew, only 2 days into childhood and now without a father.  After that he refused to sleep in his own bed, but slept in his father's spot.

Oh a new day.  One has to remember that life must go on.

Matthew: Look at me!  I got an 'A'!  

Lakeshia: That's my boy!  You do your father proud!

To celebrate Matthew's school success, Lakeshia found a poor little dog that had been clearly horribly scared from a recent nuclear fallout at a shelter.  She decided to bring him home and name him Fred.  That or I just like playing around with funny colours.

Short chapter this time.  I'll have another one in a day or so. Wink
23  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Fish Out of Water: A Piscine Legacy - Chapter Nineteen on: August 30, 2008, 08:16:39 am
The wedding was gorgeous!  I really am looking forward to their baby!  Will he/she be a mermaid or a human.  I can't wait to find out!
24  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / defaults - Enayla's Pixie Supernatural on: August 29, 2008, 07:42:45 am
Wow!  Thanks for this! Cheesy
25  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Glossy Dolls on: August 28, 2008, 07:13:21 pm
Whoa!  ...

I like these a lot!  Cheesy  They are going right into my game when I get it reinstalled.  Yay!
26  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / MiAna - 3 outfits (maxis convertions and edits) on: August 28, 2008, 01:39:05 pm
These are very nice.  I have a sim that they are perfect for.  Thank you so much!
27  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / - Chair and Small Table - on: August 24, 2008, 04:07:58 pm
I love them all.  Thank you for the great Maxis recolours, which I can use in my legacy! Cheesy
28  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Avalon Legacy - Updated 11/01/08 - Chapter 22 on: August 23, 2008, 01:12:52 pm
I just adore your updates! Cheesy

Wow, Drake did grow up fast.  He looks so sad after the shower accident.  Hugs for him.  Now off to college, well best of luck.

Arynn really is mean, isn't she and sloppy!  Well she is an artist.  Maybe I should change my mind about her?
29  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Fish Out of Water: A Piscine Legacy - Chapter Nineteen on: August 23, 2008, 10:04:22 am
Wonderful sweet lovely update!  The kitten is precious. Smiley
30  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Wellgate Legacy - Chapter 13 Up 1-9-08 on: August 23, 2008, 09:52:28 am
Thank you so much everyone for your comments and interest! Cheesy  

I was really surprised that I was able to resurrect Max so easily.  However buy and build mode is active on the secret society lot so it was no problem to put the grim reapers phone in Stephen's inventory.  So yay!  As far as the zombie bit, I couldn't quite resist doing that. :-P

Stephen really is a nice guy, a Libra and his personality nice bar is almost filled to the top.  I'll just have to wait to see how Matthew turns out. Wink  

Chapter 11

Thankfully once Max got some air into his lungs he lost that bluish hue, but somehow gained stitches around his mouth.  Hmm, curious and curiouser.  No quick fix for that stench unfortunately.  To the showers with you!

Matthew:  Daddy, I heard something downstairs...

Owen: Heard something!  What could you have heard?  Nothing happened downstairs. ... Here's a bottle for you.  This is such a nice room you have here, how about you stay in here forever?

Matthew: You are so convincing I almost thought about maybe considering possibly believing you for a moment.

Max: BRAAAAIIIINNNS!  No this isn't a brains, but a sandwich. .... SAANNDDWIICCHHH!

So off went Max to the clothing store for a makeover, because I don't know to many preppy zombies.  Before I could even get a proper picture of him with his new look, he was hit on and hit on hard.

Robin: Oh Max, your cold clammy skin, deathly ill pallor and especially those infected stitches around your mouth just does it for me!  


With skill Max sneaked up behind Robin and ate out her brain!  Ahhh!

No that's not what happened, but wouldn't that be cool?  Maybe not quite so graphic.

The first kiss of death!

Max: This close I can easily smell your BRRAAIINNSS!

Robin: I have always dreamed of being in love with a rotting corpse!  How could one girl get so lucky?

Hello I'm Max, your friendly neighbourhood zombie!  Welcome to my home.  Do allow me to show you around.

This is my brother Matthew.  Unfortunately I am under strict orders never, ever to eat him but sometimes I really wonder if a bit or two gone missing would be even noticed.  I mean he's so small anyway.

Max: So hungry!!!  Come here you half bear/child thing.

Matthew: No I will not!  *stomps bear feet*  Go away!

Arggg Zombie rage!  Stupid parental units making me fix all the appliances and not allowing me to eat the baby.  

What's that?  No not at all.  I'm the Friendly neighbourhood zombie remember.  Perfectly sweet and innocent in all things.

Lakeshia: Wow, you are back in the bathrobe you died in.  Not burned at all ... interesting.  Now don't worry about not being able to eat Matthew.  When you go to university there will be plenty of people to eat there, I promise.

Max: Aww, thanks Mom!  (Hmm, BRRAAIINNS!)

Owen: Now son, I'm interrupting this pyjama party so to remind you to be playful and nice.  Please, please try to remember that.


Max received the zombie scholarship and asked Robin to join him on his uni adventures.  He moved in with Stephen and Lola and than they all moved together to a much bigger space.

Stephen: This is so cool!  My brother is back and all is right with the world.  Oh look, butterflies.

Robin: Oh my god, he's even hotter than he was before.  The stench has increased so wonderfully much!

Max: Oh ... it's you.  I remember you.

Off to the clothing store, again.  Robin got a nice new makeover.  Maybe a bit goth, but she is in love with a zombie, after all.


Stephen: So you were really dead!  What was it like?

Max: This is your brraaiinn alive ... this is your brrraaiiinn as a zombie...

Kicky ball, the joining bond between the living and the dead.

Meanwhile Stephen was making lots of time with Lola, his girlfriend.  Yes that is Lola, not Robin, Max's girlfriend.  It's confusing because Lola and Robin look exactly alike except that Robin has darker skin.  Stupid Maxis...

Ohhh yeah!!  Stephen getting lucky!  

Now that she is part of the family Lola got her own makeover.  Unfortunately she is pretty much a crap cook.

A really really crap cook and set Stephen and her little hut on fire.  

Stephen: I know I said our love was burning hot but this is ridiculous.

Lucky for them I had installed a fire alarm and the fire department came.  They did lose the stove however with no money to buy another.

Stephen: It's all right, we can always go over to Max's hut and eat there.

Lola: It's so creepy over there, but if we have to, we have to.

Yes it is a bit, but fortunately Robin is a great cook.  


Max: Ah, finally we are alone my unpicked flower with a brain stem.  

Stephen: Never mind me, I'll just clean these right up.

Robin: Oh Max, you really are wonderful.

Robin could no longer resist the lure of Max's decomposing body and with sweet words pulled them into their bed.

Max: BRAINS!  BRAINS!  All mine!

Robin: What the .... stop chewing on my hair already!

Yep now Max is offically now an undead corpse of a man.

Whoo Hoo!  He did remember his father's advice and he is indeed playful, for a zombie.


Robin: Oh yeah, now that's sweet talk I like to hear!

Everything was going along just wonderfully.  Stephen and Robin wanted to work on their term papers, so everyone walked to the library.  

Max and Lola waited outside, because Max prefers the dark.  They were whispering and giggling together and just messing about.

Lola: I picked this the other day and for some reason I just thought of you.  I want you to have it, my precious rose.

Max: For me!  That's awfully naughty isn't it, after all you are my brother's girlfriend.

Max: I'll take it.  Oh the smell of sweet success!

Robin: You cad!  How dare you take her rose.  You think I can't see those hearts!  We are through you hear me, through!

Lola: You ticket is up Beatch he and his zombie stench is mine now.  Look and weep!

I can't believe Max is undead and now having all the girls fighting over him.

Max: What's not to believe, I'm charming, gorgeous and the only zombie around.  Girls just love zombies.

Me: Shut up you!  I thought I said no third wall breakage in this legacy.

Max: Ha, I do things my way.

Stephen finished with his term paper, and remained absolutely clueless as they walked back to there property.  

Stephen: It's a great night don't you think!  The sort of night were nothing could possibly go wrong.

Max, Robin and Lola: Grumble, grumble

I love him to much to let that continue, so Lola broke the news to him.  He reacted pretty much the way you expected he would.  

Stephen: I invited you to live with me because I thought I loved you and you go for my undead brother!

Lola:  Yes it looks bad, but do you think we could still be friends?

Not bloody likely

Max: Never mind him and his overly upright ways.  You are mine now and I'm going to do things to you and this that they don't even have definitions for!

Lola: Oh yeah baby, that's what I like to hear!  Let's go straight in and get to it.

Max: That does settle it.  I really am great, aren't I?
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